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Chamber Maid's First Affair

Chamber Maid's First Affair

By FallenAngelLatina - Jul 25, 2009 - From first- time. First time sex story - Views - 50630 Hi, my name is Maria. I am Peruvian, moved to the US a few years ago. I Am in my early 30s, 6 ft, 140 lb., 34B-24-36, beautiful I’ve been told. That’s very tall for a Peruvian, many race for that matter. What I’m going to tell you happened about a year ago.
I’ve been married to a Chinese man in his 50s for a number of reasons. He was handsome for his age, good in sex, attentive, caring when we first met. I always found Chinese men very sexy when I was growing up, never cared much about Latin men. Now that I’ve been in the US, I am very attracted to white men. I needed to marry an American to get citizenship.
Things have changed over the years. My husband can’t get it up most of the time. Even with Viagra, his cock isn’t very hard and can’t last long. And I need to get fucked for a long time. I want to continue to come for a long long time. I started to lose my love for him also as he became mean, wouldn’t let me spend money or send money to support my aging parents in Peru. All these got me very frustrated, especially sexually. I got so horny that I couldn’t sleep and have headaches at times.
I work at the Baltimore Hotel in Coral Gables as a chamber maid. It is a lovely elegant hotel. I got friendly with many co-workers there, kidded around and stuff but nothing inappropriate. One desk clerk, Nick, seemed to really like me, gave me support, compliments, often tells me how pretty I am. We often talked after work, had coffee in the hotel, etc. He is in his early 20s, tall, blonde, blue eyes, muscular, very handsome, particularly in uniform tie and jacket. I noticed he stared at me often but didn’t want me to know it. I kissed him on the cheeks on his birthday and he was surprised. It was customary in my culture. Later I learned that the innocent kiss gave him a different idea and planted the seed for affair.
I was cleaning the last room one day, it was a stormy Friday afternoon in February. I remember it so well. I always like rain, soothing, romantic, and somehow erotic. I left the door open and the cart with my supplies close to the door – standard procedure. I was bending over to make the bed when Nick closed the door, sneaked right behind me and screamed to scare me. I jumped and screamed in horror. Nick laughed, I then laughed and then he hugged to comfort me. As soon as our bodies touched, we stopped laughing and sensed things changed. He stared into my eyes, held me tight and kissed me passionately. I kissed him back and uttered a low moan. I was torn. I should not be kissing another man, but I couldn’t control my desire. My genital immediately got wet, my nipples got hard, very sexually aroused.
Nick held me tighter and tighter. He started to touch my back forcefully, then my ass. I pushed his hands away, albeit not in strong protesting manner as I did enjoy it, they came right back. I long for attention, admiration. Since I didn’t get it from my husband, Nick filled the void, just kiss and a little touching. That’s as far as I thought it would go, that I’d allow. Our passion grew and kissed each other more and more passionately. I could feel his cock getting harder and bigger, pressing against my private part He gyrated and pushed his cock against my body. I got so horny and wanted his cock but I couldn’t, I am married. For some unknown reason, images flashed through my mind, of pornographic video that my husband and I watched. My husband is (at least was) very creative in sex. He introduced porno video, pic etc. to me, and adventures, fantasies. He shared his fantasy of we having sex with other people. They are entirely against my religious upbringing.
Nick got bold and squeezed my tits hard. I left out a loud moan as it felt so good. I just melted in his arms, my legs got weak, my pussy getting very wet and hot. I felt I could almost smelled my womanhood. The conflict continued. I’ve never felt this way before, feeling dirty, unfaithful, and yet loving it. I was brought up a good catholic girl, only had 3 men in my life, all Chinese.
Nick carried me over to and set me down on the couch. He took off his pants and underwear and the biggest cock I’ve ever seen just popped out of it. It was also the most beautiful, better than any I’ve seen in video. It must be about 9 inches, very thick, curved up. The veins protruded out. I was so ashamed of myself. I reached out and grabbed it immediately and voluntarily! Lust was in his eyes and on his face. I started to stroke his beautiful cock up and down, staring at the wonder just inches away. He ordered me to suck it. I kissed the mushroom head, licked it, then put as much of it as possible in my mouth. I could only put about ½ of it in. I then licked it up and down, all over. I’ve never tasted cock so delicious, so erotic. His smooth cock skin, the veins and the ridge around the crown felt so special. His groin area was a little sweaty, smell of male pheromone. I licked the slit of his cock head lovingly and stared up into his blue eyes. I enjoyed watching him having pleasure. Nick moaned loudly and lustily, telling me what a great cock-sucker I was. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock into my throat as far as it’d go, gagging me. He said how much he enjoyed watching me suck him. He never had a Peruvian woman before, or Latin for that matter. I loved sucking the big purplish red cock head.
Nick said he wanted to eat my pussy. I said no, I couldn’t because I am married and that I could make him cum with my mouth and hands. He looked like an animal, picked me up and threw me onto the king-sized bed. He tore off my uniform top. He removed my bra and sucked my sensitive nipples which has grown big and hard. He told me between sucking and licking my tits how beautiful I was, my body, my breast. I weighed 130 lb. when I met my husband and knew he didn’t like my gaining weight to 150 lb. But Nick did not seem to mind at all. In fact he like it the way it is, bigger fuller breast than skinny. I was a little scared as I thought I was going to be raped. But at the same time I got very aroused that I turned Nick on so much. The sound of tearing fabric, popped button was so tantalizing. In a way, I was hoping he would rape me so that I could have his cock and may feel less like having an affair. When he unbuttoned my pants, I assisted just a little to let him take off my pants and panties. He immediately went kissing my pussy, licking the lips and clitoris, even biting it gently. How could I be so shameless, spreading my legs & pussy wide like a whore? I was expecting we’d bring each other to orgasm by hands and mouth. Nick skillfully used his hands and mouth to play with my pussy. He then put a finger in my pussy while stroke him hard like a wanton woman. I was losing control. We did 69. I licked and put his balls in my mouth. His cock was so hot.
Nick got up, and moved between my legs. I told him no and tried to push him away. He kept rubbing his cock and pushing blindly towards my pussy. It felt so good. My wiggling only increased the tension and sensation. He was very strong. He held my legs up by the angles and centered himself towards my pussy. He managed to push his cock head into my pussy. I knew I wanted more but couldn’t. I was more concerned about shaming my parents than being unfaithful although I was quite concerned about that too. That’s so against my upbringing.
Nick finally sensed the weakening of my resistance and an opportunity as I tried to shift away from his cock before this went further. He took that opportunity and plunged the whole cock deep into me. I screamed due to a little bit of pain but mainly of the extreme pleasure. I’ve never felt so filled. His cock was hard and hot, so huge, stretching my pussy like never before. In his pumping in and out, it felt like he was pulling my inside out a bit. His cock head pressed hard against my cervix as if trying to enter my womb. There was no point in resisting, since he had me. So I held him tightly, raised my hips and pussy to move in synchrony with him. He was good, not only moving in and out but gyrated side to side, different angles of entry, telling me how sexy I was, how good I felt. He was very verbal in bed. He told me how my tight my cunt was and he knew I needed a big cock and a good fuck, that I was a slut, whore. No one has called me that, particularly the use of the word cunt, and it aroused me. I screamed out of pleasure.
He fucked me like forever, bringing to orgasm after orgasm. The sound of his pelvis pounding mine, flesh crashing into flesh. He would bend his head to suck and bite my nipples while thrusting his cock deep inside me. I had so much conflict of enjoying the affair, being a whore and the guilt, the loss of innocence. I mean, I let a man fuck me for free. He hasn’t even gone out with me, bought me anything, spent a dime on me. I’m not materialistic but it is my culture that a man should woo a woman, shower her with gifts before gaining her heart and body.
Nick’s pace quickened. His hard and fast pounding gave me another orgasm. I sensed he was approaching his orgasm. He moaned louder and louder, pounding faster and faster. He finally screamed that he was cumming. I begged him to take his cock out and cum on my tits and I wasn’t ready for anyone but my husband shoot his seeds in my sanctum yet. Nick pulled out and straddled my breast. He surprised me as his first shot sprayed onto my forehead and hair. I’ve never knew a man can shoot so far. I just went crazy over that and immediately stroke his cock, arched my head trying to put his cock into my mouth. Another load hit my face before I put his cock in my mouth and sucked him as hard as I could. He shrieked so loudly. Lust possessed me. It smelled kind of pungent, but in a very erotic way. It felt so slimy. Frankly, I did not know how I was going to feel about a white man’s cum in my mouth. I even swallowed his cum.
Even he cum, I started sobbing. Nick was alarmed and very caring. I told me how guilty I felt and how much I enjoyed, an experience never before. I blamed my husband for partly responsible too. He didn’t treat me right, couldn’t satisfy me sexually. He exposed me to pornography, told me about his fantasy of wanting to watch me fucked by other men and screamed for more. He corrupted me and partly paved the way for me so easily fall into another man’s arms.
I wouldn’t never forget this experience, my first affair.
The true story confession of an adulterous Peruvian woman.

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