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Casual Fuck In A Bar

Casual Fuck in a Bar

By Melbourne Girl - Jul 25, 2009 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 15971 Sarah hadn’t dated for 6 years. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to but her life was so busy and she hadn’t met anyone that she wanted to make time for. Of course there were certain things that she missed and so from time to time she would just pick someone up in the most unexpected places. Her best friend Jenny couldn’t believe some of the things that Sarah got up to and although Sarah hadn’t told anyone other than Jenny about her adventures, she always liked the way Jenny became excited when she told her.
Gradually over the years she had introduced more graphic detail into the stories and she always felt a slight rush of pleasure as she watched Jenny’s reaction turn from shock to excitement as she relayed the graphic details of her latest encounter. As she became more confident in her ability to excite Jenny, she started to wonder what it would be like to introduce these stories to some of her other friends or perhaps even strangers.
As the spring came around, Sarah knew that she would start to look for more and more sexual encounters to keep herself content. She had been playing this game for long enough that she knew how her body clock worked and spring was when her desire started to build until summer came around and she found herself in pursuit on an almost daily basis. In winter she could get by with a Friday or Saturday night shag but the warm weather and the opportunity to be out and about more always made her horny.
Sarah finished work on Wednesday afternoon and as she left the foyer of the building and walked out onto the footpath she felt the warm, spring air and knew that she had to have sex and soon. Walking along Collins Street headed toward one of the swanky bars that at this time of night would be a watering hole for the city’s business types.
By the time she stepped into Silk Road she was on a mission and she cast a glance around the deep bar. Two trader types in suites on her right looked up and must have sensed that she was on the prowl. Glancing at each other they smirked and the taller of the two smiled at her. Not wanting to waste any time Sarah walked to the bar and smiled as she took the bar stool next to him.
“Would you like to join us?” the tall one asked all private school accent and expensive suit. “More to the point would you like to join me?” she responded as her eyes ran over his face, down his tie and came to a halt at his pin stripe clad crotch. “It looks as though you would, ” she smiled as her eyes ran back up to connect with his.
“My friend and I...” he started to respond.
She diverted her gaze to his friend who was shorter and more solidly built.
“Oh your friend is welcome to join me too, ” she flirted and as the barman prepared her drink she walked toward a booth way back in the darkest part of the room.
She could sense their eyes on her calves and her arse and as she reached the booth she turned to glance at them both following behind and then with her palms on each arse cheek she stepped her stilettoed feet apart quite wide and bent forward, leaning over the table to place her handbag at the far end. As she leant forward and placed the bag down she wriggled and slid her tight, pin striped business skirt up slightly over her hips so that he knew that her g string clad muff would be visible at the top of the centre back slit of her skirt.
“Would one of you boys help me with this?” she purred as she shuffled the skirt higher and ran her hands over her long tight thighs.
The tall guy stepped up behind her and she took his hands in hers and pulling them up under her skirt she placed them on the pink, lace side straps of her g string.
“This thing is just so tight and I really do like to relax after work, ” she murmured as she rubbed his hands over the straps.
She felt his crotch up against her bare arse as he slid the g- sting over her hips and it dropped to the floor. Stepping out of the g-string she rubbed herself against him and she felt his already hard cock push hard against his zippered fly.
Glancing back at his friend she asked him to take a seat and as he sat to her left she took him by his striped, silk tie and pulled him toward her, kissing him hard before guiding him up to sit on the table in front of her. Reaching back to unzip his colleagues trousers she watched his face as her large, round breasts strained against her silk shirt.
“Baby those would be better out than in, ” she instructed and as she unzipped he unbuttoned to expose her breasts as they sat in her pink, half cup lace bra. Nipples exposed and hard.
As he took her breasts in both hands and started sucking and licking her right breast, she reached inside the tall guys pants and felt his cock already poking above the top of his Calvins.
Taking his cock in her expert hand she worked it slightly feeling his massive head and balls and hair free skin. Without needing any more preparation she rubbed the head of his cock along her cunt and up along her arse crack. She shivered with excitement. Moving up onto the table on all fours, she glanced back over her shoulder and smiling she directed his dick into her. First jus the head and clinching in and out she worked that, feeling how good it was in her cunt and then slowly she started to take his fat shaft into her too.
She pushed the short guy back onto the table and leaning over him on all fours she rubbed her tits across his face as he licked and sucked her her tits. The tall guy started to know her rhythm and as she worked him in and out of her she started to unzip the little guys fly. As she unbuttoned his boxers she took in his cock and it was thick and long with black pubes. She flicked her tongue around his head and worked his shaft.
As the big guy fucked her from behind she went down on the little guys cock taking him deep into her throat and felt the head of his cock on her tonsils. She gagged slightly and as she did she felt herself cum and the vibration of her cunt sent the tall guy over the edge.
The short guy moved to the bench seat at the back of the table and Sarah slid around the table. With her stilettos still on and her skirt now up around her waist, and her shirt com completely open she straddled his lap and plunged his dick deep into her cunt. As she did so she felt the table move back and the tall guy kissing and sucking her neck from behind. She felt his hands working her arse as he knelt on the floor behind her and then she felt the head of his cock brush against her arse. With his cock rubbing along her crack she lifted and lowered herself on her knees as she fucked the short guy. As she continued to work him she felt the tall guy’s cock aligning ready to arse fuck her. She nodded and she felt both cocks in her and rubbing each other as they went. She moaned and came as the short guy fired off inside her cunt and she felt it hit her cervix hard and hot. Turning around the face the tall guy for the first time he took her left tit in his large hand and then sucked her hard. Lifting her he pushed her up against the wall of the booth and pushed his cock back into her cunt. She felt his middle finger in her arse as he held her up against the wall and fucked her.
He finally came into her and she felt his cum and his mates cum combined and run down over his business suit.
Lowering her down to the bench he took in her tight body and exposed bare muff.
“Not bad for a Wednesday night, ” he smiled.
As she sat on the tram on the way home she called Jenny.
“I have something exciting to tell you, ” she flirted, ” why don’t you come over for dinner and I can tell you all about it.”
That might be enough for him on a Wednesday, she thought, but I could do with a little girl on girl action to round things out.

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