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Coming To America

Coming to America

By S R Bourne - Jul 11, 2009 - From longstories. Longer erotic stories - Views - 13808 Last year, I quit my life in London and went to study Archaeology in the United States, on a 1 year course as a mature student. It was a big decision to change my career and retrain, but, at 27, and having worked in Sales for 6 years I fancied a change of lifestyle and when the recession hit and I lost my job, it seemed like a good move.
Everything went like clockwork to begin with, I had everything planned out and the only hitch was when the college emailed me, a week before I left, to say that they had been oversubscribed on accommodation in their campus. As a mature student, I was low-priority and would have to find, and finance, my own living arrangements. This was not something I had budgeted for, and in the end I had to resort to looking for private rooms locally, which was still expensive. With a couple of days to go before my flight, I had some luck, I found an ad online advertising for a lodger but, annoyingly, specifying no students. It was about 5 minutes walk from the college and was well within my meagre price range so I called the number, hoping for some luck. Fortunately the lady who answered was very nice, she explained that the advert was to avoid young, loud students but that I sounded nothing like that.
She took pity when I explained my situation and agreed to let me stay for 1 week on a trial basis, as she had obviously not met me yet. She was very accommodating and even ended up picking me up from the airport at midnight! I insisted on paying extra rent for the trouble she had gone to but she refused to accept it. When we arrived she had prepared a selection of teas, from English breakfast to earl grey. I thought it best not to mention that I really had no taste for tea, flattered at her thoughtfulness.
We made some idle chitchat while I sipped my weak early-grey tea, trying to feign a refreshing sigh after each sip. Her name was Monique, she was recently divorced and lived here with her 18 year old daughter Nicky. Her husband, Ray, had moved out 6 months ago after they split up. He was a lawyer and had given them the house. I guess because of their daughter. She had been a secretary at his firm but had quit to avoid him, and now she worked for an IT firm. I didn't question further, just listened to what she had to say, it was clear that she had been needing to talk to someone. We chatted a bit more about the area, and my college course, why I'd made such a change, where I'd grown up. It had been a long flight so I soon excused myself and asked to be shown to my room.
She led me back through to the hallway and up the stairs, as I looked around I began to notice quite how grand and expensive this whole place was. I began to understand why she was looking to supplement her income after leaving her job. Being given a house is one thing, but she must have been used to a very expensive way of life. Monique led me into a small, but immaculately laid out room, with low wooden beams and lit with hanging lamps with white jewels encrusted on the fittings. It had two large windows looking out onto gardens, which were obviously well looked after and stylishly lit with strategically placed lamps.
“It's small, but I like to think of it as cosy, ” she said, leaning against the windowsill, looking out, past her reflection, at the gardens. “And it's got the best views of all, none of the other rooms look out down to the lakes like this one.” It was pitch dark and there was no moon so I had to take her word for it, I turned to the window on the adjacent wall and saw the back side of the house, moving away at right angles to my room. “It's like an L shape, ” she said, “and we're on the tip of the bottom section, looking out. Wait til morning, you'll love it.” She turned and walked towards the door. “If you need anything, just come find me. See you tomorrow.”
“Thanks for everything, ” I called after her, and shut the door. I stretched and walked around the bed. I stood and looked out of the side window, my eye was caught by one of the windows in the house to my left, it was lit with a flashing glow, the sign of a TV in a darkened room. As my eyes grew accustomed to it I thought I could make out a figure at the window, a silhouette where there was no flickering light. I went and turned off the light, returned to the window but when I looked again, the curtains were closed, and the room was in darkness. I shut the curtains and returned to preparing for bed. No need for setting an alarm, I had arrived early to get used to the place before term started, so I had nowhere in particular to be for another fortnight. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.
When I awoke on my first morning in America there was sunlight shining right into my face from the big windows at the foot of the room. I got up and walked over to close the curtains, as the sun moved out of my eyes I stopped out of astonishment. Before me lay the most amazing view of undulating gardens, in places topped with small well-kept hills made up of garden beds or trees. Beyond, a series of lakes which open into a valley, rising up to mountains on each side, in the distance. I hadn't realised quite how nice this house was.
I discovered that what I had at first thought was a wardrobe was in fact the door to an en-suite bathroom. I undressed and turned on the shower, before wandering back into my room to look for some fresh clothes from my bag. I was standing at the bed pulling out my clothes when my eye was caught by movement from the side window. I looked and saw the figure of a girl standing at a window at the back of the house, the sun was reflecting off her window but I could make out the outline of her face, she had straight, shoulder-length dark hair and was dressed in a white robe. Suddenly aware of my nakedness I picked up my clothes and walked back into the bathroom to take my shower.
When I came downstairs I found Monique and Nicky washing up in the kitchen. They had eaten breakfast and had saved me a plate. Pancakes with syrup and some bacon and scrambled eggs. A typical American breakfast if I have ever seen one. I wondered how both of them had stayed so slim, if this was their typical breakfast meal. Nicky made her excuses and went to take a shower and get dressed, apparently Monique was taking her shopping at the mall. I guess my surprise at this showed through....
“She always does this when I'm going away, she knows I'm on some kind of guilt trip so she uses it to get the most out of it while she can”, she explained. “She's quite immature for her age, I know she's doing it but I do kinda feel guilty at how much time I have to spend away. It's the nature of my job, if a company's tills fail in Alabama, I have to go down there. It's how I pay the bills.”
“I'm sure she understands, if she's anything like most teenagers she enjoys the freedom and will happily enjoy being spoilt to make up for it”. It wasn't much of a reply, but I was never good at listening to peoples problems. It didn't really matter, because I knew where this was going.
“Normally I'd have my sister pop round every day to check on the house, make sure Nicky hasn't thrown any parties or anything, but it's so out of her way, and her husband recently broke his leg in an accident, so she's got so much on her plate. I was wondering, how would you feel if I offered to waive this weeks rent if you could hang around the house. Keep an eye on the house, feed the cats, and and make sure she doesn't burn the place down?”
I chose not to mention that I had absolutely nothing planned, that while searching on Google before my trip I'd found absolutely nothing interesting to do in this town whatsoever.
“I know it's a lot to ask when you've only just arrived, and I didn't want to mention any of it before because, you know, you don't know who's gonna turn up. But I'm so glad you seem to have turned out to be a nice normal guy who I can trust the house with.”
I was flattered, seeing as I'd known her for all of 12 hours, “of course I can, it's no problem at all.” I insisted that she needn't waive the rent, but she was having none of it so I didn't protest too much.
After they left for the mall I went upstairs and unpacked my things. I took a wander around the first floor and was amazed to find there were 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Nicky's room was the largest, unsurprisingly. I could tell it was Nicky's before I got close as the door was wide open and all of the walls, ceiling, and most of its contents were bright pink. The room had 3 large windows, only 1 of which had the curtains open. I suddenly recalled the moment in my room earlier, this was the window, I recognised the fall of the curtains and as I stepped forward to look out I was presented with a clear view of the window of my room.
I must admit that I felt quite turned on by the fact that this girl had been watching me in my room while I was undressing. I wondered if it were an accident, or if she had deliberately hoped to see me. I wondered if she had enjoyed it. I found my mind wandering so turned away from the window back into the room. Immediately my eyes were drawn to the foot of her bed, where there lay a small, white lacy bra and a pair of pink panties. I knew I shouldn't but I found myself picturing how they came to lay just there, Nicky standing at the foot of her bed, reaching back to undo her bra, pulling it over her shoulders while she reaches over and pulls down her panties. I felt myself growing harder and, feeling slightly guilty, walked back to my room.
I hadn't thought about Nicky that way, even when Monique informed me I'd be spending 4 days alone with her. She had seemed very cute when I'd seen her before, with lovely eyes, straight dark hair and a slim figure. She didn't act her age, and seemed kind of geeky. I couldn't imagine she was very experienced with boys but that might explain her watching me through the window. I tried to recall her body but I had not really seen enough of her to remember. I put it to the back of my mind and forgot about it. I went out that evening for dinner with a friend of mine who was visiting the area. I got back quite late, so I crept in quietly and found my way to bed.
DAY 2 - AM
Monique left for her trip at about 4am that morning. When I came downstairs Nicky was already up. She was curled up on the sofa under her duvet, watching Pocahontas and eating a huge bag of crisps. She glanced up at me, “duvet day”, she said, grinning. I went through to the kitchen and made a cup of coffee before settling down to watch a bit of Pocahontas. It had been a pretty tiring few days and I was still recovering from the jet lag, so a day in front of the TV and lounging around actually sounded like a very good idea.
“So are you gonna hang around here today then? You got much planned?” Nicky asked.
“Well I didn't have anything planned for this weekend anyway and I'm still pretty tired, ” I replied, “so I'll probably follow your example and have a weekend of laziness.”
Nicky grinned again and turned back around. “Good”, she said.
We were halfway through the film when Nicky sat up, threw off her duvet, stood up and stretched. I caught the movement out of the corner of my eye and when I glanced over it took all my effort not to double-take. Nicky was stood wearing just a pair of panties and a small white T-shirt. She was stretching back, looking up to the ceiling with her hands outstretched above her, so I snatched a sneaky glance. She actually had very nice budding breasts, they weren't 'big' by any sense of the word, but they were a lovely shape, with pronounced, puffy nipples which made a delightful mound through her thin T-shirt. I found myself becoming incredibly aroused as my eyes followed her silky smooth skin down over her flat belly down to her pink panties. I recognised them from her bedroom floor the previous afternoon. They were pulled tight as she thrust her pelvis forward at the climax of her stretch and I could clearly see the shape of her smooth pussy lips, which were obviously smooth and hairless.
By this point I had a raging hard-on and had to shift in my seat to conceal it through my tracksuit bottoms. She finished stretching and walked past me into the kitchen. My eyes followed her bottom all the way to the door. As she rounded the corner she turned her head to look back at me, she caught me red-handed, my eyes fixated entirely on the movement of her slightly-exposed, perfectly firm buttocks. I caught the hint of a smile appearing on her face as she disappeared around the corner.
I had to calm myself down, it had been a good few months since I'd last had sex and my frustration was starting to show. I was masturbating every time I had a shower and the merest thought of sex would have me rock hard for hours. I knew this girl was too young for me, and her mother had shown a certain level of trust in me, so I had to stop these thoughts. I focused on the film, which was, thankfully, at one of the sad moments, and being a soppy git I was soon caught up in it and back to normal.
I got up and walked through to the kitchen to find Nicky making two cups of tea. I considered admitting to her that I'd much prefer coffee but she had already poured the water, so I resigned myself to becoming a tea drinker for the next few weeks.
“Mum said you can help yourself to anything you like.” She said as she turned to walk to the fridge. She brushed past me, and I caught the smell of her fresh-smelling hair as she passed. She had obviously recently showered as her dark, straight hair was still slightly damp at the roots, giving it a sexy, wavy look. I felt the excitement growing back and turned my thoughts to other things.
“So how much of those grounds out there are yours?” I asked, attempting to divert my thoughts and desperately trying not to turn my head and look, as out of the corner of my eye, I noticed her bending over to reach into the fridge.
“They all are, as far as the other side of the lakes”, she said. Still bending over, facing away.
I took this as a cue to look, as she was still addressing me. As I turned, she was bent over, moving some items around in the fridge, despite the fact that the milk was clearly at the front. Her panties were tightly stretched over her tight ass, and at the centre, clearly visible, was the bulge of her pussy. My erection started to return as she finally picked up the milk and stood up, her T-shirt falling back down to cover the top half of her panties, just the bottom of her buttocks still showing underneath. She turned back towards me, smiling that mischievous smile I had seen when she caught me earlier. This time I just smiled back.
Her eyes moved down my body and I realised that my semi-hard cock was clearly showing through my tracksuit bottoms. This I didn't mind. I was a good size, and after staring at her gorgeous behind, I knew it would be looking good. She stood for a moment, eyes fixated on my crotch, while I took the opportunity to admire her pert little breasts again. They were more prominent now, possibly because it was cooler in the kitchen, but I secretly hoped it was down to her being more turned on at the sight of me being clearly aroused.
She caught my eyes again, and I slowly allowed mine to gaze at the full length of her body. She had the perfect teenage figure, smooth milky white legs, moving up to her tight pink panties, just the lower half showing, divided into that lovely halved-peach shape, partially covered by her t-shirt. Her hips, beginning to widen, gave her body that perfect youthful beauty. I continued up to her cute little budding breasts, which were now clearly visible through her T-shirt. She seemed to be pushing them out, and I could now discern her puffy nipples, poking through. I wanted her to know now, wanted her to know how sexy she was. I let my eyes continue up to her face and we looked into each others eyes for a moment. She smiled at me, this time a shy, sweet smile. I smiled back and she giggled.
“What's funny?” I said.
“Nothing”, she said. Glancing back down again.
Then I realised , I'd been so preoccupied with her I'd almost failed to noticed that my semi had almost become a full-blown erection. Far from showing through, it was now pushing out against my tracksuit, throbbing slightly with my quickening pulse. She walked back to continue with the tea and I turned back into the lounge.
“Hey, don't you want to see what mum bought me when we were at the mall?” She asked, sounding almost hurt.
“Of course, what did you get?” I asked.
She turned back to me, and began to lift her top. My pulse quickened again, my erection at risk of returning at full strength. She stopped just below her breasts. She thrust her hips towards me, pushing out her crotch. “Do you like them?” She asked.
I was speechless, I looked down at the tight pink panties, which I had been admiring on her bedroom floor just the previous morning. I knew she was lying, just taking the opportunity to tease me some more. Once again, there was a prominent camel toe as the panties stretched over her tight young pussy. “I ummm, they're, really nice”, I stuttered, trying desperately to hold off the inevitable erection yet again.
“They're pretty, aren't they?” She asked, in an overly cute voice, almost contrived, but which still made my heart melt.
“Yes it is..” I said, “I mean, yes they are... gorgeous”. I blushed.
She giggled again, “thanks”, she said, letting her top fall back over them again. My gaze didn't move. She leant forward, putting her breasts in my field of vision and whispered to me, as if someone might hear, “I got some other stuff too, while she was looking at shoes”.
“Oh yeah?” I detected the mischievous tone in her voice again and played along. “And what might that have been?”
“Maybe I'll show you later”, she muttered.
At that, she picked up our tea, handed me mine, and skipped through to the lounge. I followed, wondering quite what the next 4 days were going to have in store for me.
When the film finished, I was still as horny as I had been in the kitchen. Nicky had spent most of the rest of the film lying on top of her duvet, fidgeting around, legs splayed in various directions. I had tried to keep my eyes averted, still feeling slightly ashamed of being turned on by a girl almost 10 years younger than me. I had been so sure that she was trying to tease me, but I was beginning to doubt myself, maybe I had wrongly taken her youthful vibrancy and immaturity as flirting.
Nevertheless, by the end of the film, she was lying on her duvet, facing away from me, and as I looked round, I could see her panties had slipped slightly to the side. Her smooth, bald pussy lips were slightly visible beneath her tight buttocks as she shifted around on the sofa. She looked round at me, “so, what do you want to do now?”.
What I needed was to release some of this pent-up sexual frustration. “Right now, I think I'm going to head up to my room and take a shower”. I said.
“Sounds good, have fun!” She said, in a slightly suggestive voice. I was sure she knew what this meant; that I was going to go upstairs and masturbate furiously while I pictured her cute young body.
“I'm gonna go to my room and try on some of the other stuff I got at the mall.”
“Cool, ” was all I could manage in reply, my mind wandering yet again.
As I got up to leave, she ran ahead of me and up the stairs. That's when it occurred to me, was she going to be looking at me through her window again?
I entered my room, casually walked in front of the window and took off my T-shirt. Without looking back, I lowered my tracksuit bottoms so that I was only wearing boxers. Still aroused from earlier, my semi-hard cock was almost poking through them. The thought of her watching me through her window made it harder still. I subtly shifted it around so that it looked its best through the grey fabric of the boxers, and nonchalantly turned to face the window, making sure that I didn't actually look up at hers. I didn't want her to see that I knew she was watching. This was my chance to put the thought into her head, and see if she really did want me as much as I was starting to think.
Out of the corner of my eye, I could see her standing at the window. My heartbeat grew faster as I moved toward the bed and sat down. She knew I'd got excited at the sight of her earlier, and I wanted her to know what it had done to me, that I was this aroused because of her.
I laid back, so that my head was out of view, and reached down and slipped down my boxers, releasing my now rock hard cock. I was so turned on by the knowledge that she was watching that I could have come right then and there. I pulled them all the way off, and reached down and slowly started stroking my balls with one hand, while pushing my cock down slightly with my right, so that it was stood up at 90 degrees to my body. I slowly began to run my hand up and down the length of my cock, which was now starting to throb with anticipation. My rhythm grew faster as I continued to pump my cock and stroke my balls.
I edged myself further down the bed so that by turning my head I could see part of her window. She was still there, I could make out one side of her body, only her white top visible over the windowsill. I now put both hands on my cock, one squeezing the base while the other frantically pulled at my shaft and head.
I saw one of her hands move up to her left breast, she was stroking her nipples through her top! I saw it move back down her body again, perhaps to stroke her pussy. Then she placed it inside her top and reached back up to her breast. I could make out the slightest movement under the shirt as she teased her nipple. I was so close to orgasm now and had to slow down... I slid further down the bed so that my head was in full view of the window. I could see that she was staring down at me, her right hand under her shirt, stroking her left nipples, her left was reaching down towards her crotch, which was annoyingly out of view.
I pretended that I hadn't seen her, and turned my head back to the ceiling. As I formed the image in my mind of her standing not 20 feet away from me, playing with herself as she watched, I felt my orgasm coming. I didn't fight it this time, I wanted her to see me come. To know that it was thanks to her that I was so hard... My cock grew harder and harder as I began to frantically tug at my shaft and then it finally happened. The most amazing orgasm I'd had in a long time. Hot semen flew out, some went over my head, most landing on my chest as I involuntarily began to spasm, my back arching as yet more and more hot spunk flew over me.
Spent, I lay back on the bed, my still hard cock twitching in my hand as I shot another quick glance at the window. Still she was stood there, although in the split second that I looked, she had been looking down, both arms down by her sides. I hoped this meant she was masturbating over me, but I couldn't be sure. I stood up and walked toward the bathroom, turning back to pick up my towel as an excuse to look again, but she was gone.
I got into the shower and washed myself down, wondering how much would have landed on the sheets, and whether I should wash them before Monique's return. My thoughts soon turned back to Nicky, and I ended up masturbating yet again in the shower, this time picturing her taking me in her mouth, her soft young lips wrapped around my cock; that orgasm was even better than the first.
With all of that, I ended up spending about half an hour in the shower. When I stepped out, still semi-hard, I wrapped a towel around myself and walked back into my room, automatically walking toward the window to see if my little voyeur housemate was still watching for my return.
“You took AGES!”.
I nearly jumped out of my skin. Nicky was lying on my bed, face down, reading one of my college brochures. She was wearing a white bikini, which barely covered her buttocks, with her head resting on my pillow. Despite having come twice in the last 45 minutes, my semi-hard cock immediately began to twitch again at the sight of those legs and that ass.
“What are you doing in here?” I said, when I had managed to gather my senses.
“Well, I said I'd show you what else I got when mum was buying shoes, didn't I!”, she giggled like a schoolgirl, turning onto her side to face me. She had removed her glasses, and was wearing some make-up now, I could see she was wearing lip-gloss and that she had applied some eye-liner. She looked positively stunning, but what caught my eye the most was the sight of her pert little breasts through the white bikini-top, her puffy nipples pushing against the tight fabric.
“What do you think?” she asked, reaching her arm round to bite her nail. “How do I look?”
I was lost for words. “It looks really nice. I mean, you look really nice, ” I managed.
She gave a shy smile, as if I'd embarrassed her. She sat up onto her knees and reached her arms above and behind her head so that she looked like a swimwear model. “It's really soft too, it's made out of this material with silk in it.” She turned away and pushed her bottom out toward me, reaching down to stroke the fabric with her hand. “Feel it, it's so soft.”
I couldn't believe what I was hearing. She was basically inviting me to feel her ass. Perhaps an hour ago I might have declined this offer but right now, there was no stopping me. I couldn't resist.
My cock was hardening by the second and was by now clearly bulging through the wet towel which I had wrapped around my waist. I moved onto the bed and knelt on my knees just behind her.
“Come on, feel it, ” she insisted. Edging toward me.
I reached out my hand, and with my fingertips, slowly stroked the thin white fabric covering her ass, from left to right, across her perfectly formed buttocks.
“No, you have to actually feel it with your hand to know what I mean, ” she almost whispered.
I slowly moved my hand back across, this time with my palm open. My fingers now brushing the bottom of her buttocks, her skin felt like nothing I had ever felt, it was unbelievably soft and smooth. As I reached the middle she began to push her ass back into my hand, at first I let my hand move with it but gradually began to push back. I couldn't help myself now, as I reached her left buttock, I squeezed. She gave a little sigh and giggled. I moved my hand back to the right and gave that one a squeeze too. I was ready for her to pull away now, feeling I had overstepped the mark but she continued to push her ass back into my willing palm, even swaying it slightly from side to side.
This time, as I moved my hand back across, I let my fingers slip lower. Slowing down as I reached the centre, I felt underneath, searching for those sweet pussy lips I had seen earlier as she wriggled on the sofa. The tips of my fingers found the bulge, it was so warm and slightly damp. I let them linger for a split-second before pulling away. As I did so she gave a slight huff of disappointment.
“Yes, ” I proclaimed, going back to the charade. “It's really soft material, it felt really smooth.” I decided it was time to play her game. “How about at the front though, ” I said, with butterflies in my stomach, “is it as soft there?”
I was worried that I had gone too far. My cock was bulging even more noticeably through the towel at this point and if my intuition was wrong, there would be no going back. It was obvious that I was enjoying this way too much. Luckily, she seemed even more excited at the idea than I was.
“Yeah!” she practically shouted. She jumped around so that she was lying on her back and thrust her pelvis into the air toward me. “Feel it there, it's even better!” I could see the excitement in her eyes and as she lay there, her back arched, I could see her chest moving up and down in quick succession, breathing heavily.
I took a deep breath and edged closer on my knees. The bulge of her pussy was clearly showing through the tight-clinging fabric of the bikini. As I slowly moved my hand toward it I let it brush slightly against the inside of her leg, she gave another involuntary sigh of anticipation and arched her back further, willing me to touch her. I let my fingertips gently brush over the crack between her pussy lips at first, then back down again. She gave a slight moan as I then ran three fingers over her mound, starting underneath and running them up towards her clit.
“Wow, ” I whispered. “REALLY smooth”.
“Mmmmm” was all she could reply. I looked up at her face and she was smiling, with her eyes closed. She was running one of her hands up and down her stomach as I knelt above her, admiring her body. She opened her eyes and looked into mine. As our eyes met she let her hand continue from her stomach up to her breast and began to stroke her puffy nipple through the bikini.
“Feel it again”, she said, closing her eyes. This time I moved my hand down to her legs and ran my fingers right up the inside of her leg, slowing down as I reached her thighs. I slowly edged them up, barely touching her skin, teasing her. As I reached her crotch I let them brush over her pussy so gently that I hardly touched her at all. I wanted her to beg for it now.
I did it again, starting at her ankle, running my hand up the other leg. This time, as I neared her pussy, she edged her body down the bed toward me, thrusting her pelvis toward my hand. I let it touch, stroked up toward her clit again along the crack, pushing slightly harder this time. This time, I felt the little bud of her clit through the bikini, I let each finger gently brush over it in turn. Her breathing was heavy now. Her eyes closed, she pushed down onto my hand an

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