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Case Of Mistaken Identity

Case of Mistaken Identity

By Bobjj123 - Nov 7, 2009 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 20848 "GET UP YOU SON OF A BITCH! I ottaf kill yaf . . .YOU!. . . YES YOU!" I heard the words and turned to see what the excitement was when my eyes locked on a total stranger who was obviously intent on doing me violence. I hesitated and I certainly wasnft going to stand up as the stranger continued, "YA BEEN FUCKINf MY WIFE . . .I saw you leave with her not two hours ago."
I thought quickly. . . two hours ago! I tried to remember as I spoke words to delay the impending attack. "Ifm afraid youfve got me mistaken for somebody else. Ifm not doing anybodyfs wife. . .fact is, Ifm not doing anybody and havenft been for a very long time."
"You lying bastard! I saw you walk out that very door and into the hotel with her." he said and then I remembered. It was the small, blond woman Ifd talked to for a minute at the bar. We had left together and I had gone to the hotel dining room to get dinner and she had left the building. I responded, "Look man, we had talked for a minute at the bar and left together to walk through that door. I went to the hotel dining room and she left. You can check with the waitress in the dining room."
For the first time the man seemed unsure. He was obviously thinking! Then, I said, "Man, youfre very upset and about to do something youfll regret for the rest of your life. Let me buy you a drink." This was the last straw as the man gave up his mission entirely and he and I moved to a booth to talk.
Over drinks, I soon learned that he suspicioned that his wife was cheating on him. Hefd been laid off from his job nearly a year ago and his wife, Bea, had taken a job to help with the finances. A few months ago, he had gotten a better job and by that time, his wife had refused to quit hers. . . said she needed to work! Lately she had been returning from work late and often after going clubbing with the girls from the office until the wee hours. She had been unavailable for sex frequently lately for the first time in their married life.
I listened and poured the drinks and it reminded me too much of my own situation a few years ago and the divorce. Then, on reflection, it dawned on me; perhaps I could help! "Call your wife and ask her to meet you here." I said. He started to object and I interrupted, "Wefre going to settle this matter once and for all."
An hour later, his wife, Bea, had joined us and I sat across from them in the booth. I opened the conversation by telling Bea what had transpired earlier and that I thought it was time for the two of them to have a talk. "He loves you, you know!" I said and the two talked. I sat making reflective and directive questions to draw them together until they were again at one with each other; the, I said, "Now, here is a hotel key which I picked up a few minutes ago. You two go up there to that room and make up properly. Then, when you are in all respects ready, come back here and Ifll buy dinner." In that happy frame of mind, the husband and wife went off together.
After they left, I felt good about what Ifd done. Perhaps Ifd saved them from much pain and misery. In my good mood, I continued to socialize around the club. . .
It was nearly two hours later that the husband and wife returned, happy and with that well fucked look about them. I suggested that we go to dinner an it was Bea who said, "I canft. I promised to meet my friend here in just a few minutes, " Hoping to save my plan, I said, "Fine, wefll bring her along."
A few minutes later, a tall, willowy, washed out blonde came in and Bea called to her. As she approached the table, I recognized her. The two met and Bea introduced Ilene first to her husband, then to me. When it came my turn, I said simply, "Wefve met, " and nodded in recognition.
When my eyes met Ilenefs, I saw pure hatred. She was the same bitch Ifd always known.
It was at dinner that Bea asked, Didnft you say youfd been married?" and I replied I had and that we were divorced. Bea, making conversation, asked why and I found myself responding.
I explained the my wife and I had a good marriage and once life was good between us until my wife had decided that she needed to work. She had been a successful professional and her returning to work brought extra income as well. Then, things began to change. She began to arrive home late from work after having stopped off with the girls at work to let down after a hard day. Then, the girls night out began and soon it was two or three nights a week. Even before that began, I should have known that something wasnet right.
Even when she arrived home at 5:30 in the morning, half dresses and looking like shefd been in a cat fight, I believed her when she said I had nothing to worry about, it was just the girls letting down. How stupid I was. Had I stormed out and caught her in the act and done violence, things might have been different. . . but, I continued to believe her.
Then, when she came and announced that she and her best friend were going to Mexico with a couple of friends for two weeks even I no longer believed and five minutes checking assured me that their two friends were men.
As I spoke Ilene sat with a worried expression on her face. The look she gave me was one of considerable concern.
"I guess that did it then." Bea said quietly as I continued, "No, It didnft. I still loved the woman and wanted her back." Then, I went on to say that while in Mexico shefd picked up a couple of bad habits - drugs and alcohol! Shefd been back barely a week when she came to me and said shefd been abandoned by her best friend and she wanted to come back home.
"So, did you guys make up?" Bea asked quietly and I continued my story. Even after all that had transpired, I brought her back into our home and our marriage but things had changed. By evening of her first night back she was nervous as a cat and about eight ofclock she just simply walked out of the house.
Ilene, sensing where this was headed interrupted, "I donft have to sit here and listen to this. She was a big girl and she should have been able to take care of herself." Bea, on hearing this suddenly took notice.
Then, Bea asked, "Where is your ex-wife today?" and I responded that I didnft know. She lost her job and lived on the streets for a while; then, she went in to drug rehabilitation. While there, she actually kicked her habits and we began to talk of reconciliation and we met for dates.
This time Ilene exploded, " Ifm leaving! I donft have to . . . " and Bea cut her off. She looked at me and said Ifd better go; Ilene was her friend and Ifd obviously upset her.
As I left, I thought to myself, what a waste of a hotel room and price of a dinner. Bea was obviously headed down the same path to destruction that my own wife had taken.!
Weeks passed and I quit going to that club after that night. There were a couple of others close to home and I still had sour memories of that night. It was then that I undertook a couple of projects at home that therefd never been time to do at work. If successful, they could bring me some big money.
More weeks passed and it was nearly 2 ofclock in the morning when the telephone rang and aroused me from a sound sleep. When I answered the womanfs voice on the other end was that of Bea and she sounded distraught. "Could I talk to you?" she asked and for what ever reason that I could not explain, I responded, "yes."
Half an hour later, in a coffee shop in a seedy part of town, I met Bea. Shefd been crying and it was apparent from her dress that shefd been in a cat fight. We sat in a booth facing each other as she started to talk.
She began, "I made a big mistake tonight. Now, itfs too late. I knew Ilene was poison ever since that night when you told us your story. "Your wifefs best friend was Ilene. wasnft it?" Then, without waiting for an answer, she continued to tell her story.
Shefd been doing girls night out a lot lately - dancing with guys and allowing them certain freedoms but it was all in fun and it felt good. Shefd been drinking a lot more too.
This night, shefd been dancing and drinking with two men friends and allowing them to feel her up as usual when Ilene had suggested going to a hotel room and continuing the play. She explained that shefd gone willingly and that once there she began to feel guilt. She said that shefd left before anything happened and called me to talk.
I believed her up to a point but to deny that she had sex that night was more than I could accept - She even smelled of it! As my anger rose in response to the obvious lie I accused her of being a poor liar and hearing this, she broke into tears as she admitted that she was. Now, I began to vent my wrath on her. "Youfre a no good slut and a tramp and you are self destructing. How can I have pity for you? I come down here to help and you lie to me. She did not respond and I continued to vent my wrath until I felt cleansed and relieved of my surfacing hatred - a hatred that probably stemmed from my own experience many years ago. . We sat in silence.
"Come on, " I said and we left the coffee shop. In my car, she started to cry and soon was into full blown sobbing and I felt a touch of guilt for being so hard on her. "Wefll get you cleaned up and a story for your husband, " I said.
On my cell phone, I called her husband and explained that Bea had a bit of a problem and that she was safe and secure and wefd see him in the morning after she was feeling better. I suggested he not worry.
Then, at my house, I set out towels and directed her to the shower to clean herself; then, to wash and iron her clothes and get herself presentable. As we worked, we made up her story. She had done everything just as shefd explained it to me the first time and realizing what shefd almost done and too drunk to go home had called me for help. Then, she was to ask him to forgive her and swear to never go out with the girls again. I suggested that she take him to bed and with every ounce of energy she possessed, fuck him.
It was about a month later when Bea called again. This time it was daytime as she asked me to come to dinner. As I heard her request, my inclination was to decline and it was only when she said that she and her husband wanted to thank me that I agreed to go to a small dinner party the following Friday night.
Then, when Friday night arrived, I departed for the dinner party with little enthusiasm and determined that at the first opportunity Ifd leave. I had no desire to be entangled in more intrigues! Then, as I arrived, I found the conversation stimulating and the tall, lean, brunette that had been introduced to me as Sandy especially interesting. Sandy had been introduced to me as a friend of Beafs from work and while she was pleasant enough, she seemed cold towards me. . . or so I thought!
Dinner was steak with BBQ beans and baked potato which Beafs husband had prepared on the grill as he seemed to work alone and Bea entertained Sandy and I with small talk.
Later, as we sat at the table eating, the conversation was about Sandy and I learned that she was divorced and had been one of the girls that used to participate in their parties. It was Sandy who objected to that by saying, "Not any more."
Then, after dinner, we all pitched in to clear the table and do the dishes and I began to get signals that the evening was over.
So it was as I was about to take my departure that Bea asked if Ifd mind taking Sandy home. It was then that the alarm bells went off! Ifd been set up!
Minutes later, Sandy and I were in the car and she started the conversation by telling me that she knew all about Bea and that night and what really happened, not what had been discussed at dinner earlier. She explained that she had drawn the line earlier when the girls wet clubbing and refrained from drunkenness or excess familiarity. When these things became frequent, she had quit going entirely.
As I listened to her story, I only half believed. She had traveled with that crowd and birds of a feather . . . .
Still, I listened, and wondered what the set up was all about. Why was I driving Sandy home. Well, I reasoned, I might as well find out and launched a series of directive questions. Soon Ifd learned that her ex-husband was a drunk and druggie and had left her for another woman. Shefd been hurt bad and her few friends seemed to avoid her afgter her divorce. She was lonely and went with the girls from the office for companionship but when things got wild, she gave it up. She explained that shefd only accepted the dinner invitation with Bea to avoid another night of loneliness.
Then, she continued to explain that when I arrived it was apparent that I was as lonely as she was. She had ascertained that I was a nice guy and might understand her condition. Then, she admitted that shefd set up the ride home.
When I asked what she wanted from me she did not hesitate as she said that maybe we could meet occasionally for coffee and maybe do some things together once in a while. Perhaps we could go to dinner or a concert or a play sometime. "Who knows, maybe wefll find something special in each other!" she said.
"Youfre saying, friends first, are you?" I asked and she responded, "Friends forever, maybe more. . ."
"How about some coffee right now?" I said and she smiled as she replied, "I thought youfd never ask."
From that humble beginning in the coffee shop, the friendship quickly developed. The next night we went to dinner together and Sunday night to dinner and an opera. Sandy grew more beautiful each day and my long dormant desire began to return.
That healthy lust for Sandy felt good and I didnft fight it but I did try to hide it from her. On the other hand, Sandy was always warm and friendly but I saw no signs of more. . .
That is until we had gone to her companyfs annual Christmas party!
I had accompanied her to the party rather as an obligation as I had no desire to see some of those women from the past. During the otherwise dull evening I saw the usual number of confrontations, fights, drunken arguments and sexual trysts develop and watched with disinterest while Sandy made the rounds of her companyfs coworkers. Then, it happened. . .
Sandy returned to me and I saw a strange look on her face; a look Ifd not seen before. Then, as she approached me more closely in an embrace, I recognized the look - lust!
As I circled my arms about her in a welcome embrace, she whispered into my ear, "Ifm gonnaf get fucked tonight and I hope youfre going to be the guy to do it to me. Room 606 and herefs the key."
Five minutes later I was in room 606 - waiting! Minutes passed; then, half an hour and I grew restless. I ordered a bottle of wine with cheese and crackers from room service. Then, I waited some more as my anticipation drew forth my lust.
It was just under an hour when Sandy arrived and let herself into the room. As I heard her at the door I rose from the bed to go meet her as she entered. We met and Sandy took me into a warm embrace as she pressed her body against me. As I looked down into her eyes, she kissed me squarely on the lips. We had kissed many times before but this was like no other. Our lips parted and our tongues met as we sought to devour each other. As she pressed her small breasts against me and our bellyfs rubbed together she said, "Ifve waited so long for this. I want you."
Then, as we moved towards the bed I saw her discard her coat, shoes, Christmas vest, and blouse and not wishing to be left behind, I quickly began removing my own clothing. As if directed by some unseen force, we moved to opposite sides of the big bed and drew back the Duvet, then turned down the cover and top sheet before jumping on to the bed and meeting in the center.
Down to my shorts, I faced Sandy in her bra and panties. We moved together and I felt more of her bare flesh than ever before which triggered my full arousal. We kissed and made ourselves com comfortable with each other as my cock lay pressed between our bellyfs.
After a time, I reached behind her and felt the familiar hooks that released Sandyfs bra as she said, "Ifm sorry theyfre not bigger for you?" In anticipation, I moved away from her and looked at two small, perfectly formed breasts as the bra fell free. "Perfect, " I said and I meant it as my hands moved to touch and gently caress them.
As we became familiar with my touches to her nipples, I replaced my hands with my lips and I felt her stiffen. It was only for an instant but it signaled a problem with her and I hesitated as she moved to remove my undershorts and I her panties. I waited for some sign that she wanted to proceed with the seduction. . .
Then, Sandy spoke, "Itfs been a long time for me and Ifm probably out of practice but I want you to enjoy me and us together. Please take me and use me for your pleasure. . . itfs what I want." As I listened to this strange request, I realized that I could not comply with her request. It was not in my nature to just take. I said nothing as I returned to my ministrations to her breasts and nipples.
I moved more slowly now, savoring every small nuance in the pleasure I was receiving and giving in response. My hands moved with feather light caresses of her belly and thighs as I described the delicious feelings that emanated from my fingers to her.
Then, as my fingers moved lower on her legs, I began to trail a line of wet, slobbery kisses across her belly and down her thighs. As I moved, I felt her stir in response to those ministrations and for the first time was aware that she was responding to me.
Soon, I proceeded to kiss and lave her legs towards the bottom of her feet where I hesitated before moving up her legs to her soft, sensitive inner thighs where I felt another surge of response from her. Continuing my quest, my fingers moved to her labia and gently caressed her pubes as I felt Sandyfs rising passion. It was as my lips moved towards her labia that Sandy cried out, "Just fuck me now!"
This time I heard a sense of more than just urgency but a real compulsion urging her on. Her breathing had become heavy and labored. . .
It was; however, not time yet for me to move over her. The soft inner folds of her vestibule and vagina lay inches from my lips and I was eager to make the connection.
I worked my lips steadily closer as I parted her labia with my thumbs and exposed her inner folds free of hair; then, moved my mouth over those soft inner folds to lave and kiss and excite her.
This time, Sandy reacted violently as her ass come off the bed and she pressed her exposed vestibule into me. She cried out, "OH YES! OH MY GOD! DO IT TO ME . . ."
Now we were one, Sandy and I, working for our mutual pleasure. I kissed and laved up and down over her exposed vagina, stopping to suckle and lave her little clit on each trip. Of course, my passions were tied directly to those she was demonstrating to me and I grew hotter by the minute.
As I worked, Sandy responded with increased urgency and even more compelling need. At times she seemed totally beyond reason, acting on instinct alone and, of course, it was her actions that drove my passions to those even higher levels. This time, when Sandy cried out, "Fuck me now! I want it now! Do me. . . ." I responded by moving over her and into the cradle between her legs.
When I moved, she quickly adjusted and drew her knees up to give me better position as our eyes met. There could be no doubt, Sandy wanted the stiff man meat that I was about to give her. Her eyes fairly glowed with passions as Ifd never seen in them before.
I moved again and my big cock slid easily into her. "OH YEH! . . .OH YES!. . . THAT FEELS SO GOOD! She cried out as I felt my tool slide slowly against her cervix. Now, fully joined, we rested and Sandy told me that in spite of her concerns about being able to fully partake of our fucking together and her request that I not depend on her, she was now ready to participate as an equal. We kissed and played a bit.
After a minute or so I moved, withdrawing my penis slightly; then, re-inserting it in a reciprocating motion. As Sandy coordinated he actions with mine, the strokes got longer and the action faster.
Long before I was ready, Sandy began to live out her release and her actions became erratic and uncoordinated as she came in a flurry of emotions. Above her, I kept up my steady reciprocating motions and took pleasure in her release. She said, "OH I DID IT!, " and looked up at me with a brief smile.
In seconds, still basking in the pleasure of her discharge, she was again moving with me in the coital motions as we kissed. It was as she was beginning to climb the steep incline to her second release that I felt it and said simply, "Ifm gonna come." Then, as my cock spurted my hot seed into her belly, it was over and the most incredible intimacy kept us together still joined by my flaccid cock.
We lay together and played as we talked. It was a time of peace and serenity to be enjoyed by lovers.
It wasnft a perfect mating, that first time, and our proficiency would improve with each new event. The whole thing probably didnft take over three minutes although time had no meaning to we lovers.
A few minutes later, I pulled the covers over us and we slept soundly in each otherfs arms.
The story ends here as life goes on for Sandy and I. We live together in a monogamous relationship in my house and have built a life around each other. Marriage is probably out. . . our experiences with matrimony have left their mark.
Sandy has cancer. . . the kind that kindaf wears the person down and finally kills them. We have discussed this and she has said she wants me to leave her in hospice care and make a separate life for myself. It will not happen! Ifll care for her to the end and relish every minute of the time we have together. This incredible woman will not die alone, nor will she be forgotten.

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