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Delayed Brother-sister Incest

Delayed brother-sister incest

By Tryer - Jun 24, 2010 - From incest_taboo. Incest and Taboo - Views - 155969 This started some years ago when I was 15 years old and my sister, Vera, was 16. Our parents had gone shopping with, I thought, my sister, so I reckoned the house was empty. About a year before I had discovered the pleasure of masturbation as I now know it, but then I called it "tossing off" which was the term used by my school mates.
I was in my bedroom and had stripped naked to masturbate because I had quickly learned that if I was dressed my cum could get on my clothes unless I was careful. I`d also learned to put paper on the floor to catch my ejaculation. Somehow, tossing off when naked seemed better and naughtier.
I was holding my cock and stroking it and was getting it up pretty well. Not very large in those days but it was quite hard.
I had the fright of my life when my bedroom door opened (no knocking on it) and Vera was there. She told me later that she thought I had gone shopping with our parents so didn`t expect to find me in the bedroom. She had wanted to come in to collect a book of mine.
I didn`t know what to do. My clothes were out of reach and there I stood, naked, and holding my prick, in full view of my sister. She was probably as surprised as I was but to my astonishmet she didn`t turn away in disgust but instead came into the room.
"So that`s what a boy`s cock looks like. At school we only talk about it. I`ve never seen one before. I think I know what you were doing. I do it too. It must be nice for you. It`s nice when I do it. Don`t worry, I won`t tell mum and dad"
"I`d better get dressed" I said.
"No. Stay as you are. I`d like to hold it. May I?"
That was a new one on me. My sister wanted to hold my prick. I said she could and she held it in her hand. I was thrilled. Better still, she began stroking it, doing for me what she had seen me doing. I knew that I would soon cum so stopped her.
"It`s not fair" I said, "Here I am all naked and you`re not. What about it?"
"Oh, dear. I don`t know about that".
"You can see me naked and you`ve held my cock. I want to see you naked. It`s only fair".
"All right then. But I`d better undress in my room in case mum and dad return. Then I can nip back into my room and dress. They won`t know then".
She went to her room and returned to me, stark naked. She was the first naked girl I`d ever seen though I`d seen "dirty" pictures passed round at school. She was the real thing. It was wonderful.
"Do you like what you see" asked Vera.
Oh, yes. I do".
"Let me hold your cock again".
I asked "Do you know what will happen to me if you do?"
"No. I don`t. What will happen. I`d like to see".
"Well, hold it and stroke it as you were doing before"
She did, and then I shot my cum on to the paper on the floor. I was in heaven.
When I finished I said "You`ve done that to me. You said you do it to yourself. Let me do it to you. Show me what to do".
"Yes", Vera siad. Why not? I`d like that".
She took my hand and pushed my fingers into her pussy. "Now move it about in there. That`s right. Oh! It`s happening! It`s wonderful. Don`t stop!"
When she was finished I dressed and she returned to her bedroom to dress.
We went downstairs and sat in the lounge, talking about the naughty things we had done. Our parents had not yet returned. I told Vera that I had never been tossed off by anyone other than myself and when she did it to me it was much better than when I do it to myself.
"I found the same" she replied "I loved it. Let`s do it again whenever it is safe".
I said "Some boys put their cocks into girls. Why don`t we?"
"No" she replied. "We mustn`t".
Several years later when we had separately left home to take up employment we met up again, having kept in contact by telephone.
Vera said that she had since regretted refusing to let me fuck her when we were children. It would have been quite an experience. I told her that I was disappointed at the time, but as we both regretted what had not happened, why don`t we do it now?
Vera said we should and we booked into a hotel. There, for one night, we fucked and fucked. We weren`t satisfied until we had many orgasms. It was a night to remember.
Incest? Who cares? We don`t.
When we separated we both said the sex was wonderful. Especially as it was illicit and we shouldn`t have done it.
Now we are both married and it remains a secret between us.

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