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Erotic Sex Story - Tit Fuck

Erotic sex story - Tit Fuck

By Anon - Oct 28, 2004 - From voyeur- stories. Voyeur Stories - Views - 7448 Erotic sex story - Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!.....I'm on my elbows and knees on my bed and I have the phone in my hand as I am talking with a gal sporting 48DD tits!!!
As she is describing to me how she is on her knees on the bed and she has those knees tucked under my raised ass, she is telling me how she has her hands spread on the sides of her big tits and she is pres- sing them together all around my pulsing prick!! She says I am pumping my prick up and down through the valley of her humongous tits! As my hips raise up, she lowers her lovely body down while keeping her tits wrapped tightly around my shaft! Her upper body lowers until her ass hits the back of her feet! Then, as she raises her body up, I lower my hips and my cock slides back down the valley of her breasts!
She is saying things like, "OOOOOhhhhhh, BBL, .....pump that hot prick through my tits!!!! Pump it!!!! Pump it!!!! Pump it!!! Fuck my tits raw with your cock!!!!!" Meanwhile, as I listen closely, I am on my knees pumping my cock in between two pillows stacked on top of each other and loving, with abandon, the feeling of the very silky pillow- cases against my length!!!
I go nuts when I hear a scraping sound as she slides the phone be- tween her big tits and, in the background, she is saying, "Do you love that baby?? Yes, honey!!! You love that sound because you know that could be your prick sliding up between my tits!!!"
Well, that does it!! She wants a container of my cum because she knows that a gal fucking my cock with her big tits makes me shoot long, thick columns of white, sweet cum for as long as......37 seconds!!!
Hard to believe, ....isn't it?? Yes, I know....I still can hardly believe it myself! I don't know how I can do that! It's not due to any special talent of mine,!! Maybe because I have big balls, that has something to do with it!
Kathy Jensen, Lusty Leslie, and, all you other big-titted gals?? I phone-fuck!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! I go crazy when you put the phone real close to your pussy and I hear it going "Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Suck! Suck!" from your wetness as you pump your fingers or a dildoe in and out!!! I give CONSTANT, NON-STOP attention to your big, gorgeous orbs!! I either have my hands, mouth, or, cock on or in them!!! And, ...if you are lactating?? Oh, my God!!!! I'll suck and eat them dry!!!!
Tit-Fucking is my favorite, especially big, big tits!!! But, I also LOVE to be deep-throated! I'm not that big, so, a gal has to really work to be able to get the head of my cock in her throat! She can do it, honeys, if she gently, but firmly, pushes my balls toward my ass hole so more of my stem will be available to her mouth! Then, she can get my big cock-head in her throat!!
.....there has NEVER been a gal who could swallow all my juice with- out some of it leaking from the corners of her mouth, even deep-throaters! One gal moved her mouth to my balls tightly so that my cock-head would go into her throat at the precise second my first long, hot, thick column of cum was shooting through my cock!! She held her breath as long as she could while loving the feel of my first 4 or 5 spurts blasting from my cock- head and shooting directly into her stomach, but, she ran out of breath and had to back off so that just my crown was inside her lips!! Even then, I shot so much, as fast as she swallowed, she couldn't keep up and her cheeks swelled as she tried to accomodate all she could with her mouth!!
She swallowed faster and harder, but, very soon, streams of cum sprang out from the corner of her lips!!
Oh, the way, ....this gal also knew how much more cum I would shoot if she rubbed and fondled my big balls with a VERY silky slip in her hand!!!
One time, I was at a gal's house when she had her girl friend there. We all got on the bed. Lois, the gal with the 44-inch tits, was between my legs on her knees, leaning over me, holding her big tits all around my cock while I fucked them! At the second I started to cum, Lois bent her head and wrapped her mouth around the head of my cock! Mean- while, Abigail, her girlfriend, was sitting at our sides on the bed, and as my first spurt blasted into Lois's mouth, Abigail, with a handful of a very silky slip, put that hand on my balls and rubbed and rolled them!!
Now, it was my turn to service the gal on the phone. So, I described how I was going to crawl between her big, meaty legs, putting my head up to her luscious, wet, throbbing cunt!! I told her to put the silky slip she was wearing, over my head and to bring it down the back of my neck and on to my upper back and shoulders! Then, I described how I slid my hands up along the outside of her legs and thighs, until my palms reached her great, big ass cheeks where I spread my fingers!
I told her she had a big, lovely ass that I could hardly wait to fuck!!! Being not too big, I knew she could take me with ease!! But, now, I said, I had a good grip on those ass cheeks!! I told her to pull her slip tight so I could feel her slip pressing against the back of my arms and hands as well as against the back of my head and shoulders!
Then, I told her, "Ann, baby! I'm starting at the base of your pussy and I'm giving you long flat licks all the way to the top of your cunt, over and over!" I wanted her to hear my tongue over the phone, so, as I licked, she could hear my tongue going, "Lick! Lick!! Slurp! Lap!! Suck!!" and she could also hear my throat gulping as I swallowed her juices! I described to her how I was butterflying her clit, swirling my ton- gue around and around her knob!! Alternating that with flicking the tip of my tongue against the tip of her clit!! Then, dipping the entire length of my tongue inside her pussy and rolling it all around against the inside walls of her sopping cunt!!!
I detailed to her how I slid the middle finger of my right hand into her ass hole and curled it forward, putting pressure against her pussy so her clit would press outward through the fold of skin even more thus en- abling me to wrap my lips around her entire clit so I could pull and suck it into my mouth!!!
As she moaned, then, screamed, then uttered "AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!" from her very depths over the phone, I knew her pussy was spraying, so, I de- scribed to her how I re-entered the full length of my tongue into her depths so I could swab and suck in her pussy juices she was producing for me!! I intensified her orgasm by rubbing my nose, at the same time, against her clittie!!!
I found out, then, her body was wracked with multiple orgasms and my mouth and tongue was right there to suck in and swallow all her scrumptious juices!!!
Now, ....Kathy, .....Lusty Leslie, ....and, all you other beautifully, big-titted ladies, wouldn't you just love to actually hear me cum over the phone?? To know that as you hear me moaning and groaning aloud for .....UP TO 37 SECONDS, cock is pulsing out, high into the air, long thick, hot columns of white, creamy cum?? To know that as you talk real dirty to me, telling me how you are fucking my cock with your tits, while you are leaning over me, slide the phone between your tits to sim- ulate my cock being there in place of the phone, rub the mouthpiece of the phone against your hard nipples and big, meaty tits, know, as you are doing that, you are also rubbing, fondling, rolling and ma- ssaging my balls with a silky slip in your hand, know that as you describe sucking and/or deep-throating me and swallowing my cum, ....that, those actions will make me shoot an abundance of thick cum like you prob- ably have never heard of before???
I am one hot!!!! hot!!!! hot!!!! fucker when I am communicating!!! Whether it be by voice, or, live, modem to modem direct with your phone at home, or, exchanges of cum-producing text files we can upload and download to each other, or, exchanges of home-made, AUDIO cassette tapes (blank tapes I provide so you can record with), ....maybe even VIDEO tapes you could record for me....(I have no camcorder - sorry!).
Maybe you even have PIXS of yourselves on this BBS! I could be looking at one as I'm phone-fucking you while I slide my stiff prick between two, VERY silky pillows!!!!!
When I told one gal, who had suggested a video-tape exchange, I did not have a camcorder, know how she responded? She said, "BBL?...Just make me an AUDIO-cassette tape, you want me to tit-fuck you." So, I did. I mailed it to her, and, 5 days later, I got a package in the mail. Inside the package was a VIDEO-tape from her. I rushed into the house, my stiff cock bouncing before me!!
I stripped down and got on the floor in front of the TV set. I had a very silky slip wrapped around my throbbing cock! I punched the 'Play' button, and, there she appeared, in all her grand lovliness, on the bed. Next to her was an audio-cassette playback machine. She started it rolling and I could clearly hear my own voice. Then, following my words on the audio tape, I could watch her move as she pro- ceeded to tit-fuck me in the way my words were instructing her.
IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!! She had strapped a dildoe, about my size, on to one pillow stacked on top of another. Then, on her knees, she moved in close to it. Then, she leaned forward and wrapped those huge tits all around the dildoe following the words I could hear of my own voice on the audio-cassette machine she was playing back!! Because she knew how much her words turned me on, she spoke a lot between my words on the tape!!
One week later, I received from her. On it, she was demonstrating 'deep-throat' with a 10-inch dildoe!!
God! It was awesome!!! She got the entire 10-inches in her mouth, with her lips right up to the fake balls. Then, she did something which blew my mind!!!!!!! She pointed, with her finger, to the exact spot the head of the fake cock was sitting.....INSIDE OF HER!!! Where she pointed made it appear the crown was....PRACTICALLY IN HER CHEST!!
Then, with her girl-friend operating the camera apparently, she.... slowly....slowly....slowly....withdrew the dildoe! God!! Watching all those inches coming out of her mouth made my cock buck out a huge, huge, huge, thick load of cream, ....WITHOUT MY EVEN TOUCHING MY COCK!!!
After it was out, she looked right into the camera with those dreamy eyes and said, "Mmmmmmmm.....I can just imagine what it must be like to have your cockhead down deep in my throat shooting that big, thick load of yours.....directly.....into my stomach!!!" She rubbed her belly and shut her eyes and said, "Mmmmmmmmmmmm......feeling that hot juice coat my throat tube and run into my stomach!!!"
A similar thing happened during an AUDIO-tape exchange with a gal about a year later. We had exchanged about 5 tapes, then, she had a brilliant idea! I was waiting for a tape from her. When it came, I got on my bed, stripped down, and started to play it back! As I heard her voice, between, ......I could also hear my own!! Apparently, she had.....2.....machines: one she was recording on, and, the other, she was playing back my latest tape I had recorded and mailed to her!!
It was marvelous! Naturally, she didn't play back my...entire.... tape while she made a recording for me on the other machine. But, she did play back portions of it....those portions, which, to her, were the hottest and turned her on the most!! She was very innovative. At one point, while describing how she was sucking me, she actually used a dildoe!!! I could clearly hear her mouth "sucking, " as she slid it in and out of her mouth while holding the microphone real close!!!
All I wish to do is.....municate!! This can be by voice on the telephone or, I can call you by computer and have a direct, modem-modem (C)hat or, we can create Text files for each other and exchange them through a direct hook-up and/or through a BBS in which case we would password-protect the files or, exchanges of home-made AUDIO-cassette tapes.
I won't suggest VIDEO-tape exchanges as I have no camcorder, but, I might ask you to make a video for me if you have a camcorder.
I want to show you what it is like when a man cums for 37 seconds!! I want to explain to you how long, thick columns of creamy white cum bursts from my cockhead and goes high into the air before it turns and splatters down on my body and how, because there is so much, it runs down the sides of my body onto the mattress!! How I have to have towels all around me to absorb all the gooieness!!
Now, imagine what that is like splattering all on your lovely tits and nipples!! Or, splattering all over your face and neck!! Or, gush- ing into your mouth and throat!!! Or, blasting deep into your pussy and pounding against your womb, filling your cunt to over-flowing!!!!
......imagine what it feels like, with my cock buried, balls deep, into your spectacular ass-hole, as the hot liquid spreads into and coats your bowels!!! you like that, Kathy?? Or, Leslie???
Well, .....I am raunchy, hot, and, COM completeLY uninhibited!! You can't shock me, ....but, can really turn me on, ....set me off, ....make my prick fire endless thick gobs of sweet cum, ....wherever YOU want it!!
My little cock belies what is behind it, but, the size of my balls tells you of it's very heavy burden!!
Just think: all it takes for that burden to rise up my shaft and blast to the outside is a pair of nice, big tits wrapped around it or, a hot mouth sucking and/or deep-throating it or, your fondling my balls with a very silky slip in your hand or, you doing a lot of very explicit talking or, as I'm gobbling that delicious pussy, you are telling me you are wearing a silky slip and you are wrapping it all around my upper body, against the back of my arms and hands, and, you are pressing the back of my head with your hands, mashing my mouth.... TIGHTLY....against your creaming cunt!!!
AND, THINK, this can all be accomplished just by some or all forms of communication!!!!!
Does it excite you to know how turned-on you will make me when you let me "hear" the wet sound of your pussy: the wet, sucking sound of your mouth, the lapping of your tongue: the sound of your big tits as you slide the mouthpiece of the phone, and/or, a cassette machine microphone: and, the sssseeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyy, hot sound of your voice as you vividly describe how you are crawling up to me and wrapping those tits all around my waiting prick????? Will your lovely pussy boil over with lots of juice, depth, ....including the sounds of my hungry mouth, lips, and tongue, how I will devour that gorgeous, delicious cunt??
All I want you to do is......respond! Leave me a note! If you are so inclined, your phone number! Tell me what you want to do in the way of communication! I would, too, appreciate your passing the word to other big-titted gals you may know, about me! I realize you are not a 'dating service, ' but, just during your travels, without you going out of your way, if you would just pass the word, .....okay??
This offer is good, too, for all gals who love to "cum-guzzle." Honey? Have I ever got a load for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay Kathy! My cock is throbbing over the thought of having those big tits wrapped all around it! Of feeling your hand, filled with a silky slip, rubbing and massaging my big balls as I tit-fuck you!!!
So, ...c'mon gals! Drop me a note!! Let's get something going!!! My big balls are filled to overflowing, and, the sooner we start, the sooner you will get all this creamy delight....right where you want it!!

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