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Our City Park

By Aldo - Apr 30, 2006 - From short-sex-stories. Short stories - Views - 4304 I love spending time in our city park. There is a huge playground I take the kids to on the weekends and a great picnic area. Of course the park becomes a hangout for all the college kids in town in the summer, they’re always cruising around trying to be cool blasting their music. My favorite part is the walking trails that circle the entire park. Taking my walks in the evening has become a routine of mine; I try to go at least a few times a week. Walking through the thick woods is so refreshing and helps clear my mind of the daily shit I have to put up with at work.
The main trail is wide and paved and you see a lot of people on it in the evenings. There are smaller trails that branch off into the woods, they don’t go very far, but it’s fun to explore sometimes. One evening I decided to go down one of those little trails into nowhere just to look around. After going up a little hill and back down the other side I came upon a picnic table there tucked in the trees. What a strange place for a picnic table. The brush was so thick here and there was no place to set up a grill or anything. I just kept wondering why on earth the park service guys put this table in a place like this, the main picnic area was pretty far away.
Then, as I looked around it hit me, the college kids must have put this here. And I knew what for! The brush was so thick I could not see anything past 10 feet or so, and the main trail was about 25 feet away. This place was private. I’ll just bet this is a good place to bring one’s girlfriend! And I knew what the table was for!
As I was walking home I was just smiling to myself. Partially because I was feeling pretty clever figuring out the picnic table thing, and partially because I realized I must be some kind of perv to figure it out. Then I was smiling even more thinking about how cool it would be to get my wife back there and have some fun.
My wife and I have been married 20 years, she’s 40 and I’m 39. We have 3 kids and we haven’t had sex anywhere but the bedroom in as long as I can remember. But it really didn’t matter, sex was great, she was in awesome shape being 5’10” and 120 pounds and having her shoulder length blonde hair. She also went tanning a lot. So as you can imagine, I’ve always found her to be quite hot, even after 20 years.
Going to sleep that night I kept thinking and decided I had to get her back there in the woods for some outdoor sex. Before she fell asleep I told her I wanted her to go with me on my walk the next day. I didn’t tell her my plan; I’d just try to coax her into it when I got her to the spot. She would probably turn me down, but it was worth the try.
So the next evening here we were, walking down the main path through the woods, holding hands. She thought going with me was a great idea. When we got to the little trail leading through the brush I told her I wanted to show her something and to follow me.
When we got to the table she look at me and said, “now what?”
I just smiled and gave her a kiss. She gave me that “what are you up to” look.
I kissed her again and reached my hand down and started to unbutton her jeans.
She stepped back and said, “Ohh no! are you crazy? Out here in the park? OUTSIDE? We could get caught!”
I explained how we couldn’t get caught with the brush being so thick and I really wanted to try this. I told her to think about laying on that picnic table naked with me screwing her all out in nature looking up at the sky.
As I spoke and continued to unbutton her jeans she began turning red, being all embarrassed. She was quite shy, not any type of exhibitionist that’s for sure! But as reluctant as she was acting she didn’t stop me from pulling her jeans down and letting me lift each foot so she could step out of them. Next I quickly pulled her t-shirt over her head leaving her standing there red faced with one arm over her bra and her other hand over her panties. I slid a hand into panties and felt that she was quite wet.
“See, I told you this would be exciting!” I told her. Then I slid her panties down to her ankles and off her feet. She quickly used 2 hands now to cover her pussy allowing me to unclip her bra and let it fall away.
“Bob! What the hell has gotten into you! I can’t believe I’m standing here naked……IN THE PARK!”
I knew at any time she might change her mind and grab her clothes so I quickly undressed. Now we were both standing there butt naked. I gave her a re-assuring hug, she was shaking in my arms. I walked her over to the table and laid her down on it and climbed on top of her. I slid right into her and it felt soooo good! She was so hot, and wet.
We had been fucking for about a minute when all of a sudden I hear twigs cracking next to me and her eyes got as big as dinner plates. I looked to the side of the table and there was this guy and this girl standing about 5 feet from us. They’re mouths were open in amazement of what they had just walked up on! I instantly stopped in mid-stroke and didn’t know what to do. The girl had taken her boyfriend’s hand and was trying to pull him back to the main trail, but he didn’t move – just stared! Then I noticed how hot that girl was. She must have been around 22, long brown hair and a perfect body.
Seeing her and realizing she was seeing me in the act got me harder then I already was. And without thinking about it I started sliding in and out of my wife again, I can’t explain how good it felt being inside my wife’s pussy watching this other girl who was watching me!
As I started picking up the pace my wife looked up at me and said “What are you doing? There’s PEOPLE here!!! They’re looking at us!!!!!”
I didn’t say anything, just fucked her harder.
Our new friends didn’t say a word, just stared. The girl was still trying to get her boyfriend to leave, but not as hard. For the first time it hit me, this strange guy was staring at my wife, trying to look between her legs. I took her knees and spread her legs as far as I could as I continued to fuck her. Then I got up just a little. Enough so that everyone could see everything.
My wife knew what I was doing. She said. “Oh please Bob don’t, I’m so embarrassed!! He’s looking right at my pussy. Please just stop, let me get up and get my clothes on.” And she kind of struggled to get up, of course I didn’t let her.
I heard more twigs cracking and the guy was walking closer to the table, right up to us, he would look straight at my wife’s eyes then back between her legs, he could see every bit of her. He also managed to drag his girlfriend up closer as she was still holding his hand. I was going to cum any second, so I stopped and told my wife I wanted her to cum, before I did.
She just said, “I can’t, I’m too embarrassed, I can’t do that in front of people! Please can I get dressed now?”
I looked down at her and said, “he just wants to see you explode, he’s already looking at everything you have.” Then I said, “Here, I’ll help you.” And I pulled out of her and reached down and rubbed her clit and fingered her while playing with a nipple. She kept trying to close her legs but I held them open, wide open.
Then I told the guy standing there, “feel her.” And I used both of my hands on her knees to keep her legs open and he reached down and felt her pussy.
As soon as his fingers touched she about jumped off the table. She started breathing harder than ever and turned so red I thought she might pass out. He was staring into her eyes and she in his as he slid a finger in her and worked her pussy for all it was worth. I suddenly felt this sick jealous feeling when I saw him fingering her, but my eyes were so glazed over with lust from the situation I let it continue.
My wife of 20 years and my kid’s mom squeezed my hand and came hard for him in no time. Her body tensed up so much when she did her back wasn’t even touching the table. Their eyes never left each other’s as she let her body submit to him. When she recovered he got one last good grope of her pussy and withdrew his arm. I then quickly entered her came in her in immediately. I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard before.
We both then climbed off the table, she immediately started getting dressed. I stood there for a second naked in front of the girl, enjoying the thrill of letting her stare at my equipment! I asked her what they were doing here anyway. The way her and her boyfriend looked at each other I could tell they came for the same reason we did. I smiled and got dressed.
On the walk back to the car my wife just kept shaking her head saying she just couldn't believe what had just happened. Occasionally she would want to stop and hug, she was a little shook up, but otherwise ok. I think we're both going to remember that walk in the park for a long time.

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