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Online Lovers - You push a little more inside me, all the while thrusting your cock in and out of my pussy… then I feel it again… wave upon wave of pleasure as my pussy clenches around your shaft, gripping it, coaxing the cum out of you. You can’t hold back any more… with a cry you climax, your hot cum squirting deep inside my pulsating pussy. You cum for what feels like forever and we are both shaking all over with waves of ecstasy...2438. Marie & Maria / Mexican Twin Lesbians Incest - In here Marie, we're in here, Her sister walked around the wall. Damn ur twins! Yeah identical Marie said. She seen what was going on, She didn't hesitate. She slid the shoulder straps from off her shoulders as her house dress fell to the floor. Maria & Marie were not identical...2425. Raping Ella - I watched Ella from across the classroom, an instant erection forming. She was so damn sexy! And she didn't even mean to be! Ella was very short 5'4 for a 18 year old girl. She had shoulder-length black hair, always tied back and pale skin.Her breasts were small, but in my eyes, perfect. We had been best friends since kindergarten, yet, I was in love with her. Ella turned her head, seeing me staring and flashed a quick smile. She was with her nerdy boyfriend, Michael. he was just too lucky...2410. Whiz Bang Wham Bam Piece Ah Love Muscle - OMG Sandy take my ass. Fuck it hard. That feels so gooooood, I screamed. He thrust in my butt while he fingered me and I pinching my clit taking me over the edge. "He thrust in my butt while he fingered me and I pinching my clit. My stomach tightened & with out any other warning OMG! I squirted all over Sandy & myself. My female cum lasted foe 10 seconds or so. One orgasm right after another tied my body in knots"...2407. Little Red-Cap - An erotic retelling of the traditional fairy-tale. ""Wh-what are you doing Little Red-Cap?" he stuttered, more amazed at his luck than shocked at her readiness for sex so soon after, as he thought, being raped by a notorious criminal, for his wife was long dead, and the women of the village were either faithful or not worth the effort in his opinion"...2405. Sexy Property Queen - She was going to meet me to give me some money and check on progress. When she got there she had on those jeans, you could see just enough of her crack to make a man hard. And then her top, her tits just jumped out at me. All I could do was stare and she caught me, caught me staring like she had many times but this time grinned and gave me that dirty little smile. With that smile, that dirty smile, she asked me if there was anything I needed...2399. Sex and the Golden Fox - A quick fuck, a one-night stand, what more to tell? "Having taken the last drop of my man juices into her mouth and swallowed, she looked up at me and smiled - her only smile of the evening. “Don’t worry, we’re not done yet, ” she said. Then, she rose up and kissed me as she commenced undressing me"...2389. Kelly Finds Love - A young man and woman find a solution to a problem in their lives with each other; then, part to go very different ways until circumstances bring them together again. "It was when she was sitting in the Blue Moon Club, alone, drinking a Moscow Mule by the fireplace when a young man came and sat down beside her. She ignored him!"...2387. Satisfying Hot Shilpa Aunty - First time with my aunt. "I was still on fire and so and grabbed her hair and pushed my cock deep in her mouth and started mouth fucking her. she started liking it and she too increased her speed. Then I came in her mouth and she swallowed it fully. I lied on her for 2 mins and then slowly made her legs to part. She held my cook and slowly pumped it into her cunt. As she was very tight it was not going inside. So She told me lie down"...2379. Summer of Love - The Summer of 1967 - Part 3 - Tom told me it was my turn, and knelt down in front of my hard shaft. He used his hands to steady himself against the bar and to hold his drink. He used his tongue and mouth for something else entirely. 2369. You Have Mail - He ejaculated deep in me again and we both collapsed in each other’s arms again. He rolled me on my side with my back against his stomach; he pulled my legs up into a fetal position and thrust his extensive satisfied tool into my pussy one more time. I drifted off into a dreamless sleep totally relieved of my sexual cargo filled with his cock. I felt him reposition his pillow a little then in a very few minutes we were both in never-never land...2368. A Cute Little Bed & Breakfast led to a Lot More - Looking around the fat woman was on the diving board with someone. She was yelling, Cum inside my cunt. He was pounding so hard they both fell off into the water. Everyone laughed, including me. They rose from the depths, his dick was now flaccid, her partner never did get his nuts off...2366. Masel and the Virgin - A fifty year old man who has worked the world over in a life free from women seeks a retired prostitute to teach him about women. "Soon, as they lay laughing and kissing and playing and talking about their sexual adventure, the afterglow of peace and serenity settled over them. Both knew that they’d just experienced something special. Both knew that the intimacy they were experiencing would bond them together in some manner"...2357. Dana and the Delight - Corworker stops by, showering, playing, having sexual preview."She’d been looking out through my window. She and I had been talking. Her ass looked back at me. Her body did too. It was as if she was waiting on me to do my thing. What was my thing I suddenly asked myself, but she waited and I did step closer but not close enough…yet. But something happened and it was huge. No even though it was huge, it was not her ass I’m referring to. I’m referring to a feeling, an emotion or set of emotions I felt and I surged with…with something I don’t think I’ve felt in years. It was then that it did happen"...2353. Neighborhood Gift - It was a great night and growing greater by the moment. Little did I know it was all being recorded on tape on three little, unseen cameras throughout “dessert” in our bedroom. Who would have known? Not me obviously. No, I was totally oblivious to what was set up and as we undressed, I began to watch her body change. From what she had on until she went in the bathroom and put on that little, if you want to call it that, piece. Whoa! She grew new hips and new boobs. Bigger and better and yet her tits seemed braver somehow...2347. Horny Amishi Experiences a bi-sexual Business Gangbang - Horney and Sexually Ever hungry AMISHI enjoyed the bi- sexual gangbang at a Business Swinger party. She loved to get sexually gang banged and sexually serviced by many Dicks at the sametime. "Kuntal then positioned Horney AMISHI in a doggy style position and started fucking her hard while he pulled her hair. She was facing me and we started tongue kissing as we both were held in this doggy position getting our brains banged out..."2339. A Mother's Plan - A good mother usually has the experience and the maturity to know what's best for her daughter and stands ready to assist that daughter through the trial and tribulations of growing into adulthood. Such was the case of Sheila Roman and her daughter Alex. Then Hank came along...2331. Twenty Five Years - Husband, Wife do it on camera. "I lay there looking at her. Finally, as time slipped on I began to smile, and at that point my wife knew it was a done deal. She was going to be able to have sex with other men. I’d get to have sex with other women, if I wanted to. But it would have to be approved by the other parties in our case."2328. Horny AMISHI Seduces Co- Employee - Kuntal could see AMISHI's braless DDs bounce in her tank top and her tight round ass in her jeans as she walked towards him. Kuntal just glared at her cleavage and got an instant hard on. "I surrendered as she pulled my pants down and went to her knees. She pulled her top off and her huge tits rubbed my legs as she began to suck my cock like a pornstar..."2324. A 2 Year Affair with my X. - He lay me down on my back exposing my honey pot to him. He took his dick in hand and drummed it against my clit. “Liz, tell me how much you want this” Charles, please don’t tease me like this. I want you, I want that cock deep in me. Don’t play these stupid games, Just Fuck Me. Make me cum like before. Fuck my womb, I screamed at him. He placed his dick near my labia, I thrust up to meet him and he penetrated me deep...2323. High School Love Affair - I was hard and my body ached for hers. I felt myself aching for her pussy more than it had ever had. I whispered to her if I could put cock inside her. She said yes back to me, quietly. She slipped me deep inside her. But before she did she lurched or let it roll across the front of her cunt. I felt the tip of my cock “bouncing” or throwing “jolts” up inside my whole body...2321. Home Workout - She really did want him or someone to kiss her tits. He scooted forward, closer, and he looked into the younger woman’s eyes. There was a great need for touching in her face. She did want him to feel them and so he did. He reached around her body and undid the latch to the bra. And he took it and threw it to the ground. She watched his face as he did. She smiled and as he leaned in to kiss them, she kissed his lips first...2318. Cabin Fever and the Cure - Two emotionally flawed characters meet under unusual circumstances and heal. "An urge so strong that it simply overwhelmed all other reason or thought. At that moment Anne stood before him, tall and beautiful and he had to touch her, to possess her, to feel her flesh close. He grabbed her and embraced her and kissed her and fondled her butt and let out an animal-like groan"...2317. Horny AMISHI enjoys Nephew Harshils COCK - Horny AMISHI hungrilly enjoys Nephew Harshils COCK.
AMISHI Aunty sucked nephew Harshil's Cock greedily and moaned with pleasure as Harshil fucked her mouth. Harshil felt the hot lava of his cum bubbling up from his balls...
2316. All Work and No OVERTIME makes Horny AMISHI a Dull Girl - Kuntal continued to suck, kiss and lick Horny AMISHI's clit until the feeling of orgasm approached her. AMISHI pushed his head harder into her Hot, Wet and Hairy pussy, making his tounge press hard on her clit. AMISHI began to scream without control...2315. Horny AMISHIs 44D Sized Boobs go in for a SILICON - Horny and Hot AMISHI's 44D Sized boobs go in for a SILICON. Prevention could not wait. Neither could AMISHI's Hot, Wet and Hairy pussy. Like Noah she got the SILICONS, before it began to rain. "By now, I was desperate for him to wank my throbbing dick. The psychological effect he was having on me by his furious hands, made me almost black out with my own need. I pulled his right hand from my heaving tit and dropped it on my skirt..."2314. Architectural Delight - He looked down at his 22 year olds. No, they weren’t “his” but they were that afternoon and that’s all that mattered once he invited the two of them in. She patted the others behind once he turned and walked into his house. They looked around it. It was fascinating from the word go. Everything a girl could ask for he had. And that meant everything...2300. Attention Please - She wants her lover’s attention now –- even though he is on the phone. He’s made it clear that he doesn’t want to be disturbed, so she sits on the edge of his desk and teases him by masturbating herself. When he finishes his call, he gives her what she so richly deserves -– bent over his desk...2296. Deep Tissue - An engaged guy tries to resist the erotic advances of his therapeutic masseuse. "Rubbing oil all over nearly nude guys, yes I know, ' she laughs silkily. 'I suppose I've just developed such a professional approach to it over time that I don't think about it in that way. Plus most of my clients don't do much to distract me. Most of my clients...' And she smoothes the oil slowly and deliberately between my legs, running her fingers lightly over my ball sac."...2292. A surprise BD 3some with a Black Woman - It was all I could take, watching my wife fuck another lady especially a black woman. I began jerking my cock faster as I watched these ladies. I felt pressure building and I spit in my hand continuing to beat my meat. I started Cumming. I was centered on my dick. My cum gushed form my cock in big gobs of seed as these two ladies watched me get off. 2290. Pleasing Rain - Two college girls end of making love to one another. "Marci having turned and settled on her back allowed Jessie to ease up against her side. Cuddling almost face to face, they gained an unprecedented intimacy with one another as the seconds ticked on. Their bodies were as close as could be. Nose to nose, Jessie and Marci’s hands and fingers reached and touched one another’s hair, shoulders, belly’s, and beneath one another’s chins including above their cleavage laden boobs."2286. AMISHI Experiences a Bisexual Massage at a Spa - AMISHI even at 38 had 40D sized BOOBS, with a big curvy butt. She felt like an explosion of pleasure as she rode Kuntals cock, while, Daisy still sucking her big tits like a hungry baby while having a bi-sexual MASSAGE. "Its in our new massage room with our best masseuse, Kuntal.’ She came around the counter and I could smell her perfume. She flicked her long black hair behind her shoulders and then placed her hand on my arm. It felt electric. "...2285. AMISHI's BlowJobs at Work - Horny AMISHI always craved and looked forward to unconventional sex at work and enjoyed giving BLOWJOBS the most at the work place. AMISHI always wanted her co-employees to unleash their brutal strength and wanted them to go on a rampage on her ever hungry, hairy, wet and hot Pussy. I actually lost consciousness and when I came to, he was banging me again, but this time he was fucking me in my virgin ass!...2280. AMISHI Experiences a DOGGY With Best Friends HUBBY - Prevention can't wait, neither could AMISHI. She wanted to experience the DOGGY, the Ancient KAMASUTRA Disease with Kabir, her best friends hubby. " was staying in the downstairs bedroom and started to get ready for bed. As I was getting undressed, I called Kabir to come see the shirt I bought for Komal. I was wearing just a white T-shirt and silky panties. This was my best friend’s husband and I felt so bad about wanting to fuck him. I had not been fucked in about 8 months and really wanted a hard cock inside my wet, tight hairy pussy..."2279. AMISHI Enjoys Getting Married Again - AMISHI, a married woman was hot and fuckable and enjoys her Second Honey Moon with Neighbour. "This was my first fuck and I was in heaven as together AMISHI and I got into a rhythm as she pulled me up upwards and hard against her body. The rhythm got faster and faster until I knew that at any minute I was going to shoot my stuff into her. I felt my back arch as suddenly I let go a long spurt of my juices into AMISHI"...2278. Horny Lady Boss AMISHI is an Employees Delight - Horny AMISHI, the lady boss, with her 40D Sized boobs and hairy pussy is any Employee's Delight. "I jumped out of the shower and was putting my clothes on as I noticed car lights shine on the blinds in her office. I told her we had company and looked out the window to see her husbands car pulling into the parking lot. I ran for the shop and crawled under a truck acting like I was working on it as he walked in the door. He asked where his wife was and I said I think she was still in the office or that she was the last time I saw her..."2277. AMISHI Enjoys Getting Banged Anally - Aachal lost his virginity, but he had never thought he would have quick, normal sex but had amazingly hot, amazingly kinky sex with AMISHI, the most Horniest Bitch in the world. "Amishi bent over, sliding down her red velvet knickers to her ankles, to reveal her soft, dripping pussy and tight arsehole. My boner twitched at this sight, causing me to let out a soft moan..."2276. AMISHI Fucks her Internet Lover - After her ass was nice and lubed, I started to slide my tongue into her ass. I don't know what came over me. I never gave a rim job before. I didn’t mind at all! She loved my tongue in her ass! I began licking from her pussy all the way across her ass check. This drove her crazy! She loved it! "I want that cock in my ass! I have never had that big of a cock in my ass, I want you to fuck me hard", she yelled at me...2273. Ovulating with Needs - She got up and headed for his office, watching his solid ass all the way towards his office. Almost everyone leaned out and watched them walk away. Inside, he closed his door. She looked around his office. Two computers, a couch, two chairs, paintings the room was warm and com comfortable. He sat down and faced her. He didn’t say a word. His eyes drifted. Oops, he looked at them. He looked at her opulent tits and…and ohhh, her river of flesh streaming from within and between her tits. It made her feel good he had looked. He felt uncom comfortable he made the gaffe of looking at them. Silence filled the office...2266. Horny AMISHIs 40D Breasts Seduces a Cab Driver - Horny AMISHI, wearing a white t-shirt, which showed her 40D breasts better than some of the younger woman, and a reasonably tight pair of jeans can seduce any guy even a Cabbie. "As I watched her disappear into the bedroom, I noticed there was a mirror on the wall that looked directly into her bedroom. She left the door open and the vision I saw, nearly caused me to blow my load..."2265. Amishi's College Pal is her Fuck Buddy - Then her damn fiancé called again. Amishi’s head rocked left to right as if com completely annoyed. I know I was. They hung up. It was 9pm and I wanted to have sex. I wanted to make love all over Amishi. I wanted Amishi to just become wild and have uncontrollable sex with me too. I wanted to titty fuck her, pussy fuck her, fuck her mouth, and have a good old romantic evening in one, if that was possible...2264. Carie - A shy high school kid is smitten with a beautiful classmate but never even gets close to her. They go their separate ways after graduation only to meet again 2 years later and the shy high school kid has become a confident man."Her breathing had become rapid and shallow as my lips moved to her soft inner thighs and she realized my ultimate goal"...2258. The Customer - A waitress services her customer. "I whimper slightly as he fucks my mouth, imagining someone I know walking past and seeing me naked on my knees in my restaurant with some stranger’s cock being given a thorough blow job. His hand was still holding my head in place but for some reason the helplessness of my situation was making me even wetter"...2252. What Happens When You Seduce A Shapeshifter - They kissed passionately and then Burke fell to his knees, "Spread your legs, " He growled huskily. She obeyed and his mouth covered her soaked needy red pussy. His tongue flicked at her swollen clit and his teeth nibbled at her. Burke thrust his tongue up her channel and she tensed, moaned. "Oh my goodness! That feels...heavenly, " Sandy was squirming.2247. The Parking Lot - Moving her onto her back, her arms were pinned beneath her. He spread her legs and positioned himself between them. Victoria blindly listened to his movements. Her breathing increasing in anticipation of his next action. She her his keys and thought that perhaps he was unleashing his hard shaft. Her sex was wet and ready to accept his hard swollen manhood as she felt him thrust deep inside her. Unable to see...2244. Bi-Sexual Studies - Then it happened. All at once, it happened. Amy lunged for Sara. Sara, expecting or hoping for this, folded her arms around Amy as Amy came crashing into Sara. The two bodies collapsed against each other. Two young, long haired 20 year old girls engulfed one another’s lips and mouths. Hands felt one another’s bodies. Feeling the other’s passionate desires had been a must to each of these two young women each time this happened...2226. My Sex Adventure with two girls during Navratri - She also started to moan loudly. I gave her in long slow strokes, rubbing her clit with one hand. She was quivering with pleasure and moaning as I plunged into her. It took more than ten minutes for me to come to an orgasm. By that time she came to orgasm twice. She trembled each time she met orgasmic stroke. Finally I sprayed my semen inside her.2221. Horny Hot AMISHI aunty and Nephew discover heaven - My maternal aunt, AMISHI even at 32 is very hot, sexy and desirable, with big sized boobs jiggling, would give any guy a instant hard on. "She was so wet already but I had to eat this marvellous thing. Amishi began to whimper, anticipating my hunger, her hands found my head and she began to run her fingers through my hair coaxing me to start feeding Her pussy tasted so good"...2217. Wardens Online Blog - Wouldn't you let him cum on to you… seduce you and make his pitch so to speak? Wouldn't you let him tie you up like he wrote and do those things to you? She took off her clothes and showed him the same exciting supple breasts he gets to see almost every night. He went down on them, suckling each one tenderly with two hands. She lived for that.2214. AMISHI and her Nephew Discover Heaven - I was 18, and my maternal aunt, Amishi , was 32. She was very hot and sexy and desirable even at that age, with big sized boobs jiggling each time she walked, which would give any guy a instant hard on. Amishi aunty’s complex was wheatish. She had thin short hair till her neck, Sexy lips and above all huge boobs, and her structure would give anyone a hard on even without any sexual thoughts...2212. AMISHI's Hot Encounter with Best Friend Sweta's Dad - He asked me to sit on the floor and stood in front of me. He rubbed his dick on my face and said “Amishi, Please take my dick in your mouth” I kissed his dick and licked the tip of his dick. I pealed his foreskin and licked for sometime and took his full dick inside my mouth and sucked his dick like a cone of ice cream. He was moaning. He was moving his hip to and fro. I played with his balls and caressed his thigh with my hands. He said “Amishi, you are really a sexy girl; your aunt never gave me such a blow job. Finally he released his sperm inside my mouth...2209. Hubby's Rival Turns AMISHI On - “Oh, keep going. Spread my pussy with your big dick. Then he jammed the entire thing deep inside me. I felt him unload lots of cum deep into my pussy. He shot 4 times the load that Kabeer had. My pussy was dripping with cum. He rubbed his head on my pussy, capturing some of the cum that was dripping out. He brought to my mouth, and I hungrily ate it up"...2210. AMISHI Enjoys Boyfrinds Hot and Horny Dad - I took his hand and walked him to the couch. I sat him down, turned on some music and started dancing. I bent over in his face and whispered, “Do you want to see my pussy?” He nodded yes. I pulled off my bathing suit and stood on the couch over his head. He was already hard as I lowered myself. He started to lap at my pussy. I moaned, then I pulled up. I did this again. I knew that I needed his cock...2206. AMISHI's Fantasy for a Friend - Rolled over and laid down on her back. He body was still twitching but Kiya was relentless and she lay over Pamela and inserted the strap-on into Pam’s now throbbing and probably sore pussy. But Pamela could not resist and she flipped Kiya onto her back and began to straddle and rode Kiya. Pamela’s hands where pinching her own nipple and grabbing the base of Kiya’s rubber penis.2205. The Postman Never Rings Twice for AMISHI - I did not mind mass fucking and only some days ago, I had a gangbang with Kuntal, Hamid, Harshil, Ravi and Achal and all of them fucked me. Jatin had recently called me for one night at a hotel and I went and fucked with him, the only difference now was that I could have charged Rs 20000 from him and he would have paid, but I did it for pleasure, as he had opened the Gates for me SEXUAL PLEASURE of enjoying Four DICKS at a time.2204. A Satisfying Visit to Dr. Laura's office - “Okay, alright, you can suck the head only, but no tongue, and no making happy cooing sounds of appreciative pleasure. Because, well, you know, that would be wrong.” These last four words were simultaneously spoken, or rather mumbled, by the petite blonde, as she already had the entire massive head of Jack’s now fully grown cock in her saliva-filled mouth...2203. Conference Capers - Go on clean me out she said as she reached one hand behind her and spread her cheeks. My cock was wet from the shower but this was really a dry arse fuck, I pushed my full purple head against the hole, and encouraged her to push back against me slowly and firmly I felt her arse stretch to take me, the mix of pain and pleasure was measured in Kathy cry's and gasps.2183. Tracy Wants It - I pulled out as I ejaculated, stood up in front of her and my white semen shot all over her belly, on to her breasts. She stared at my cock as I shot out on her, then I watched as she opened her mouth and sucked in the head of my throbbing cock and swallowed what was left of my semen voiding out of my cock head.2180. Mother in Law - Mother in law, a former nun, pleasures her son in law while his wifey is away and out of town on business. He is pleasured twice over. french-sex- lessons. French Lessons - A reunion with a former French teacher ends in a new sex lesson.2048. The Point of No Return - Tucker's job at The Point, a tattoo and body piercing shop in Daytona Beach, exposes him to a wide array of customers. While Samara's boyfriend gets a tattoo done, Tucker helps Samara pick out a new bikini...2050. My Wifes Sister - I was really surprised that Sis never hesitated to take off her bra and panties right in front of us. That certainly had never happened before. We decided to all take a nice hot shower to soften the pubic hair and get us all in a nice warm friendly mood.2146. Cruise Cabin 825 Continues - I removed my arms from under her, and then wrapped my arms around her knees, pulling her legs back to her chest. Through her knees holding them back hard against her chest. Humping some more, she was wild now, Felt her little pussy clinch around my shaft. I knew this was it – no turning back now...
2144. The Road to Three Dicks is Paved by One Hot Pussy - Amishi felt my excitement rising, striving in a primitive world to bring forth our new life into chaos. She was being fucked by Mouth, Pussy and Asshole at the same their long shafts stoked her furnace. Amishi gave hersel to the strength of her THREE YOUNG MASTERS. She now understood how a Woman could become AIR TIGHT.2100. CRUISE CONTINUES - Resting, still with my cock in her, I released her legs back to the bed on each side of my legs. Still buried deep inside now. We drifted off to a few minutes of total serenity. Semen dripping out of her ravaged vagina my slimy cock com completely drained into her. sex-on-cruise. CRUISE - Throb after throb I ejaculated my hot slippery sperm into her drenched hole and her pussy sucked in every drop. Her vagina consumed every droplet, savoring the acrid juice as it filled her full.
2132. Summer of 1967 - The Summer of Love - We were going to stay over night so we could drink all evening and not worry about the fifty mile drive home. It would also give us a night to be naughty and wicket and to fuck as long as we wanted. That would be until we headed back home the next afternoon.2127. Suprise Sex - With his dick half in her arse she could feel his excitement building and she pushed back on him hard so that his dick was fully inside her. She felt her arse split slightly but she wanted him inside her and she let him pump her until he blew his load inside her.2104. Feet Fete Feat - On the Terran Colony of the G-4 planet, Third Quadrant, Codex 1335. Translated from original text in Earth year 3009. Subject and content not officially approved by Imperium Board of Censors. Caution is advised!2098. Friends Marwari Mom Became My Whore - Though I am only 25, I look a bit older than my age which according to me has given me a lot of opportunity to bed young as well as mature women. sexy-student. Sweet and Sexy Student - I sat between her legs with my palms at her knees, pulling them a little more apart. I took my mouth close to her pajamas window and sniffed her pussy. It smelled like a fresh pussy juice... cop-fuck. Topless Harley Ride - He increased speed, he groaned as he started pumping his cum down my neck. This cop was full of cum. I swear he lasted 30 seconds with big gobs of his hot goop... butt-fuck. Fuck my Butt till You Cum - "Hey, HEY. You and can fuck my butt, my tits and my mouth, but you aren’t going to fuck my pussy.2088. Cabin 825 - Her belly began a rhythm, her love tunnel clinched my cock tighter, her head arched back on the pillow and with that she sprang forward a very intense heave and I felt her pussy constrict around my shaft as she expelled wet juices over my fingers to the sheets. Orgasm!...“FUCK!” She yelped, “AH! Fuck me!” - “Yes! Yes! God, that feels good! 2067. Brightest Star of All - Licking it up and looking straight into my eyes with that intense gaze of hers, she opened her mouth and pushed her head slowly down, her hot damp breath all I could feel for a moment, then the tip reached the back of her tongue and she closed her lips around the shaft. I closed my eyes again as she began to suck, her mouth closing warm and wet around my dick, and she slowly pulled back, letting me slide out through her tightly held lips, and once she only had the smooth end in her mouth, she began swirling her tongue around it. the- sex-cruise. THE CRUISE - “God!” She squealed. “OH! GOD! Good God – Yes!” my plump tool was standing inflexible between us. She knelt down on both knees, touched its round length with her hands, clutched it tightly and took the throbbing head into her mouth as I continued undressing her and stepped out of my shorts.2037. If He Only Knew - Tammy placed her hand on the small of Natasha's back, which caused her to jump a little because she was taken by surprise, but it was also one of her spots. Natasha felt her pussy tingle as Tammys hand slid down her back and went over the curve onto her ass...2017. You Got to Love Twins - Walked over and tongue kiss her sister. Once I saw that I lost my mind. Candace laid in front of melissa with here legs up in the air. Melissa licking her sister's cunt. I put my dick in melissa's ass. She said she was an anal virgin and told me to be careful.1999. Casual Fuck in a Bar - As the big guy fucked her from behind she went down on the little guys cock taking him deep into her throat and felt the head of his cock on her tonsils. She gagged slightly and as she did she felt herself cum and the vibration of her cunt sent the tall guy over the edge.1989. Truth or Dare - “Fuck me, oh my fucking god please just fuck me” I pleaded, my cunt was aching to feel his hard cock inside it. He smiled at me and removed his fingers from my pussy. He leant over to his bedside drawers and opened one, pulling out a small, black vibrator. He turned it on and held the vibrating tip on my nipples for a moment, before running the vibrator down me body and holding it gently on my clit.1988. Hot Sex with Sexy Aunty - The whole room was filled with her moans with the rhythm of my balls slapping her ass. Both of us were sweating. While fucking her faster, I caught hold of her thighs which were on my shoulders & would nibble those milky white thighs & she was in the heaven.1973. Sex on the first date - The waiter rounded the corner and stopped, shocked. Taking his belt in her hand she pulled him toward her and unzipping his fly, she reached in and grabbed his semi hard cock. “Madame..” he started to protest but as she placed his cock in her mouth his words stopped and his head tilted back. Her date had by now climbed to his knees and was pumping his massive dick into her. As she gave the waiter head he was slamming her cunt and his hands were working her tits. She felt his pace pick up and she knew he was going to come.1967. Linu - When he is eating pussy, she would like to see that he is continuing it till she reaches the climax; no interruption. Here Srini was pouring honey into the pussy; I do feel it is flowing through my thighs. Then he lowered his mouth into pussy and lifted my hip, turned me upside down and my whole pussy was in his mouth. Now he is lying underneath of me. Really I felt marvelous. His mouth was securing each and every inch of my pussy. He was sucking the liquid into his mouth; it was transferring an enchanting pleasure into me.1964. School's Nearly Over - I could feel her fingers undoing my flies and freeing my semi-erect cock. A light breeze started, and she knelt down in front of me, warming my dick in her hands, and then her mouth. Just watching her take me in her mouth whilst looking up at me with her beautiful big brown oriental eyes would probably normally have made me cum straight away, let alone the fantastic feeling of her hot wet tongue swirling over my head, but a combination of the fear that we might get caught and the cool breeze helped me regain my senses and force the orgasm down. In so doing, I noticed where we were.1951. Saturday morning in - Tina gets more than she bargains for when the local builder hands her the Saturday morning papers....
Tina loved Saturday mornings. No alarm clock, no rush to get ready for work and no long commute on the train.1941. Big Girls Have Much More Fun! - Les Hansom is a UK based writer of literary erotica. His fiction has been published in paperback, magazines in the UK and the US and also anthologised.Les offers FREE SEX STORIES on his website, where he showcases his own work in order to get feedback from his fans; he also writes internet exclusives just for the fans.“I said I don’t like fast women, you fool. And I was joking!” With that he grabbed hold of her love handles and pulled her towards him. “I love your body and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.” He kissed her hard and deep, and she felt briefly violated in a strange sense, since this was the first man in a long time to make her feel this good. He was taking control.1924. Country Style Fucking - Woman's eyes tell all. Neighbor is clinical psych therapist. Tells older woman he can "help" her, surprises her, but does "help" her. And in the end, she gets what she desires all along. Husband comes home...has all out, all day sex with his wife.1908. Melanie's Lingerie - All Melanie wanted was to spice up her sex life and instead she was insulted. Now Melanie has a plan of her own. A plan to get the sex her husband wouldn't give her..."Fuck yeah. Melly, fuck yeah. Oh, I needed this." His breathing was getting deeper so I knew he was almost done. A few more minutes of him roughly slamming his cock into my pussy he let out a loud grunt and started to slow. Michael rolled over and used my now ripped stockings to wipe the cum from his spent dick.1907. Malaysian Threesome - Australian business woman has girl on girl action and a threesome with a young asian boy and her massage therapist in a Malaysian Hotel Spa.1905. The Game Point - The boobs were a perfect match to her figure. She was the tallest of all girls. As she moved the cheeks of the hips trembled when they dashed with each other separated by a thin G- string of the sexy thong.1904. Sarah Interviews Candidates - He started to lick and play with her body and the chocolate, working the places he had treated so harshly very tenderly. She felt her entire body shiver and vibrate as he licked her toward climax and then she pulled him onto the table.1902. Fr. Martin - “I pulled out his…his penis, Father. It was you know…uhhhh hard? He had an ummm erection and we looked at each other and I got down on my knees and I…I uhh…” her voice trailing off. “I swallowed his erection. I put it all the way in my…my mouth and I sucked it off and he came. Cum blew from…he exploded and I swallowed every last drop.1901. You owe it to Blondie - When a wife is betrayed frequently over some fifteen years of marriage she's finally had enough and takes advantage of her husband's offer to swing - only it backfires! The story vends happily on equal terms. 1888. 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A Great Lunch and Dessert was even Better - I was nearing a huge orgasm as my insides tightened when Walt bit down on my clitoris that sent me over the edge. I was riding his face. Gawd what a feeling as I started to cum! Haley moved up behind me and sat on Walt’s cock.1863. Widowed and Sex with a Construction Worker - My pussy lips were still engorged with blood. It didn’t take long before we were engaged in sex again. He raised my right leg and took me again. His dick was so amazing; it was still up and flexing. I pumped it a few times and placeed his head at my entrance.1858. ONCE - When Gerry turned to face me in bed, she said simply, "Why don't we make a little whoopee tonight?" and again, I could not reject the challenge. We two unmarried school teachers in this small town might never get another chance to covertly offend the morals of the community and we had the storm to thank for it.1851. 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The others go on to their spring break destiny. But Tommy Joe possibly fulfills his lifelong dream...1823. Dads Friends Foxy Wife and I - I stood there with my dick sticking out and my mouth gaping open as Beth murmured in her sleep, kicking the covers off her body. My eyes raked up and down her body, taking in the tiny little short panties that she wore and the tank top that had ridden up to reveal the lower half of her little titties.1811. Caressing Caitlyn - Dark Mexican skin looked ripe and young just as her face did. She had soft cheekbones, juicy lips that often appeared to be begging for cock to suck. Her eyes were distinct silver ovals that held more wisdom in them than most people his age. Oh and Alex couldn’t forget about her plump breasts and the way they looked when pushed together for him when he threatened to give her a pearl necklace.1807. 2 Girls 1 Guy - This is a fantasy of mine I have had for a while of having sex with my girlfriend and her best friend. names have been changed.1810. I Screwed a BBW Not Wanting To - I once left my underwear in the college dorm bathroom. Bret took them out and nailed them to the fence post near the sidewalk. “Here, Just look at these. Bart left in the bathroom so I could see them. I put them out here so you could see them” Bret was that kind of guy. He was a friend to the end, but still an asshole just the same.1806. Strawberry Blonde - About a college student who goes to class a little late, but still gets an education. This is the height of a mutual crush that went on for a short time.1808. Learning About Sex - Part 1 - The man was standing in front of Mum and I could just see his cock as it slid in and out of her cunt. The sight soon aroused me and I couldn't resist putting my hand up my skirt and into the leg of my knickers and starting to masturbate.1800. Prevention Can not Wait Neither Can We - I have been educated in a Convent School in Baroda and worked in Baroda before marriage in a Travel Agency initially as a Manager (International Counter for Ticketing & Booking) and was a very open minded person. I had a very INTIMATE AFFAIR even with my Boss, as a result I was promoted as a Sr. manager in no time. I have enjoyed the affair to the FULLEST, breaking all barriers, and pleasing my Boss in all possible ways..... Even today I feel the urge to please everyoneapart from my husband1799. Why Should the Husbands Always Have ALL the Fun - Suresh lowered himself to his elbows and pressed his firm chest against My sensitive nipples. We kissed hungrily, while my tight, slippery channel gripped Suresh's long cock as it moved in and out.1798. Jen and Gin - The bathroom was all steamy. I stripped down and got in the shower with my wife. I put my hands around her titties from her back. I said, “Hi Hun. She turned around and screamed. She was trying to cover up both boobs and her honey pot with two hands. It was Ginger, my sister-in-law. Jennifer and Ginger are twins. The only difference is a full cup size.1797. HardJoes Roadside Stroke - I had been driving and stroking as I thought about the blowjob I had the night before. I pulled over and stripped to video my session when I got a surprise!1788. Motel Fantasy - She starts to rub his cock, it starts to get hard even though he’s out. I get her down on her knees, I get behind her and keep running my hand over her arm, making her rub faster.1782. Some Men - Some men are simply inept at pursuing women. They are not neurotic or sick in the mind, just lacking confidence and shy. Of course, most have the normal sex drives and lusty appetites that lead to frustration. When faced with imminent death, the remainder of their life is compressed into a few minutes and reason and passion reign. So it was in this story.1781. The Sleep Over - He grunted and arched his back, all the muscles in his chest and abdomen tensed up as he came inside of me. His orgasm was long and as he continued to shoot his load inside of me I moaned in approval. "MMMMMM!! YES!!"1780. My Good Friend - After five minutes of impaling myself on his cock I felt my pussy tighten and tense and then my frail body gave way to a long and loud orgasm as my cum slid down his shaft to his balls.1773. His Small Thing was Not So Small - I had fucked this cab driver all night. We got a shower together and dressed. The snow had drifted so much, it had covered the door. There we were in this motel room. Me, and this Small Thing. We did manage to fuck a whole lot more over the next couple days. I never did make it to my sisters house.1771. 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I’m 42 and yet Sheila and I, sexually, seem to be a perfect match. We both like sex often and we both like to be adventurous, even kinky at times.1752. An Evening with Sex and Coffee - It was a dream come true for me to be invited by Lina.I was taken aback to find Rina, Lina's cousin. The evening started with a cup of coffee followed by moans, groans and more.1748. Extra Help - An athletic boy, Kevin, also the head of the Tennis Team, is behind on Science homework. When asked to come after practice for some extra help, Kevin gets an unexpected surprise and a little more than he bargained for. No longer will Kevin ever consider an excuse for not going to Dr. Ross's classroom for extra help...1741. Morning Love - A delicious breakfast of feasting and riding ...1735. What This Man Wanted - Hell! I was half a world away from home and nobody’d know me. The whore houses were legal around the base and the women might just hold the answer. Perhaps if I could get some experience. . . It was then that the plan began to form. I determine a suitable date and time.1731. Prevention Cant Wait Neither Can We - I rolled back to Suresh, and saw his warm, brown eyes twinkling. He rolled on top of me once more, and I opened my legs, resting on my elbows and knees to accommodate & the eight inch shaft into my small opening. He rested on his knees as I guided his hard length inside my asshole. nightlyroutine. Nightly Routine - I felt her nipple tense and harden as I gently played with it with my teeth. She began to thrust her whole body back and forth on top me, so that I had to put both of my hands on the bed behind me to remain sitting up. She threw her head back and put all of her energy into it.1725. The New Housekeeper Suresh - She gave herself to the strength of her young mate. Fire spread through her groin; Amishi shuddered and thrashed in her climax. Deep within her, she felt the Suresh's throbbing hose pump his seed into her womb. Overcome with pleasure, they collapsed limply, and rested under the falling rain.1721. Suresh the New Housekeeper - As water covered their bodies, Suresh produced a bar of soap. It smelled sweet, like flowers, and felt good on her skin. It felt even better when Suresh moved behind her, long cock nestled in her ass crack and stretching to bump the small of her back, and soaped her breasts and her choot, with his strong fingers and thumb. Amishi was moaning with JOY.1716. Night Train - Time Period piece mid-50's. Rick is changing jobs from New York to Chicago. Taking the train he meets the stunning Isabelle. What happens on the twenty two hour trip? 1708. My growing up - Looking back i had a wonderful experience growing up and I learned so much about the pleasure of sex with Man and Women....1705. Joes Outdoor Adventure - As I drove I fantasized about walking through the woods with no clothes. So I found the spot and stripped down naked. Before I knew it I was in a secluded spot with a cool stream, and a hard-on. As I began to take care of the latter, a couple appeared on the edge of the stream. But to my surprise they did not notice me in the water. That is when things began to get REALLY interesting!1704. Birthday 3-some - Yes I am Babe! Connie stopped jerking me off. Connie started to climb on the bed. She straddled me and sat on my throbbing dick. Gawd! That was so nice. I thought. This strange lady was sitting on my face and my wife sitting on my cock1700. Z at the Adult Theater - I asked her to suck my cock. As she bent over to do that her ass and pussy from the back were very exposed and inviting. I offered the guy a little KY and told him to be gentle. He started to massage her clit and insert two fingers into her vagina. Her moans even stifled by my cock were being heard softly throughout the theater. Soon some hands came from behind the chair and began to caress Z’s breasts. Z was beginning to com completely enjoy this. She sat back up and opened her legs wide and at my whispered suggestion even wider so that her pussy was getting the benefit of the hands around her.1682. Caught In Panties - Michael sneaks into his neighbors house and tries on her lingerie. He is caught in her panties and blackmailed into being com completely feminized.1671. Milan - They banged against the doorway of the bedroom, almost falling over, but they barely noticed. They were too focused on each other. Their lips pressed together, tongues exploring each other. Hands tearing at clothing...1669. Karen Returns - Karens back for more love making after I had made love to her last time. Pat my wife had gone away for two days seeing her mother who was ill, and as I was home all alone Karen rang to say John her husbands my mate was away and could she come round so I could carry on showing her what making love was about instead of just having sex.1665. Office Fuck Buddies - I lightly licked and lapped at her nipple, before clamping my mouth around it and starting to suck and kiss at it quite forcibly. I then moved across to her right tit and did the same. Nicky pulled me to her, telling me how “good” it felt and then I concentrated once more on fucking her against the wall.1645. Restaurant Love - Dugg kept going pushing it in as far and as hard and fast as his cock would go! She grabbed his ass and pushed him into her. They both came at the same time, but still they kept going. They both came Lucy for a second time and Dugg for a third. group-sex-fuck. Madisons Cure - Sensing her best friend's return to Texas for business, Madison decides to distract him with the one thing guarenteed to make him pay attention to her, and she's not afraid to play dirty! 1637. Fantasy Hike - I'd heard that she was divorced now and Sue was still a babe, and here she was standing in front of me wearing a cut-off T-shirt and a short, red plaid tennis skirt with small pleats. It seemed unusual to see a girl hiking in a skirt instead of shorts, but I sure wasn't about to complain. 1627. The Sexiest Kiss - While I try to make the sex as steamy as possible, I don't write stories that just throw to people in bed by the second page. And no, I'm not criticizing those who do. Hell, I read them once in a while myself.1626. Noticing Her - Young man passes by the home of a quiet and demure older woman. He always waves and says hi. She returns the greeting, but is not outgoing. He eventually introduces himself. She eventually invites him to stop by. He does, things go wild, and both benefit in the end. 1621. Mollys early christmas present - Molly moved her hands down to Andy’s crotch gently squeezing his balls through his jeans. He could feel how hard he already was and thought to herself how much she wanted it. Slowly she undone the zip and button on his jeans and gradually pulled them down. As Molly dropped to her knees, Andy’s trousers fell to his ankles. Molly looked at Andy’s hard cock that was still restrained in his boxers.1604. Time to make love not just hot sex - Karen lay across the bed as she orgasmed I shoved my finger into her bum to make her cum even harder...1583. Lucys first time down the dirt road - Oh Donnie, Oh Donnie Oh Donnie Give it to me. Listen you white fucker! FUCK MY BLACK ASS I FUCKIN’ LOVE IT. Empty your balls in there” she said... 1582. My wife and I get a good fucking from friends - She then lent forward and took my in her mouth I could hardly stand my legs were shaking as she gave me one of the best blow jobs I think I had ever had I must say Pat is good but not this good god it was mind blowing how she licked the head of my cock and pushed her tounge down my slit and how she took the whole of it from tip to the bottm into her mouth. 1566. More Than Roommates - Then his lips part and his tongue starts licking my vagina. He is so good; his tongue is roaming my entire vagina hitting my clit multiple times a minute. I feel my knees buckle and soon I feel a pressure building up inside. As he hits my clit one more time I have my first ever orgasm and it feels brilliant. 1565. Office Fuck - Alora rarely wore panties and today was no exception. She was incredibly wet. I felt her spread her legs so I obligingly inserted two fingers into her dripping sex, making her moan with pleasure and melt against my bare chest as I pumped her slowly. shaved-pussy. Her House - I pull outside in my blue Cadillac, nervous that her parents will come home in the middle of this. But she texted me saying they left for a date, and she had the house to herself for a few hours. 1489. The Bus Trip - Friday evening and thank god work is over, I walk to the bus stop my feet sore in my hi heels. I get onto a bus and notice a hot stranger up the back, I notice his attire and gym bag and figured he must of just come from the gym. "mmmm must be buff" I think to myself as I let my eyes travel down your body. 1477. My Teacher - It was my last year of highschool and i had a crush on one of the teachers in my school but the problem was she was maried. The good thing was the hubby was gone alot and i mean alot. I flurted with her all the way through school and she thought it was a joke.1475. MY FIRST INTERNET LOVER RETURNS FOR MORE - He moved one hand from my ass, took his wet throbbing cock in his hand, and, as we watched, directed it toward my inflamed lubricated aperture. I felt it divide my slit then he gently compelled the helmet shaped cock head inside with a spontaneous movement, expanding my love cave as it entered but not letting me have it all.1219. The Good Teacher - Ok I am not a writer and I don’t think that I can write that well but after reading a lot of stories I wanted to share one of my sexual experiences. It was my second one, my sophomore year of high school with my English teacher... 1217. My First Adultery - His hand circling my thighs, slipped gently around the bottom, and I felt fingers probing where his cock connected deeply within my vagina. He was feeling the wet juices flowing out then gently drew a circle around his shaft in my vagina. I was out of my mind about then. 1215. Ferdinand the Bull - I removed my dress and then my panty hose when he said, “ WoW It sure smells like you had fun!" 1214. A Very Successful Trip - I leaned forward and you knew what I wanted, you were ready. You positioned the crown at the entrance to your lovely wet entrance and I slowly leaned into it. As the flanged head of my crown slipped past the breach, you jumped a little feeling its mass pass inside effortlessly. Deeper and deeper it went. I couldn't believe how silky smooth and hot it was in there. The lips of your vagina swelled some as it accepted its bulk. 1212. Her First Time - She quivered a little more, her thighs opened wider, my tongue slipped more freely over her clitoris, then I felt her lift her butt up off the bed and violently gasped louder now, as she released her first orgasm into my mouth. He mouth returned to my throbbing cock as she sucked even harder now as she released her orgasm. 1203. Taking the Greyhound Home - As the bus hurdled and swayed under us, Buddy’s tool explored and expanded inside me. Every heave of the coach sent delights of passion through me. He held me close in the seat cushions, encouraging motion inside me ever so slightly, letting the action of the bus do most of the work. 1195. Contractor - Her powerful orgasm wasn’t very far off. I knew it was mounting and then it exploded violently - pussy farts, hips smacking aggressively against me. Wet pussy making the most of my cock, her head oscillating back and forth on the pillow, her hair disheveled, the bed rocking under us.1194. My Next Victim - A night with this man has gotten me all a little too hot and I need to rehash it... 1191. My Other Fuck Buddy - With one soft lunge my cock slipped in, slipped the head firmly into her slit, sampling the oozing nectar on the head. Slipping inside the aperture, the flanged head dividing her vagina as she opened her wet tunnel slowly and gasped. Goldilocks. Goldilocks - Her arms circled my back, her breath came in short steady rushes, her thighs wiggled under me and I knew she was about to come around my thrusting cock, I absolutely could feel it as her body clamped down on me. 1175. You have New Mail - He knelt on the bed between my legs and reached under my skirt again and with both hands stripped off my panties with one action as I lifted my butt off the bed to make it easier for him... 1174. The Party - A few more lingering minutes then all of a sudden her breath came in rapid short breaths and she screamed in my ear, her body undulated with a writhing reverberating orgasm. She moved to and fro and panted, moaned louder and louder, thrashing under me.1173. The Old Barn - I started pulling at her clothing. When she went to unbuckle the belt holding her slacks up, her hair fell down over her naked breasts, and something about the movement, the bent head, her hands loosening the tightness around her waist, went right to my brain. 1172. The Visit - I moved a little to accommodate him as he ran his warm hand back up under my skirt along my thighs.1164. NCO Club - I looked at his heavily veined tool arched and hard, slowly descend as he dropped to his hands on both sides of me, still holding himself over me on his knees. I opened my legs wide, enfolded his hips with them and raised my throbbing thighs to meet his dripping tool. 1162. Program Play - Festival day night came Swati with anurag and given the boxes to Deepa mother and both spended their some time with Deepa mother and father and brother. 1157. Freindly Neighbor - Shirley was craving more and lamenting, her legs swinging above Jacks buried head and panting some unintelligible words as my cock swung free next to her thighs. She gripped my unfettered cock and clutched it firmly.1156. Yard Work - She was waving at me on her covered patio, looking so good dressed in her baby doll pajamas, I couldn’t contain my feelings. I slipped through the fence dividing our property and met her breathlessly. Took her in my arms and felt her tight firm buttocks underneath the silky pajama bottom. 1151. Homecoming - Her hands grabbed the sheets and pulled on them securely. His hands seized her heaving, aggressive thighs and hoisted them up to unite as hard as possible with his hammering tool. 1153. The Big One - My breath caught in my throat as I impaled his tool deeper and deeper. I started humping my hips thrusting full length on his rod using it the way I wanted. He lay there letting me hump him, using his cock. 1150. Good Friends - I grasped the opening of my vagina with one hand and spread the lips, making it more accessible for him. With the other hand I reached for his throbbing saturated cock head and directed it toward me. Our eyes locked on each other for a moment as I directed him into me. 1137. I become my teacher's husband for one night - In my mid-forties, I still fantasize about my former, full-figured English teacher. Here, I imagine that I make love to her for one night in the guise of her husband. 1130. Unrequited - How could I have these thoughts of sheer ecstasy about someone so much younger than me, Yet, in my sexually twisted mind, it was alright to go there. Until it happened… 1128. Please No - Hannah thinks her pervy friend is just playing with her emotions, but a shopping trip they take together goes horribly wrong. 1126. Girl from Nova Scotia - Reading on-line erotica can be fun for many young girls. For Mimi however, the line between fact and fiction was to become majorly blurred. 1125. Bens Dilemma - A man meets a woman and is smitten by her beauty. When he meets her, he takes pleasure in adoring her and pleasing her. They marry; she tires of all the adulation and good things he bestows and starts an affair. He divorces her and has his revenge.1120. Day Work - A bike drifter on hard times finds day work doing chores for a lonely farm wife. 1118. Photo Night - When I was in school I meet a beautiful girl called Lynn, she was in my class, and because I was not popular with any of the other kids in class everyone used to be very nasty to me. Lynn however was one of the girls who used too be nice to me she would say hello, and she never took the piss out of me. 1106. My Day out of Town - I looked in the rearview mirror. Yes, there he was, coming up to pass me again. We had been playing this little game of leapfrog for some miles now, and it had somehow taken on a life of its own. It had started innocently enough; I noticed him slowing a bit after we made eye contact on the second pass, and the game had begun. 1100. The Best of Peter_Pan - A long day behind the wheel can be quite stressful. Nothing eases the tension quicker than a fine meal, a couple of alcoholic beverages and a beautiful young lady you've never seen in your life. Natasha's timing was impeccable. (Mf, rom) 1096. A Drive in the Country - Mitch couldn’t see the guy’s face, but Deana sure could. She watched him until she exploded around Mitch’s thrusting fingers. He realized in that moment, how much a little exhibitionism turned on his lover. 1094. Fuck Buddy Travis - Travis who works with Mike meets Mike's sister Alicia. Each finds the other cute and sexy which leads to a night of sex and future endeavors. 1085. Dr. Zorak - Dr. Zorak, our guest lecturer for the day, entered the room and after introducing himself, turned down the lights, started the slide show and began droning on about respiratory function. He reminded me of Ben Stein's character in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." 1082. My Cum Filled Day - I was sitting in the hotel bar having just attended the most dreadful seminar on “Cell Phones – The Ultimate Customer Service Tool.” The only highlight – the speaker kept referring to “servicing”, rather than “serving”, the customer. 1071. Movie Night - While John contentedly watched the movie, he had no idea that Mitch was finger-fucking his wife and she was about to cum. Just before he brought her over the edge, Mitch suddenly stopped. In frustration, Kandy turned to look at him. 1069. GI Lust - My off again and on again boyfriend & I screwed each other all night. He was being deployed to the middle-east the next day. I can’t remember how many times I got off with some of the best orgasms of my 24 years. 1056. Confessions of a Male Whore Dog - Here are 2 out of the 69 sizzling Chapters from Confessions of a Male Whore Dog guaranteed to tease, tantalize and torment. Written by a true Whore Dog that lived a life that many men only dream about. 1047. Camping with my Wife - Placing her thong up to his nose to inhale her womanly scent, he began to pound his meat for all he was worth. He probably imagined himself deep inside of her, pounding his cock in and out, as she wrapped her magnificent legs around him.1044. Under the Radar - Michaela and her father start a new life in suburban Vancouver after a recent family tragedy. Their new home is everything they hope for and more. Awoken from her sleep one night, the girl finds there may be another resident at "Linton Mews" she could never have imagined.1042. My sexual life as an unattached woman - I had anticipated sex at the end of the evening. All my dates end that way if the man and I like each other. But he was coming on to me before the date! 1043. Badly Caught - A girl is thrown out of a night club and is offered a lift home the lift home doesnt go to plan. 1038. Someone was cheating at poker - Dinner was the greatest, after having a few drinks for dinner I was feeling rather good because of the booze. After the awards were handed out & the banquet was winding down, it was the normal BS sessions & I didn’t even take this to heart in the office. I wasn’t going to listen to this crap here. I headed to the wet bar, I wanted another drink. 1024. 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My Mum Teresa and the Rude Optician - Bobby watches and discovers his Stepmother's rude, adulterous, sleazy sex life. 967. My wife and I Encounter an Adult Arcade - Flirting with the idea of swinging and sex with strangers in exciting places, I convinced my wife to go to an adult arcade to have sex when things happened beyond what I intended (beware of what you want, you may get it). 960. My Sexual Awakening - My sexual awakening happened when I was 18. I had been having nocturnal ejaculations and was confused about them. Most times I would cum in my pajamas while I was sleeping and wake up with this gooey mess all over my genitals. Sometimes I would wake up during a wet dream and be aware of my hard-on, which felt good when I touched it. I hadn't started masturbating yet and was unaware of this practice with adolescent boys. 940. Sesso Saporito - I moaned instead because my pussy was dampening my lacey underwear. I was thrusting your dick deeply in to my mouth rolling my tongue over every inch of it. I was getting so hot by this I started to touch myself too.933. Pythagoras Was Nowhere In The Picture - Sometimes the world of the Private Tutor is turned on its ear. The line becomes blurred betwen student and teacher. In Denise's case - VERY blurred!929. Emilys Seduction - I see you lying on the bed. The desire rushing through you creating a rapture as I have never seen. It makes the very blood in my veins boil to see you in your position, com completely open. Willing yet not, you are mine now to do as I please. Reborn. Reborn - A man is unhappy with his life and lack of friends. A visit to a chinese shops results in a potion that changes his life. 914. Royal Court - Royal court attendant screws successor to the throne. 908. Silent Night - A train-trip home one cold Christmas night delivers more than the usual commuter crush and swaying carriage. Working undercover as it were, I tunneled south across that flat abdomen and down what appeared to be a pleated skirt. Reaching the hem, I slipped my hand between her knees and felt my way higher until I reached some remarkably warm areas. subway- station. When the Lights Go Out - Tracy finds herself alone with a cute stranger in a subway car when the lights suddenly go out. infidelity. Forbidden Encounter - I couldn't wait any long to get my hands on a co-worker, married or not. 879. Extra Ordinary Fucking - He pushed me slowly back till my ass was pushed against his table. He slowly raised me on his table, opened my legs and lowered himself on my love button. As his tongue flicked on my clit and moved in and out of my hole I couldn't help screaming, this was too much. He carried on, his tongue would go left to right and then right to left and up and down and ooooooooooooh I came and came. 878. Sex With Email Friend - I came 5 times and he still could hold him self in. I was in seventeenth heaven and I said so. 867. Hit the Road Jack - Sly was into Tantric sex or something that gave him enormous staying power, and I hit all four opening notes of Beethoven's Fifth with booming orgasms. 862. Baby Sitting - Summer break from school had just started and I had just turned 18. I needed to find some jobs so I could raise money for a car. 855. The Best 13 Hours - I had few hours to prepare for my long desired night, I bought some roses n covered the bed with rose petals, prepared some milk cream with chocolate powder, which I thought I would make her eat and placed a bowl of honey in the room I don’t know for what. 850. I Become a Slut - Unsuccessful in love, a 35 year old career woman discovers her sexual destiny in bed with a younger man. 829. Turbulence - Sometimes on a domestic flight, cirumstance just plays into your hands, as it were. nun-sex. Sister Susan Marie - Sister Susan Marie meets old student and the two go on vacation, but she needs to satisfy strong urges and former student helps her figure out how to do it. 809. Angel with Gentle Hands - Yet another horrible day in hospital doped up on morphine staring at the blank walls unable to comprehend or process the madness and pain around me. 803. The Elixir of Life - All those years of University study finally pay off for Dr Wilson - Not six months since his wife kicked him out of the matrimonial bedroom and Melody's only conversation with her father was when she needed him to pay for repairs to the Viper or whatever bills had accrued at the stables. 800. Russian Studies - Teacher questions info she finds online and asks her student. It is hard core porn. She is russian and oblivious to porn sites online. Both become intrigued and lead to... 778. When What to My Wondering Eyes Should Appear? - You think Christmas is only for children? That’s what old Jim Hadfield thought too and as he was to discover, it is simply a matter of never losing sight of what Christmas intrinsically means and what magic exists still, in those remote places holed-up between fantasy and reality, hope and disillusionment. 776. Room Service - Sometimes it's just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.... The girl looked totally confused but pulled out her cell and rang back to base. I sat on the bed wondering what the hell was under that coat and wishing I wasn't so fucking honest. ups. The UPS Guy - I pulled hubby's meaty cock out of his pants as I continued, feeling it hardening in my hands. “He came by pretty early this morning. I was still in my nightgown when he came to the door. You know, the short, sheer lacy white one you got for me last month?” 736. Social Conscience - Harry was enjoying himself, particularly because the young woman was responding to him. His cock had risen to enormous size, and he began to stroke it. Suddenly, he released her now-distended nipples and pulled her panties downward, com completely exposing her cunt to his lewd gaze. 719. Personal Sex Ad - I hung up the phone and just sat there. Somewhere, deep in the recesses of my brain, I was just beginning to realize that I had just answered a personal ad. Shit, was I this desperate? God, I hoped not. And I really didn't think I was. I had never read them with the intent of finding that "special someone...." camcum. Camcum - I was sitting bare assed on my computer chair and carelessly playing with my cock in front of the camera. The excited face of Anne, my chat mate, was staring at me from the screen. That face and her naked tits was all that I could see of her, but the growing typing mistakes in the dialogue window, made me guess that she had her other hand in her panties.708. How I got my Wife to become a Prostitute and Whore - This is absolutely a TRUE story. It happened in the mid 1990’s and lasted about 5 years. To start off with I’ll give you some information about my wife at that time. Her name is Mary she is about 5 ft. tall with brown eyes and brown hair and she’s about 100 lbs. Her measurements are 32A 24 36. She was in her late 30’s then. 702. Kelly the Sex Slave - A regular American woman, working a regular job is abducted and sold into sexual slavery. When she awoke, she found herself chained by her neck to a wall. Both of her ankles were tied together, and she had a ball gag in her mouth... 699. Sister in Law Sex Story - Let me start out by saying my wife and I had been married for many years and had two great kids and I was very happy. Though in the back of my head I always held fantasies about her older sister. My wife is beautiful, but two children later and a happy marriage her figure had begun to fade. Though I often masturbated to the thought of her sister, I had never done more than that until...683. Hump in the Night - Even a job as a research scientist could get boring, although Erica would never have believed that in college. Her mind kept wandering to times when she had been so bored and miserable in high school. The times she had felt like nothing would go right again. 675. The Girl from Work - Occasionally, when my wife goes out of town on business, I will suggest to my baby-faced slave that she should spend the weekend with me. Sometimes, I suggest that I am her husband, or sometimes we are Sultan and Harem Girl.674. The Hideout - I was caught totally off guard by what I saw. There was a girl of about eighteen years old lying on the mattress that I had stolen. Her clothes were scattered around the room randomly, and she was lying with her eyes open staring right at me. She was quite attractive with short brown hair and deep brown eyes. Her face had no visible flaws and her lips were thin and wet.658. Septembers Song - I spent the earlier part of the day watching porn while I played with my hairy little pussy until I fell asleep. 657. Bits Wild Tennessee Weekend - She was a short little plump dimpled Libra girl named Dawn, with blonde, shoulder length curly hair, gorgeous gray eyes, whiter than pale skin, a cute, round , sweet, innocent, cherub-like baby face, luscious lips, and tits til Tuesday. adult- arcade. Adult Arcade - A horny young man just broken up with his girl friend heads home after dinner at a Mexican cafe, but stops off at an Adult Arcade to see how it works. It works for him okay, becuase he encounters a young beauty who does him a very big favor. (MF, exh, rom, strangers) runawaygirl. Runaway Girl - Jill was cold, very cold. It had been almost two days since she had run away from home, and it had been over two days since she had anything to eat! Miserable is how she felt, but not half as bad if she would have stayed in that fucking hell hole her mother called a home! Her father, no make that step father, had been using her either for a punching bag or his own personal little "sex toy".626. Jungle Woman - A guy loses his clothes to the heat of a jungle night and then cools of under a waterfall with a woman of the jungle. 616. I Want It That Way - A male stripper working his way through medical school, goes on an erotic love fest. shebangs. She Bangs - A woman pays a hot looking lumberjack $500.00 to take pictures of him, but, he later finds out, that there was never any film in the camera. the- streak. The Streak - You know the main committee are looking for some students to volunteer to do a naked streak along the common to raise funds for rag week. What if we divide all the books into two lots of 2, 500 and suggest that the boys sell one half and we sell the other half. Whoever sells the least number of books must volunteer to do the streak. ravishingsea. The Ravishing Sea - Liz was snapped out of her dreams by the pulsing of the man’s cock deep inside her mouth. Involuntarily, he thrust forward; driving it so deep it gagged her again. She fought back, pushing it away, but not out of her mouth. Such a reaction only added to her misery however, when tensed up and released his pent up load of semen.586. Finals Study Session - The study session for a business Final turns very steamy when Jake and I final let all our stress and tension release on each other. deepstarsix_8. Karen wants me - Karen was shouting fuck me you bastard fuck me hard. Who was I to say know to this woman I placed my hands under her bum and forced myself into her as hard and fast as I could. deepprobsix_7. Meeting up with Kirsty the first time - Meeting this woman that looked like she had just stepped from a centre spread, was out of this world two-sisters-sex. Two Sisters - Two widowed sisters find sex again - My customer kept me a long time, which wasn't unusual for us in our business, and just as she was exiting the shop Beth came through. I knew immediately that she'd had sex, "Go on, " she said, "your turn! I'm fucked and it was great!" emailelectric. Email Electric - My face grows warm, blood rushing to a low throb inside of me at the knowledge that I've pleased you. I imagine the weight of your hands on my shoulders behind me, growing ever closer, the whisper of your hot breath on the back of my neck. sucking-cop. Bailing Out My Husband - True story of what happened to me last night - I rushed upstairs as cum was dripping down my thighs and sat in the bath and ran the water. As I pondered what happened I was amazed how quickly it all happened and how easy it was. 547. My Sexy Neighbor Part I - Ringing the bell I am shocked when she answers the door in nothing but a flimsy see through housecoat. She grabs my hand and pulls me into the house telling me to have a seat. After I am seated she stands in front of me and just smiles, as I feast my eyes on her titties. handjob. The Hand Job - She then grasped his cock and began to rub one hand up and down his eight inch shaft while the palm of the other hand rubbed on the head of his cock. Ride_to_the_Cabin. Ride to the Cabin - We'd been pretty relaxed and casual in the mini-van for most of the ride there. I'd taken off my jacket and caught Jeremy glancing at the outline of my breasts that were lifted by the half-cups of my bra, but left naked beneath the silk. It was just hitting dusk. citation. The Citation - "Sir, " she said in a controlled and level tone of voice, "please put your penis back in your pants and step out of the car." Her right hand rested on the butt of the gun at her side. "I'm sorry, Officer Edwards, I..." "Do it now." She cut me off sternly, her hand tightening on the gun. I knew she meant business. railwaytrip. Railway Trip - As her body moved up and down against mine, I warmed considerably. She move faster and pressed harder against me. As her body moved up, her head brushed by mine and I began to feel her breath heighten and hear the small moans she uttered and the gentle smacking of her body against mine through the layer of juice that lubricated us both. school-reunion. School Reunion - Scott hadn’t admitted it, even to himself, but the real reason he had come back for his reunion was not to see old high school chums, but in the hope that he would run into Miss Foley. Back in his high school days, Miss Foley was what was known as quite a looker, and more than one student had fantasized about seeing what was hidden under those loose tight fitting dresses! 490. The Meeting - They met a couple more times, out in public, and then she suggested that he just come over to her apartment. She said it so casually, that he wondered if she knew how his stomach, and other parts, jumped when she suggested it. glasshouse. Glasshouse - The woman visited the glasshouse in the evenings. I discovered this accidentally whilst rummaging in my attic. Through the tiny, grimy window I could see her vista. Her privacy was assured by the garden wall were I elsewhere in my cottage. hot-tub. The Hot Tub - The woman stepped down into the water and slid down into a seat facing Mike. The man gasped when his balls contacted the water. The woman laughed at him as he eased himself down and seated himself beside her.473. Night of the Intruder - Joy leaned back against the wall and reveled in the tactile sensations all over her body: his hands and face enjoying her many wonders, and the feel of the ropes, restricting her movements and making her body totally vulnerable to his every whim.471. Shut Up and Fuck Me - He moved me to the corner of the hood, turned me around and bent me over. I braced myself and he rubbed his stiffening cock against my ass, then thrust it into my pussy. I wiggled back at him, loving the way my ass felt as it rubbed against his pubic hair. eroticparty. The Erotic Party - After a while I started to fantasize about slipping off the upper half of the swimsuit and going around topless. For a brief moment, I even thought about slipping down my bottom. linear-algebra. Linear Algebra - She delved beneath the covers, and straddled his sleeping figure. She was not particularly horny but was always willing to keep her word, so she gently reached for the waist of his boxers and lowered them five or six inches. Her wine stained lips wrapped around his restful cock. april-business-story. April Gives Me the Business - She turned back and set the briefcase on her lap. She opened it and removed a file folder. “I have brought a full presentation for you.” She closed the briefcase and returned it to the floor. At this moment she uncrossed and re-crossed her legs. A move a normal woman could do without creating a stir, but April managed during the cross to give me a clear view of her blue panties and her thigh-highs stockings. Sharon Stone could take lessons from April. waterfall. Waterfall - As he stood in the shadows of the trees he saw a figure step from behind the falls. A wet, naked female figure stood on a ledge beside the falls and stretched, her body glistening in the sunlight. perfect_teacher1. The perfect teacher 1 - Simon reached beneath Melody and cupped one firm breast in his hand. She shuddered at the touch, pushing her breast forward against his hand. "Oh, I'm going to cum so fucking big, " she gasped. She was bouncing on his desk now, slapping her ass against his hips with each stroke. perfect_teacher2. The perfect teacher chapter 2 - Simon kicked off his skies, clipped them into the temporary holder on his trunk, and changed shoes, while further derating himself. What would she think if he went crawling back after just 24 hours? If she knew how badly he wanted her, she would have him over a barrel. So what should he do? piss_cum. Felicitys Ass - Her white towel was com completely off and she was now wearing what she had been born in. Her pinkish brown pussy lips were cleanly shaved, the first time Veronica had really seen them. Felicity was now down on her knees caressing Rob's manhood over his pants. Then using her dainty little fingers she opened his zipper. Evidently Rob was not wearing any underwear and his entire cock sprang to attention to the view of both girls. sex_deal. Make A Deal - The thought of being with a woman again was also tempting me to explore this fantasy. It had been almost 5 years since I had been with another woman. Greg had been talking about a golf vacation in Myrtle Beach. I wanted to go to Cancun. The next time he brought up the threesome, I was ready. I told him that if he took me to Cancun, I would arrange a threesome. blowjob_lesson. BlowJob Lesson - I was in blowjob heaven! I had never been sucked off by someone as sexy, uninhibited, and sensual as Geri, and every second became a fight not to shoot my load before I was ready. Her mouth moved faster, sucking in my cock and then sliding it out, taking a bit more in her mouth with each thrust. I could feel the top of her mouth bump against my head, and for a second she made gagging noises. But then it was over, and she managed to take more of me into her. step_mom_fuck. Step Mom - I stood behind her on the second floor her ass wiggling carelessly the back of her heels glowing red as the pressure of the pink carpet pushed on her high shoes. I saw a big brown door at the end of the hallway “Almost there” said Debra as we approached the door she turned to face me her cleavage glistening with sweat and her nipples poking through the material. golden_boy4. Golden Boy Chapter Four - Tara kept looking at me as I shot more sperm into her mouth. I pumped her mouth with my cock until I was finished. Small drops of cum could be seen at the corner of her mouth but she licked it up with her tongue. I was breathless and she rushed up to kiss me hard. 371. Truth or Dare - Brooke was looking for blemishes in her toe, when her vision strayed, and she noticed that she had a very clear view of her vagina in the mirror. At that moment she forgot all about her toe. She slid her hand up her leg until it was right next to her pussy. She slowly slid her panties aside. She took her leg down from the counter and sat down on the edge of the bathtub. She leaned over and got another long look at her pussy. anniversary_sex. Happy Anniversary - Sarah had always been a slow mover. I had to be with her for 6 months before she let me fuck her. She was, and still is, a beautiful girl, with two nice tits and a well-rounded ass. So, you can imagine how hard it was for me to wait 6 whole months and not just push her against a wall and rape her. When we finally did fuck, it was good, but not incredible. I was beginning to think my fantasies would never come true. Then came our one year anniversary... young_old. Young and Old Sex Story - A slightly embarrassed Alicia was about to protest that it wouldn't be necessary, but before she could speak, Tommy had slipped off his shorts and let his big pecker flop into view!!! It was stunning to say the least!!! Alicia couldn't take her eyes of the young man's genitals!!! "Does that meet with your approval, " asked Sam, while Alicia continued staring at the now thickening member!!! "Mrs. Gordon, " Sam asked again, trying to get the older woman's attention away from the lad's crotch? pretty_teacher. Teachers Pet - By the time she caught up to him, they were far away from the gym, and as he turned to face her he said, "Hey pretty teacher, you've got nice tits, why don't you let me touch them, while reaching out his hand for a quick feel!!! Kaye jumped back, but not soon enough, and the insolent junior's fingers brushed over her heavy chest! jason_liz. Jason and Liz - Things were going ok, Jason kept up his studies but was neglecting his sexual needs and it didn’t help late at night when he’d hear the moans and bed bouncing in his fathers room. Jason didn’t think too much of the girlfriend Lizzy, she wasn’t that great looking but did have a nice set of tits on her they had to be about a D cup and she had a nice round ass too. texas_heat. Texas Heat - I needed no encouragement, I rolled on top of her and rubbed the head of my cock in her slit to get it covered with her fuck juices then I lowered my cock into her hole. It was so wet and seemed to go on forever. Finally I felt the tip hit her cervix and knew I had it all the way inside her. Private_Show. Private Show - I first met Tess one day after work in the parking lot. There she was with the hood of her car open, so I went to see if I could help. She was wearing a short skirt and blouse that showed her figure off. I couldn't get the car to start so I offered her a ride home. training_slut. Training a Slut - Still, she protested. "Please, let me suck you. You liked that. But not this." Her captor replied by putting his cock deeper in her. Millimeter by millimeter, he entered her virgin ass. It took over ten minutes, but he was finally all the way in. Marijke's tears were all over her cheeks, but the pain had subsided. He started to stroke, as he felt her relax. Soon he was sawing in and out, as his fingers kept busy in her pussy. She was very tight, and he was glad that he had already come twice in recent hours. 319. Our weekend - A few more drinks later we were sat in the bar on low leather chairs. from the angle that my wife was sitting I could see up her dress to her white lacy thong. That was time for me to suggest going upstairs I couldn’t wait anymore. We got in the lift followed by the waiter. My wife looked at me and smiled. The lift was all mirrors inside, so I thought, he’s already seen my wife’s nipple’s, lets have some fun. rollerblade_sex. The wildest sex thing Katie ever told T/c - The wildest sex thing Katie ever told T/c (and of course T/c told me) was about the day she went rollerblading; Katie is very good on her rollerblades and just outside of Columbia is a nice park for it. A lot of us from college go out there and at times it can be very secluded and beautifully romantic. bikes_sex. Bikes and Sex Story - She moved her head down to my crotch. I knew what was coming, but she waited till my dick was a bit harder before placing her mouth around it. A warm, wet tightness moved over the head, then slowly moved inch by inch downwards. Down, down, down, she took more and more cock into her mouth. She stopped two inches short of the end, then sucked so hard her frame shook from the effort. It felt like I had to urinate, but much more pleasurable. All the time, she gently kneaded my balls and pubic hair in the other hand. BackyardCheat_. Backyard Cheat - Erotic story - Picking me up in his arms, he wrapped me in a large bath towel and carried me to the bed. He made me lay back, close my eyes and relax. Without warning I felt his tongue circle my anal opening and it made me quiver with want. Ooooh, it felt so good-I couldn't wait to feel his penis deep inside me. mile_high_club. Mile High Club - As I stroked her mound, her lubrication welcomed my fingers into her warm wet cunt. Rubbing the juices on my fingers, I began to circle her clitoris and then used my fingers to stroke in and out of her pussy while my thumb pushed against her swollen clit. She was breathing harder now, and could not stop moving her ass around on the seat, first bucking her soaking cunt against my right hand, then pushing her ass back against my cock through the sweatpants. sensual_massage. Sensual Massage - Toi arose from my body and positioned herself on one of my arms, massaging more lightly as she moved from shoulder to fingertip then back. Each time that she reached the extremity of my hand, I'd curl my fingers up and fleetingly slip them between the lips of her labia and into her vagina. Next, she used her breasts to massage my back and buttocks. sex_tale. A Sex Tale - Sex Tale - Rick badgered Kim into showing us. She took the stem from the cherry in my coke, and popped it in her mouth. A few seconds later, it came out with the stem nicely knotted in the middle. Jill and I both tried it (Kim said it was pretty simple), and we couldn't do it. Pete made a rude suggestion, something about trying it with a larger object, and we all laughed. "Speaking of larger objects Pete..." Kim said, making her stare obvious. Pete wasn't displaying much of a bulge, but Kim's eyes said there was some very decent "equipment" there. "Are you going to show it off?" 288. Freezer Frenzy - She leaned over, the slit in her modest black skirt parting to reveal creamy white thighs and well toned calves...“I want you, now.” She leaned back, pressing her delicious ass against my cock, smiling provocatively while I throbbed with barely restrained desire. cindy_father. Cindy's Friends Father - The boy had told her that she should get some pajama's on, but Cindy convinced him it was okay and even ended up on the chair in his lap, her t-shirt pulled above her waste. The boy had lost his usual discipline and fingered at her bald little pussy. She eventually ended up jacking him off - for the first time seeing a stiff cock erupt its' load all over her bald little pussy. uncle_james. Uncle James Lap - As we grew older, sitting in Uncle James' lap became something that we just couldn't do any more. No one said anything about it, of course, and it was forgotten for the most part. Except, when I really started noticing boys, I would remember his lap, and that bulge. Then, when I got much older, I knew exactly what that bulge represented.281. Fancy Dress - Wife gangbang story - To my surprise the sales lady talked her into hiring the most sexy costume I have ever seen. 278. Risk and Reward - Erotic sex story - Everyone was convinced he was making the rules up as he went along but it seemed fun. Chris fucked Jenny slowly so not to wake her up and each man took it in turns slowly fucking her until they had all shot their loads. 277. Freelance - Free sex story - Jake had a talent for spotting pretty women and today was no exception. She was lowered onto his dick and lifted up and lowered like she was wanking him with her cunt. sexinthewoods. Down in the woods today - I was chatting to my mates over a pint in the pub and was trying to explain to them that, well basically I was frustrated with my wife’s lack of interest in sex. van-girl. Van Girl - My wife left work at the usual time and walked to her car. Little did she know that a few minutes earlier someone was tampering with one of her tyres? true-sex-story. Life After Kids - A True Story - The events described in this story are true and taken from my diary that I've kept over the past forty-five years. I have changed the names and places to protect my friends and myself. Sex-Adventure. Sex Adventure - Sexy Adventure story - And with that she takes the love cream and spreads it all over her tits and makes little piles on her nipples then she draws a line down one tit toward the center and up the other one then from the center all the way down her body making a small pile on her belly button and a large pile on her pussy. sorrority- fundraiser_. Sorrority Fundraiser - Sorrority Fundraiser sex story - I had always been careful not to be conspicuous, but I always wore the scantiest swimming suit of all the men in the pool or at the beach. Even at the beaches of Chicago, most of the guys wore these boxer trunks which reminded me of tennis shorts more than swimming suits. amputee-sex. Sex with an Amputee - I thought I'd burst right there. Her thigh felt firm and smooth right down to the end, where little undulations indicated where the sutures had gone when the doctors had finished making her a uniped. More low moans came as I explored the scar, and I felt her reach down to free my penis from its confinement. betting- shop. First Week at Work - It was my first day at my new job in a betting shop and as i walked through the door i noticed a beautiful girl stood behind the counter. only to find out that she was my boss - and may i add the best looking one i have ever had! bank-job- story. A Bank Job - One could have probably lost a small child in her cleavage. She was certainly enthusiastic about columns, what with the way her eyes sparkled, the way she smiled at me, and the way she touched my arm when she thanked me for showing her how to use them. Needless to say, she had aroused the interest of my own column, which had stiffened quite a bit during her lesson. filmed-sex. Sexy Photography - Filmed while having sex. Well, the day had finally come. Here you were, standing in front of a camera, getting your picture taken. Except, of course, it wasn't at any studio. Time for the old home photo album. You and your lover had talked about it for some time, after you had admitted to him that you enjoyed looking at the women in the men's magazines, like Playboy, and Penthouse. But, you had told him, they seemed a little tame, and that you got more excited and envious when you were looking at the more graphic pictures in Hustler. The ones where the women would hold their pussy open and show the pinkness inside. For some reason, it looked more fun. 14inch-cock. 14 inch cock - Erotic story of husbands best friend and his 14 inch cock - Steve and I had been really close before he stole my girlfriend from me our senior year. We had not talked since graduation. He went off to college and became an architect while I got a job at the mill. The only reason I eventually forgave him is because I figured he had done me a favor. The girl I had been dating turned out to be a total slut. She hadn't put out for me, but had developed quite a reputation after Steve had finished dating her. shipwrecked-sex. Shipwrecked Sex - Erotic sex story about being shipwrecked on a deserted island - The day was getting hot and I applied some sunscreen lotion to Lena's fine figure, making sure that her sensitive areas were safe from sunburn. This lit her fires, and I obliged by rubbing my stiff shaft against her oiled thighs and stomach. We laid down on part of the sailcloth and began to suck and lick each other's sensitive parts. I lapped her flowing juices eagerly while she tounged and sucked my shaft. the-french-maid. The French Maid - Free erotic sex story about a French maid who has many sexual talents - Looking up, he noticed that she was cleaning some of the higher shelves now. As she reached up, her dress moved up exposing her ass. She was wearing a garter best. Underneath it was a pair of panties that left most of her ass uncovered. 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Don't stop eating my pussy!", and reached up frantically to bring my head back down. But she didn't have to worry. I had no intenion of stopping eating her. Dick began pounding my pussy grabbing mounds of flesh at my hips as he straightened his back and thrust into my with merciless intensity. tanning-session. Tanning Session - She told me to turn around, which I did. My boner, pointing straight out, was now in front of her face. I could feel her breath on my sensitive skin. She kept staring at my cock. She was surprised that I was com completely bald. Not a hair to be found. She had never seen a guy with his cock and balls shaved. She asked touch my shaved area. She had such a nice soft touch, grabbing my balls and feeling how smooth they were. Then she touched my cock, and it jumped. I told her how being shaved made my cock and balls more sensitive. She started stroking the shaft up and down, nice slow long strokes. My cock started pulsing and drops of precum dribbling out. 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She squealed delightedly when she saw the sunken tub; she loved soaking in a warm bath. She climbed in and sat down, rubbing her hands slowly back and forth along the polished edge of the tub. Her actions struck him as incredibly erotic. He imagined her sitting naked in this tub with her smooth, flawless skin glistening from the soapy water. He felt his dick throb for her. pleasures. New Pleasures To Discover - I got up from the bed and kissed him passionately, my tongue deep in his mouth felt his excitement as I stroked his manhood at the same time. Then I suddenly pushed him down on the bed. "It's my turn now Neil. Get ready to feel pleasure like you never have before". He smiled knowingly, I had never disappointed him yet. private-workout. Private Workout - Dawson had his shorts and jock strap down to his knees. Some cute, little curly head thing I’d seen around campus was kneeling on a bench, her perfect brown titties hanging out of her raised t-shirt, and she was sucking Dawson’s cock for all she was worth. Dawson had both hands on her head and he was just swaying back and forth, taking it all in as she was taking him all in. The geek might have some moves after all! young-doctor. Young Doctor - My name is Roger. I’m 43 and I am comfortably married, not happily married mind you but comfortably. I like my wife. I guess I love her, but I love her like I love my sister. No, that’s not true. When my sister hit puberty and suddenly grew big tits I was obsessed with them. But now that my sister is older, fat, and married that doesn’t happen anymore. Anyway my wife takes care of the house well and my children are being raised well so why fuck with it when I can fuck around. 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Cathy on the other hand was quite innocent of these kinky entertainments. The vacation turned out to include her first ass fuck, her first time naked in front of more than one guy at a time, her first time naked (in a sexual context) in front of a girl(me), her first enema, her first outdoors fuck, her first lesbian kiss, her first swapping, her first time with two cocks at once, her first lesbian licking, her first lesbian fingering and her first taste of pussy. Erotic_Sex_Story. Whatever turns us on - Being 'horny' is a constant preoccupation for me, but having my girlfriend fill in every fantasy that I have ever had is a dream come true for me. I wish every one could experience such sexual bliss... My_boyfriend_and_I. My boyfriend and I - I don't have a foot fetish like my boyfriend does, but we make sure that we work hard at giving each other the kind of sex that we each need. After all, compromise is the key to any sucessful relationship. Chubby_Girl. Chubby Girl - Erotic sex story - She whimpered softly as he mounted her, begging him to be gentle, but knowing that as a man he would probably take her hard and fast!!! Slowly she felt the tip on his organ pressing insistently at her opening, gently at first, then more urgently as the heat began rising in his groin!!! "Y-you're going to fuck me, aren't you, " she panted, "you just don't know how long I've waited for this moment!!!" He nuzzled her neck a little, and with one extra little push the head slid easily into her. The_Sex_Club. The Sex Club - Free sex story - Free sex stories - She spread her legs apart and we all saw the end of the inserted vibrator. She touched a finger to the contents of the glass dish, and slowly coated in turn her left and right nipples and their large, dark aureole, then her puffed labia with a liberal coating, then her mouth and lips. From the next alcove entered a couple. The boy had been sucked for quite a while and was about to cum. 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She glanced at the road. A car was approaching from the rear, but it was some distance away.... wife- spying. Spying - I watched as the man began to eat my wife and slowly jack his own cock. Since my cock had remained hard the entire time I unzipped my trousers, now very wet from the load I had shot earlier. Taking my cock out I began to jack off as I watched the scene before me. The_new_neighbour. The new neighbour - "Ohhhhhhhhh." And with that, I exploded. I threw my head back, breathing heavily, as gobs of cum began to spurt out of my cock, hot and wet, such a thorough release, emptying everything, over and over again. Like nothing I'd ever experienced before. My legs went numb. As I passed the most intense part of it, I thought to look up, and what I saw then I think made me spurt twice as much. Bethany had leaned back, unsnapped her shorts, and had slipped one hand down inside them, where she bucked her hips up and down against it. The other hand remained on one of her tits, tugging and pinching her nipple, and her eyes were still fixated on my cock. paying- sex. Paying for it - Adult erotic sex story - Tim saw how hot I was and told me that if I really wanted to earn my money, to order the salad bar. I did, and every time I walked up to the bar and bent over to reach something to put on my plate, I could feel my denim skirt ride up the back of my thighs and felt my tits hang out away from my chest, filling out my top. The kid keeping the salad bar stocked really got an eyeful and I LOVED it! In the car I offered Tim a $25 refund if he'd fuck me right there. He said he was tempted but that there were too many people, including kids, so he fingered my cunt and pinched my nipples to a tremendous orgasm for free. amateur-night_. Amateur Night - As the second song began, Marsha knelt down on the stage and asked one of the fellows in the front row to reach behind her so he could unsnap her bra. He put his arms around her, and in a second the bra fell away, exposing Marsha's lovely white 36-inch globes. As the bra hit the floor, Marsha grabbed the man by the ears and pulled his face into her breasts. She let him suck, bite, and lick her lucious tits for quite a while as she began to rub her clit through her sheer lace panties. Erotic_stories. A good way to relieve stress - When you are tired and stressed out studying hard all day, there is nothing better than having a sexual encounter to make you feel fresh and ready to get going again. sex-story- free. Christmas with Shauna And Jean - Jean paused and picked up her suitcase, following us into the bedroom. The girls kissed again and I started to undress them. I alternated between them, unfastening one button on Shauna's blouse, then one on Jean's. Back to Shauna, then Jean. I kept this up until they were both topless, still kissing each other. Jean's nipples stood up hard and firm, Shauna's were the same. I rubbed my hands over their tits, feeling how warm they both were. bathroom-sex. Bathroom sex - Jennifer stroked her long beautiful blond hair as she observed her naked virgin body in the mirror. She noticed how perfectly shaped the hair on her love box was. Her ripe, young, untouched breasts showed a ripening young goddess. She passed a hand across her love box hair. One finger accidently touched her vaginal lips. She felt a slight chill up her spine. Sexy_Stepdaughter. Sexy Stepdaughter - Erotic sex story - She gave a little moan and I worked them in and out of her faster and deeper with each thrust. Her pussy juice coated my fingers and I brought them to my lips and began sucking them clean. I inserted them back into her hole and she grabbed hold of my hand and brought my again wet fingers to her mouth. She licked and sucked them dry, tasting her own pussy. Laura then told me she had a surprise. I didn’t say a word as she went to pull a large dildo out of her bag. Laura told me to lay on my back. I did as she told me and opened my legs. shower-time. Shower time - Erotic sex story - Seeing this was all the cue that Lila needed, so she reached out and put her hand up Donna's skirt and headed straight for her pussy! Donna teetered unsteadily, squirming from side to side while Lila worked her fingers inside of Donna's panties. Lila hadn't said a word since Donna had come into the shower room, but when her finger encountered and absolutely drenched pussy, she said, "Call me a tramp, you hot pussied bitch, you're so wet you could put out a forest fire with it!!!" sex-zombies. Sex Zombies Part 1 - Erotic sex story part 1 of 5 - Mattie hung onto Dan's thighs with both hands while he pumped his cock in and out of her mouth with increasing vigor and pinched her nipples into crinkled erectness. As his orgasm arrived, Dan pulled his cock from Mattie's slack mouth and, holding her head with two handfuls of hair, shot his cum onto her cheeks and forehead. 152. Sex Zombies Part 2 - Erotic sex story - Mattie first froze then resumed her desperate fucking against the mattress, with almost insane intensity, when she turned her head and saw her ex-husband, sitting in a chair and stroking his hard cock, while watching her tortured attempt to relieve her unwanted sexual desire. The sadistic, evil smile on Dan's face sent a chill down Mattie's spine. 153. Sex Zombies Part 3 - Erotic sex story - As soon as Mattie had gotten back and dropped the butter into the cart, her face already red in anticipation, Mattie's hand slipped down to her crotch where she slipped two fingers into her freshly fucked cunt while being watched by a mother and her two small children who were shopping in the same isle. Mattie's eyes begged her ex-husband for the command to stop while her fingers rapidly increased the tempo of their movement in and out of her wet dripping pussy. Dan did not tell Mattie to stop until after the woman, muttering about the nasty perverted slut, marched off to find the store manager. 154. Sex Zombies Part 4 - Erotic sex story - Debbie chewed her food absentmindedly while she listened to Mattie's unbelievable tale of an afternoon of sexual licentiousness. "I was looking at him and wondering if he was going to eat your cum from my pussy. As I lay on his desk, letting him finger me, I realized that I really wanted him to. 'Eat my pussy.' I begged him moving my hips like I really wanted to fuck him. 155. Sex Zombies Part 5 - Erotic sex story - Debbie was surprised when she saw the clothes spread out on the bed. She had expected something along the lines of a French Maids costume with exposed nipples and uncovered pubic hair. The underwear was certainly sexy enough, what there was of it; Debbie examined the garter belt and black stockings. That and a threepiece men's suit were all that she found on the bed. She found the slacks, the vest, the jacket and even a tie but no shirt. Feeling the beginnings of panic growing in her mind, Debbie wasted no time fastening the garter belt low on her naked hips then, setting on the edge of the bed, Debbie pulled the expensive black silk stockings up her well muscled legs and fastened them to the garter belt. naughty-talk. Naughty Talk - Erotic sex story - "Tommy, it's been a long time, how have you been!?!" "Just great, baby, " he replied enthusiastically, "do you have time to talk!?!" "It's been pretty busy here today, but I think I can spare you a couple of minutes, " she replied quickly!!! "Mmmmm, good, " he said smoothly, "so how's my girl, have you been behaving yourself!?!" "How do you mean that, " she asked in a husky voice!?! "You know what I mean, " he replied softly, "have you been getting fucked much lately!?!" Just hearing Tommy using such naughty language caused Linda's pussy to gush with juice and she answered softly, "Last night, Jim fucked me really hard after the kids went to bed!!!" "Did you suck him, too, " he pressed!?! ""Oh, yes, " she gasped softly as her pussy began to throb, "I sucked him off and then he fucked me hard!!!" vacation_in_goa. Vacation in goa - hi friends this is sim (name changed) and this is my frist story for this site i always like reading the stories coz. i love let me first tell you about me i m19 yrs old, 5'' 9'in hight, black hairs and though i never joined gym. still my body is in quite good i am going to tell you one of my experience which i had six month ago and hope you like it sex-wife. DECISIONS! DECISIONS! DECISIONS! - "I know you and he don't get along well. You should put thatbehind you now. You are in need of semen of high sperm count, andyour brother is big, strong and athletic. Why not let him be thesperm donor to your wife?" asked my mother. erotic-sex- story. Erotic sex story - Erotic sex story - So wet was she, and so yielding, that I nearly buried myself altogether on the first stroke, and then did so com completely on the second. Iana let a moan escape her lips, and I must confess that I returned in kind. Her cavern was rather loose around me (and I must tell you in all candor, if not modesty, that I am not undersized in that respect), but on the third sweet thrust her nether mouth closed tightly about me, and had it teeth, I swear she would have made a eunuch of me! I cannot adequately describe the ecstasy I shared with her that night, her sheath grasping now so delicately that we seemed barely to touch, now so tight that I even reached down with my hand to prove to myself that it was indeed the larger of her two crevices into which I bore. fucked-car-sex. Erotic sex - Fucked Car - Erotic sex - We sometimes found ourselves interrupting sessions in the college library to sneak off to an empty class-room for a quick fuck or into the stacks for a blowjob. On the way home from school we would occasionally smoke a joint and stop at the beach or in a farmer's field for a moonlit bout of stoned sex. squirting-pussy. Squirting Orgasm - Erotic sex tale - But the last lover who could make me scream & squirt did so in such a way that we developed a sexual addiction to each other. No strings. No fucking. No kissing. Only oral pleasure. He loved my blowjobs. I loved squirting freely all over him, his couch, and everything else near us! He's the real story. It's my husband's favorite. And we've all known each other for years! Only he doesn't know my husband knows every detail of what became addicting nightly erotica and he wants me to find my old friend … and immediately rekindle our steamy affair as he watches - Wayne - easily manipulate my body delivering me a perfectly executed squirting orgasm blasting uncontrollably all over my ex-hot, kinky neighbor turned lover! Would he want to play with me again? the-game. Erotic sex story - The Game - Erotic sex story - A few nights ago she and I were playing a game of Scrabble. Sometime during the game she got up and left the room ("to use the restroom, " she said), and when she came back, she was wearing extremely revealing negligee. We managed to play a few more turns as my foot explored her sexy legs and body under the table, and my cock throbbed and threatened to bust out of my shorts like the Incredible Hulk. Then she'd jumped up, laughing, and ran out of the room. Oh was I HORNY!!! cops-wife. The cops wife - Erotic sex story - As Tom watched, Dupree pulled out of her mouth. She whimpered. Dupree used his grip on her hair to turn her towards Tito, the Hispanic guy. She obediently opened her mouth and took him in. Duke, the biker, got down on his knees behind her, gripping her large breasts in both hands, pulling and tugging harshly on her nipples. Then he snaked one hand down across her flat belly to cup her brown-furred pubic mound. He began massaging her velvety pussy lips, all the while whispering something in her ear that caused her to sob around the cock in her mouth. hidden- cock. Erotic sex story - Hidden cock - Erotic sex story - After staring at Angela’s crotch for what seemed to be forever, the shocked young woman asked, “I-is that what I think it is???” “I guess it depends on what you think it is, ” Angela replied softly. “But how, why… ….???” Midori asked. “ I mean you have a cock for christ’s sakes!!!” With tears now streaming down her cheeks Angela began sobbing uncontrollably while she practically fell into her friend’s arms! “Take it easy, ” Midori said softly, “it’s can’t be that bad!” “T-that’s easy for you to say, ” Angela blubbered, “at least you’re not some kind of circus freak!!!” The young Asian took her friend by the shoulders, and after giving her a violent shake she offered gently, “now let’s stop this crying and talk it over, okay? the-coed. Sex story - The Coed - Sex story - Sultry, exotic, brunette, soft white skin, full figure, a little baby fat, brown eyes, long lashes, large tits, full ass, plump thighs, round tummy...5'4', 132#, 19 years old, coed at a small college. Has the sultry, sexy look of an Italian starlet, is a real flirt and jealous of any competition, She has had an interest in wrestling the past year and bought a book of illustrated submission wrestling holds which she and a young blonde friend practice on each other in private, They stay after their exercise sessions and once everyone leaves, they get the book out and go to work on each other. painter. Erotic xxx story - The Painter - Erotic xxx story - "Let me get this straight, " Steve asked, "you want me to, uh, do your wife for you, is that it!?!" "No, " Bob replied firmly, "for her, not me, she is a very passionate woman who deserves to feel like one again, and I hope you will fulfill her wishes!!!" "It would be just her and me, " Steve said, "you wouldn't be involved!!!" "That's right, " he replied, "but she wants me to watch and feel like I'm part of it, but I would stay in the back ground!!!" Steve leaned back in his chair, rubbed his chin, thought about it for a minute or so and asked, "Where is your wife?!?" "She's in the bedroom naked and under the covers, if you decide you want to, do it now!!!" Steve looked down at the two checks, picked up the one for $3500.00 and said, "Okay, let's go!!!" caught. Erotic Sex Story - Caught in the act - An erotic sex story - Mickey glanced up and down the hall checking to make sure that the coast was clear, and when he was satisfied that no one was around, he slipped into the furnace room and made his way over to a step ladder that was leaning against the back wall!!! After making sure that the ladder was in a steady position, he climbed the ladder and peered through a small crack in the cement!!! "Holy cow, " he muttered out loud as he pulled his pecker out of his pants and began beating his meat, "this is fucking unbelievable, " while ogling the girl's soccer team taking their showers after practice!!! black-mini. Erotic story - Black Mini - He likes me to stand, waiting for him. In a dark room, usually. Wearing something not too expensive, but definitely sexy... whatever was a bargain at Frederick's of Hollywood. Sometimes I wear street clothes I wouldn't be caught dead wearing on the streets, sometimes it's lingerie, something lacy. Yesterday was typical. cheating. Cheating - Erotic sex story - Let me give you a background first of all. I've been married 32 years and for the past seven, sexual activity between me and my wife (I'll call her Eva ) has stopped com completely. I love her dearly, but she has lost all interest in sex and as time went by, I got tired of being alone. When we had sex, I would make sure she would always climax, most times multiples. She admitted that she enjoyed it, but I found out, if she never had sex again it would be all right with her. Since our relationship isn't based solely on sex and all other aspects of our marriage are great, I have resigned myself to the fact that I will have to take things in my own hands (so to speak) and when things get too bottled up, that is exactly what I do. true-confessions. Kathys Confession - True confessions - My name is Kathy (I'll just leave this on a first name basis) and live in one of the suburbs of Dayton, Ohio. I've read a number of stories of sexual exploits on the local bulletin boards, some which obviously were fantasies, some which I believed to be true. After reading a few of these, I debated telling "my story"...which occurred during my college days which I think of as my "bad girl" days. mile-high-club. Mile High Club - As a frequent jetsetter, I have for long fantasised about this exclusive club, which in reality probably has few authentic members who have genuinely screwed their way through the stratosphere. How can you manage to have-it-away on board a crowded airliner? the- contest. The Contest - Erotic sex story - I was young and innocent, well, not literally innocent, but at least I was young. I have been told that one could not conceive of a late teen not being a virgin, so I won't delude you, I wasn't, but my few experiences with aggressive, inexperienced, self-centered, clumsy boys has not given me much respect or enthusiasm for the actual physical act of love. 62. My Meter's Running - Adult sex story - You drive a cab long enough in Baltimore, you see everything. I'm not kidding. Baltimore is just full of characters, and it seems like I've had 'em all in my hack at one time or another in the years I've been doing this to keep a fucking roof over my head and pay my non-fucking ex-wife's alimony bills.53. Agent - The balcony of my new furnished apartment overlooked the beach. What a gorgeous view! I thought as I peered through the telescope at the bikini-clad ladies walking sexily along the sand. I returned to my bedroom and continued the laborious task of unpacking my luggage.39. Memories - I see him walking down the hall towards me. He has the omnipresent camera case around his shoulder with the camera in his hand as he catches my eyes. His penetrating green eyes seem to look deep into me and I feel a strange sensation inside me.33. Night Shift - Free erotic sex story - For Marcy, it was another typical night at work. All the offices on the mezzanine were dark except for her cubicle. From her vantage point, Marcy could scan over the production floor and see most her co-workers busy at their workstations. 29. My Wife's Best Friend - Wifes friend erotic story - Beth had been a good friend of ours ever since we had moved out to sunny Santa Monica two years earlier. My wife had met her at work when they were both receptionists at a mail order company. She and her husband Steve had often came over for dinner or met us for a movie. I had never cared for Steve as he was self-absorbed and bitter. The last time we had seen Beth was just before she filed for divorce and she had been pretty broken up. 27. The Loving Kriti - Indian sex story - At the age of 21, I was still a virgin. I'd spent most of my life studying and was in my final year at university. That's when I met the girl that would change my life. Her name was Kriti and she was the most beautiful girl I had ever met. She was about 5ft 5inches tall and had wonderful long black hair. She was a beautiful Indian girl with lovely caramel coloured skin. She had a wonderful curvy body. Lovely breasts that were a little more then a handful and an ass that was made to withstand the impact of a lusty man. 25. Adrenaline Games - Sex story - They took him into Interview Three, a cell-like room with cinderblock walls painted a sickening shade of light green. Jackson pulled out a plastic and metal chair and said "Have a seat, Andrew." 24. Adytum Documentary Project - Sex story - Jake: "Huh? C'mon, Davy, we gotta finish packing. We don't have timefor this. We leave in six hours, and I wanna get some sleep, okay?"Jane: (Off-screen.) "I don't see why I can't come too. What's soimportant about this stupid camping trip."David: "It's not some 'stupid camping trip, ' and you're just jealous'cause you weren't invited." 23. An Act of Love - Erotic sex story - "You don't have to do this, " I whispered to Stacy in between nibbling onher earlobe. I could feel her shudder as my tongue traced the delicatecontours of her outer ear."I know, but I have to have this... I have to have you, " Stacy replied, her hands working to unfasten my belt. 22. A Quick Bite To Eat - We're a pretty average 90's couple; two cars, a house in the suburbs, no kids, lots of tech toys. If we had kids, we'd probably be active in the PTA and Little League, but since we don't, we've had to find other ways to amuse ourselves. Sex has always been pretty good between us, but it got REALLY interesting about a year ago when we discovered that she got out of her mind horny after watching me show myself to another woman. 21. Moving Day Part I - "Where the hell are the movers?" Andrea muttered to herself as she made what felt like the millionth circuit around her condo, checking to make sure she hadn't forgotten to pack anything. She'd been in DC for 6 years now, first as an undergraduate, then as a graduate student, and she was ready to go! For the most part, the entire experience had been miserable. Born to a family with ties to Kentucky that went back to its original settlement, Andrea went north because her father believed that being schooled in a city like Washington or New York would round her out and make her a more capable manager once he brought her aboard as a director with his company. 20. Moving Day Pt. II - She released the talk button and pressed the button to let them up. By the time the knock on the door came, she was ready to let them have it with both barrels. "What took you so fucking long? I thought your company was supposed to be dispatched from down the block!" 19. Moving Day Pt. III - By the time she stood back up, the light in the room was out and she could hear the men snoring peacefully. Pulling back on her shorts, she made her way back to her room and also fell soundly asleep. At 7:00 the next morning, the phone rang.15. A Killer Comes To Visit - Melissa is house sitting for friends. Her boyfriend is staying with her, enjoying the nice home together. A murderous psycho serial rapist is on the loose. Melissa is left alone for a few hours. An old friend wants to see her for the last time on Halloween night. Will she cheat on her man? Just who is this friend, anyway?14. A Vist - Dear Readers my name is Sahebji. This incident took place over a decadeago. I received a letter from my friend Raju insisting that I visit him. Hefurther added that I would not be disappointed. I did not understand whathe meant. Raju was my fellow student while we were studying for ourundergraduate degree. We had come to know each other well but ourassociation was cut short as Raju left college to join the armed forces. 13. Yard Work - Steven was going to put an end to this today. Jenn thought he was making it up, but he knew better. He'd jumped at the idea of a house in the suburbs after spending most of his life in and around downtown Washington. Like everything else, once he'd made up his mind he didn't mess around, and they'd put a contract on a house 4 days after they started looking. It was a great house: lots of light, plenty of rooms, and a good-sized backyard. In fact, it was the backyard that had led to his current problem. Soon after they moved in, it became apparent that it was too much yard for him, a city boy, to adequately take care of. Jenn complained about how rundown the yard always looked, although it seemed that every free moment was spent weeding, mowing, fertilizing and the like, with nothing to show for it.12. A Warlock's Toys - "I'm such a 'hottie'." Linda thought with a grin. She glanced down at her watch and then back to the mirror...she still had a few minutes. Linda was dressed in her skintight, powder blue, spandex 'jogger'...which did an obscenely great job of accentuating every curve of her luscious body.11. One For The Road - The 14-hour days were killing her, nine in as many days. At least this crisis was over, but Vanessa knew that there was another one waiting around the corner. This was not at all what she'd thought she signed up for when she'd sold her business to those morons from New York.Initially, she thought she was getting a sweet deal: $3.5 million for a business that had taken 10 years to build. She'd be able to lounge around for a few years, and then maybe start up another one with whatever money was left. She and her husband would finally be able do a lot of the things they'd always talked about. 10. A week in London - I was due to spend a week in London visiting the head offices of the company to present my ultimatum to the board. From Heathrow I took the company limo to my hotel in central London and settled in. I was a bit jet lagged from the trip so I enjoyed a quiet dinner in the hotel and an early night. The next morning, following an early breakfast and a jog in Hyde Park, I dressed carefully and conservatively for the first meeting. I took a taxi, arriving at the company's City office building just after ten o'clock, leaving plenty of time to prepare myself for the difficult first session. 9. A crude business - Smoke drifted lazily into the air from the end of Gerald Knebworthy's huge Cigar. Before him, a select group of his brightest students, all mellowed by several glasses of good brandy, eager to share with him the conclusions of their private project. It had started as a post-grad joke, three years ago- "Write a business plan to create an organisation which will be the most powerful organisation in the world within 30 years". 8. Just Another Day at the Office Part I - "Come in, " Danny called without even bothering to look up from the papers on his desk. Although he heard the door swing open, he didn't acknowledge that someone had entered his office. He was a managing partner; whoever it was could wait until he finished what he was doing. After almost five minutes of playing the waiting game, Carnie finally spoke up. "Mr. Givens? I'm from network support, and I need to..." Danny was outraged; he could not believe that some network support weenie DARED speak to him before she was addressed. It had been a long time since he'd been a "little people"; he'd forgotten how to me polite. "Young lady, " he interrupted, " I don't know who you think you are barging in here with your little task, but ...JESUS!"7. Just Another Day at the Office Pt. II - Danny told his assistant to reserve the corporate apartment for the whole week because he had a prospect coming to town that he'd been working on for months, and was almost ready to sign. He didn't think he'd need it that long, but he figured he'd take it out of circulation to reduce the chances of someone accidentally showing up. He could always make up some story about the guy canceling at the last minute and reimburse the firm later.6. 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