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Craigs List - Personal Ads

Craigs List - Personal Ads

By Randy St - Jan 15, 2009 - From interracial- stories. Interracial stories - Views - 42655 I was looking for car parts on Craig’s list and didn't find what I was looking for. I noticed the ads for personals. I just wanted to see what was under the personals listings / casual encounters/ W4M. I didn’t know there were so many horny married and single bitches in my hometown. Damn the pages were full of them.
Just for my information I clicked on one. Her heading read, “We can chat on line, call me and talk, shake hands and then we can fuck!” that is all it said. I clicked her ad and found this woman was stark naked with nothing on but the polish on her toe tails, and her ass to the camera leaning one the bedpost. But her pix she was ah little overweight by 20 / 25 pounds, not fat but plump. My first thought was, (Gawd What A Gash) A little of her face was showing and she looked about 30 years old. Little did I know then, but I would soon learn. (Keep reading)
So, being the inquisitive 24 year-old single male I am I replied to her ad. I told her about life style, and myself wanting to take her up on her offer. Hey! Free pussy is free pussy! You have to remember all pussy is good, But some of it is great! This woman replied back to me wanting me to call her at 22:00 that night. Well I did. “Are you the lady on Craig’s list, ” I asked. The first thing her mouth was, “How Big is your cock, is it circumcised and she wanted to know the girth.
My name is Ra-n-d-y - - She interrupted me saying she didn’t care what my name was, she just wanted information on my cock. I told her, she said, “Is that all you have to offer me? When I said I wanted a cock I meant a COCK! I guess you will have to do! Here this is my address. 7717-2 Bulverde Ave. ( I am not stating the city or state )
I knew that address was on the lower side of town. I drove to her address. I found 7717 and 7719, but where the “F” is 7717-2? I called her back and asked. She said, “It’s above the barber shop. 2nd floor, first door on the right” “Okay, I’ll be there in a few” I said. She opened the paint chipped door to the locked latch. “Hi I’m Randy” I said. She closed the door and took the latch off and opened the door about half way. The squeaky hinges and the pain chips should have told me something, but my cock was already aroused. I was thinking with it instead of my brain.
She opened the door and said, “Let’s get ah look at that dick you want to fuck me with” She said. She dropped to her knees while lowering my zipper. She dug her hand in my jeans and pulled out my 8” dick. She rubbed her hands the full 8”s and slowly moved to her mouth. She swallowed me whole in one gulp. She looked up at me asking my approval. I started fucking her face with slow deep penetrations, while she was accommodating my length.
After about ten minutes she felt my balls contract & stopped her blowjob. She said, “I’m not ready for that goo just yet, I have other plans for this cock” She stood up and with her foot she lowered my jeans to the floor. She said, “I’m Constance” She was dressed in a designer warm up suite. (Fancy Sweats) She took the waistband and with one swift jerk and removed the whole thing. Constance looked like a little girl standing there with nothing on except the polish on her toenails
She had a small line of pubic hair shaped like an arrow pointing down to her clit. The rest of shaved and like a babies butt. The moisture was glistening from her dark pussy. This good-looking black woman was standing before me in the buff. My manhood noticed also. My dick was harder than ever before, you could have used it for a coat hanger.
She said, “Now that we have sent e-mails to each other and talked on the phone. Now, lets shake hands and go fuck! Ok?” Constance didn’t want to bother with any foreplay; she was ready to screw me right then. She grabbed me dick and led me to her bedroom. Her heart shaped bed was in the center of the room with tract lighting pointing to the bed. I seen a large mirror mounted on the ceiling. My first thought. (How could she have the fantastic bedroom set up in such a warn down 2nd floor apartment)
That thought vanished when she lay on the bed spread eagle and said, “Here Suga, Come eat mommy’s clit. She wanted to have oral sex first, so I climbed in bed in a 77 position. 77 you can get eight more! Which is exactly what I came for. Her areola was ½ dollar size and the prettiest huge dark pink nipples right in the center. She pulled my 210 pounds down on top of her small frame body. “Eat me Suga, Come and Eat momma’s makera sweaty” She said. She grabbed my dick and swallowed me whole in one movement I hit her the back of her throat. She said, Suga, Fuck my face until you cum down my down my neck. She bobbed on my dick with deep thrusts. Her tongue was squeezing my dick. I started goinin deeper and my balls was bouncing off her chin all the while I was still licking that bald black pussy, she was about to cum by her loud screaming and my balls contracted. I started filling her gullet with quick spurts. Constance started to cum hard. “Oh Damn You Honkey, Suck my cunt Make me cum” My residual wad was leaking from her mouth while she was trying to swallow every bit.
Once I get my nuts off it’s ah while before I can go a second time. With Constance’s amazing month & tongue it wasn’t long before she had me standing up, hard and ready. I do believe that black women give better head then white ladies. I was about to find out if they fuck any better.
Constance rolled me off of her. She rolled me over on my back. My cock was standing 8” above me. She didn’t hesitate one minute. She spread her legs and mounted me with that pretty dark pink pussy swallowing my dick. She went all the way down until she rested on my body, swaying side-to-side bump and grinding herself on my rod. She rose up to the tip and back down hard several times, my dick must have been riding on her g-spot. Constance arched her back and increased her fuckin’ looking in the ceiling mirror She squirted her love cum while I was still in her cunt. What a gusher! (Man if this stuff was crude oil we won’t have any gas shortage) Her cum leaked from of her pussy all over me and her heart shaped bed, soaking bed the sheets.
She said, “WoW That was great white boy! Now let’s get that cum out of your cock and in my womb” She was up, down, side-to-side while increasing speed and depth. Her eyes were closed and concentrating on getting my nuts off again. I reached down and pinched her clitoris real hard. She started moaning loudly, she went into frenzy calling me everything but a white man. “Fuck momma’s black snatch, fuck her hard whitey, make her cum again, ” she kept screaming!. Just her fucking me and talking to me that way, I felt the urge deep in my balls.
I erupted with a vengeance. I had never cum so hard for so long in my life. This lady knew how to fuck also. Constance was great. She told me she was the best I would ever have. She is too!
My balls contracted, my cock deep in her I started giving her my life giving seed. I pounded her bald pussy as fast as I could. She was forcibly fucking me back with each stroke. She screamed, “We have to get all of that goo out of there, Let’s cum together. She started yet another climax. We went up and came down as one. We lay in the pool of sweat & sex left us both cooing and breathing hard on the bedding and drifted off to sleep for a while.
I awoke to find Constance in the bathroom moaning softly, “OH Daddy, Fuck mommy’s ass” I peeked through a crack in the door. There she was leaning over the toilet and this BIG Black cock in her ass. My first thought was to get out of there. But who was this guy? He looked like John Cofy on the “Green Mile” I made some sounds as if I had just woke-up. “Constance are you in there? I asked. This big dude said something to her but I couldn’t make it out. I opened the door like I needed to go pee. He never stopped cramming his dick in her ass. He motioned for me to sit on the toilet so she could suck me off again.
Well yeah I was ready. I lifted my right leg over her head and sat on the john. She didn’t even look at up me. She just nibbled at my head and slowly sucked me down her throat. This black dude was slamming his dick in cunt her with such force it was nearly impossible to get in rhythm with him so she could suck on my cock. I had to take two strokes to his one. Soon we were riding together. He was pounding her ass while I was fucking her face again.
Constance screamed she was going to cum. Her screaming triggered Buford to shoot her ass full of this black man’s cum. That caused me to follow in seconds. Buford stood up with his dick in his hand. I swear his cock was a yard and a half long. I felt so inadequate with my 8”
We all headed to the bedroom to rest. I was shot. Buford wasn’t finished yet. He lay on his back and Constance climbed on board. Constance must have had the deepest pussy ever. There is no way she could take all that black meat. Inch by inch she fucked on his dick until she got all but the last few inches in her screaming al the time. He worked on her baby smooth cunt for over an hour finely bring her to orgasm.
He grabbed her purse, “Ok Bitch where is it” she reached under her pillow and pulled out a bank-roll that would choke ah mule. It turns out Constance was Buford’s lady of the evening. He was her pimp. She was getting some on the side with out telling him. He got dressed and looked at me and said, “Hey Bother you better get while you still can” I grabbed my clothes and out the door.
I tried to e-mail her after ah while and got no response back. I wonder what happened to Constance…

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