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How to Cope With Gender Dysphoria
By Mike Selvon

Often a transgender teen will continue to suffer gender dysphoria into adulthood. They may feel that they are a man trapped in a woman's body, or vice versa. Such persons may decide to seek transgender therapy. If so, they will get psychological counseling, and be treated with hormones so their bodies will take on the appearance of the desired physical sex.

They may go on to have sexual reassignment surgery. Before receiving transgender surgery, they will usually be required to live as a member of the desired physical sex for a period of time, usually a year to two years.

The feeling of being trapped inside the body of the other sex causes great emotional pain. Many feel pressure from family members to conform to traditional gender roles. A transgender teen may suffer from harassment, which compounds the problems caused by gender dysphoria.

Transgender therapy is available for adults who seek to have their physical sex match their gender identity. Those who choose to have transgender surgery often feel that their bodies finally reflect who they really are inside.

Mike Selvon's portal will expand your knowledge on genderidentity.nicheinfoportal Gender-Dysphoria.phpgender dysphoria. Visit us and leave a comment at our mynicheportal relationships/understanding-gender-dysphoriagender identity and roles blog where a free gift awaits you.

Mike_Selvon Mike_Selvon

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