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My Daughter

By Stoney Point - Sep 30, 2010 - From story-series. Sex Story Series - Views - 23204 Saturday, later in the morning, I had been outside early mowing and doing other yard work. Nothing special, I had come in and cleaned up taking a shower and wrapping a towel around myself as I walked out of the bathroom before heading down the hallway. Her door was open. Not much, but it was open far enough that I could see her nicely tanned and broad shoulders. Thick. Dark. Soft. But that wasn’t the best part of her. No, it wasn’t. Not at all. It wasn’t even her thick and long but luxurious long light brown hair even, although I always liked it. Reminds me of her mom a lot. See, her mother, my wife, passed away a few years back and I’ve tried to bounce back as best as I could, but it’s been tough. Real tough although I’ve kept an open mind on it all. Nevertheless when I passed my Michelle’s room and saw her like she was, I accidentally stopped, and I accidentally stared at her, from the back. Whoa! Yes, whoa. That’s right. My “little girl” had grown up and by that I mean she has sprouted into a full grown woman with character, with charm, but with looks no man has the courage to tell her how beautiful she has. See Michelle isn’t a little girl any longer. Michelle is a full grown woman of 24 soon to be 25 and she still thinks she has to live here at home to take care of “her” daddy. That’s the other problem. See, I’m not her daddy. Not biologically I’m not. Her mother is or should I say was her real mom. I only raised her. That’s where the fun starts, so to speak. We were swingers. Marilyn and I were swingers for many years. The first five or so years we were still madly in love with one another. But afterwards, something changed, a little that we did something not many couples do. We hooked up with our neighbors. Marilyn loved me. There’s no denying that. I absolutely adored her too. But we met our neighbors, did the neighborly thing, and we had parties and we hung out and talked. She and I were the first to talk. Oddly, she “felt” something she first said. I never would have guessed her to be the one to say it to me. “I like you Chuck.” And I told her, in a friendly way, I liked her too. “No Chuck, I mean I LIKE you.” I didn’t understand, at first. I asked her to clarify herself. I suppose I was a little suspicious. “You work, Marilyn works, but anyone can take off an afternoon couldn’t they?” she said. “Huh, what?” I said. There wasn’t anyone around. Nobody for miles so to speak and she more or less came up to me and rubbed against me and said to come over some day, during the week, and she said we could spend the afternoon together getting to no one another, better. So I went in to work. But I left at 12:30 never to return. That was a couple days later. We had what was an excitingly superb time. I never in my life thought kissing another woman, the way she and I kissed, would have been as thrilling as it was. We hugged and rolled off and back on to her couch. Our clothes, at first, did not come off, but her lips and that tongue of hers made its point. “Talk to Marilyn or would you like me to talk with her?” she told me after we flattened out our clothes and our hair as well. “By the way, you’re a great kisser.” I’m a great kisser. I am a great kisser. I liked it. I loved her body although I hadn’t seen it yet. She ended up speaking with Marilyn and the rest is history, kind of. Except for the part about Michelle. That was almost 25 years ago. Don’t believe me? Well then don’t. “Wow honey” I said to Michelle as I stared at the back of her body. Her hips and her ass were tremendous looking. Although she isn’t my daughter, I raised her as such. But I had always known she was not my flesh and blood. Michelle swung around in what she had on. She was looking at herself in something she had bought. “Who is that for?” I said. The towel hung around my waist. If you didn’t look at my face you’d think I was 35 years old, but of course I wasn’t. She had on a red satin corset. Her body, her flesh looked like silk to me. Her curves smothered and smoothed out the lines of my imagination. My eyes made it easy to see that I was enamored with my daughter. “No one” she said. “You like it?” I blinked or must have blinked a couple dozen times. She smiled. “What do you like best about it?” she asked.’ Oh god. If only I could walk up to her, hold her close to me, and feel her body against mine then I could tell her, but I couldn’t. “You have no idea” I said by mistake. “What does that mean, daddy?” I cleared my head, right away. I told her I’d be right back. I went and got dressed. I came back. “Sit down” I said. She was also changed into sweats. Damn. “I’ve got to tell you something. Wait, let me ask you something first.” She said okay. I sat down. She sat down. I smiled into her eyes. She has her mother’s eyes. I could have ripped the clothes off her body. She asked me what I wanted to ask her. “Are you a virgin?” There was silence. “What? Do you want me to tell you yes? Then yes. I am a virgin daddy. Honestly, I am a real virgin. I’ve never ever had sex before.” At 25, almost, and my girl hasn’t ever had sex before, I thought. Wow, now that’s truly amazing as beautiful as she is. But I’ve got to tell her. She didn’t seem embarrassed at all about that. Would you like to, I said to myself. “Oh” I murmured. “Really, truly?” I said. She nodded. “Is there something wrong with being a virgin?” she asked. “OHHH NOOOO. NOT AT ALL” I told her and I shook my head. “So why would you ask me that then?” she asked. “I don’t know. I really don’t” I told her. I shrugged. “There’s something else. I’m not your real father.” There was a silence. She was looking down. Finally, she looked up. She didn’t seem surprised. She didn’t actually smile. She gave me this look. I liked it, a lot too. “You aren’t my dad?” she repeated. Her head was cocked. Her face was quizzical. “Wow, now maybe” and she looked away and stopped speaking. “Oh wow” and she looked back at me. Daddy… I mean… Should I call you daddy or Chuck?” and her eyes closed. She didn’t say another word for a moment. She finally looked at me. “I have to ask you something then.” “What Melissa?” “You were uhhh looking at me, right?” I said yes. “Why?” she said. There was silence. She was looking down at herself. She looked into my eyes. “Why?” she said again. There was more silence. “Because in all honesty, Melissa… I find you a very, very sexy woman.” She stood up. “Can you leave my room?” she said. I stood up and left, apologizing. Ten minutes later, she walked in. Wearing a nice top, not too low cut, it had short sleeves. It was one of those where the sleeves rode high up on the arms. I loved those because they are to me an arousing turn-on. Showing off that flesh on a woman’s upper arms always taunted me for the most part. Also, it was tucked in. And with her jeans she had on, she looked merciless. “Wow, that’s a nice outfit” I said. She smiled. “Thank you” she said. “Now I’m going to ask you again. Do I call you daddy? Or do I call you Chuck?” Her chest, her tits seemed to be saying something to me. But what was the question. “I have to know” she said. “I just have to.”“Why? What difference does it make Melissa?” “A lot” she said. “See, I’ve wanted to try making…having sex with another person, but see…I get scared. I really do. And seeing as you’re not my real daddy…maybe you can help me with that.” I think I gave off a weird and quizzical expression. “Umm how could I help? What could I do?” I asked, hopefully and possibly knowing a good answer. There was silence and she looked down at the floor. She looked up. “I’m a woman, right?” I nodded at her. “Do you really think I’m attractive? Is that right?” I told her I did. “So my question is this. Do you think I’m a sexy woman?” Is she sexy? Is she sexy, I asked myself? Oh my god! Oh my… Yes oh yes you’re sexy. I wanted to have sex with her for some reason. How, I didn’t know. How could this be? “I’ve always thought you were pretty and truth be told… Yes Melissa I do think you’re” and my eyes took a look at her from top to bottom before saying “sexy.” “Then do me a favor” she began. I didn’t expect this at all. “Have sex with me” she told me. What…what did she just say? “Show me how… Prove to me how sexy I really am.” My cock hadn’t begun tingling, yet. I was not turned on, yet. However, I knew, in time I would be. Could I really do this with my own daughter? Have sex with her…with Melissa? Could I, I wondered? “Chuck?” she said. The sound of her voice…it was so, well it was soft. It seemed to invite me, if nothing else. With visions of her in that red corset…the one which was tightly wrapped around her body…the one which showed me her beautifully wrapped hips, ass, and showed off her legs fort the very first time in my life. Oh shit, I thought. Then for the very first time I felt it. It tingled. I pinched my legs. Oh was it a…it was a neat…uh ooooooohh it felt wild to me. Those images of her body a little while ago in that corset she was trying on, they wreaked havoc on my mind, thankfully. “Chuck…oh Chuck?” she said again. “Huh…huh?” I replied. “I made a mistake.” She was shaking her head. “I shouldn’t have…” and she looked me in the eyes “I’m an idiot. I should know better.” “God, you’re sexy” I told her out of no where. “Did you know that? Did you?” She stood there, silent, and she looked at me, again. I don’t know how she felt or what she was thinking, but I do know I wanted to bring her into my bed and undress her with my eyes closed and with them open. I wanted her body. I wanted to feel it. I wanted to discover it. I wanted to hold it, naked, against mine. I wanted to undress it. I wanted to show her all the beauty she stores within it. I wanted to tell her how gorgeous she is. Then I wanted to have…no make love to her body and I wanted to do this all day long. “I’ll make love to you” I said. I was 24 when she was born and I am a very young 49. I could pass for ten to fifteen years younger and that’s no lie. She’s going to be 25 in a few days. I want her to feel me and hold me and touch me all over. I want her to feel my cock, a guy’s cock, and I want her to be happy about it all too. “Umm, so uhhh…here or in your uhhh room or uh where?” she said. “Do me a favor. Change into that piece you had on and come over in say…five minutes, okay?” I told her. God, she looked incredible. She did. With her long light brown hair lying against her shoulders and her thick and curvy shadowing physique practically calling out to me, I felt I had to be with her, against her, and on her. Oh did I ever. “You…look…absolutely…gorgeous” I told her. She mimicked a smile. It was an extremely attractive one. Her shoulders dipped. She looked away. She looked back at me. Her eyes couldn’t meet mine. We sat. We didn’t do anything, at first. We only sat side by side. I tried to “feel” her by me. Nothing at all but her by my side and although she looked gorgeous as ever, nothing was initiated because it didn’t seem to feel to be the right time or right at all, I told myself. “I don’t know” I said. “You don’t know what?” she came back. “You want me to…to make love to you but I’m not sure now is the…is the right time or moment for this” I told her. She didn’t move. She didn’t get up. “I want to know. I want to…do it…with someone.” “It will. It will happen…soon enough” I told her. She stood and left the room. I sat on my bed. All I pictured was her face, her sadness, and I also pictured her body and how it made me feel. I was slightly intrigued as well as a little aroused by her features. “God, Melissa…if you only knew…if only you felt me” I said to the air. She went out, around 7 that night, and I played the piano. I always love playing it on rainy nights. It’s romantic and soothes me a lot. It was almost eleven when I went to bed. I lay quietly listening to the sounds around me especially outside. I was at peace. I was lying on my back when I heard it. I heard the car come in and park. The door closed. I listened as the front door opened. My door was closed, but not locked. I left it cracked. “Hi Melissa” I said. She didn’t reply. Hmmm, I thought. I heard her doing something as I turned over on my side. I heard the door open, finally. I could smell her. Wow, could I ever too. It was soft, not too flowery, but it suggested ideas in my head. I didn’t see her, yet, either. “Hi” she said. “May I…sit down?” I turned over on my back. I was naked except for my underwear I put on earlier after taking a shower. I told her to feel free. I put my hands behind my head. I couldn’t see her at all. It was too dark out. “Will you do something?” she said. I said sure. “Touch me here. Touch me boobs.” WHAT…TOUCH YOUR…BOOBS, I had said to myself. “Will you, please?” I had begun to see her form take shape. She was wearing some kind of gown. What was she wearing beneath it? I sat up. She told me to hold her, touch her, and especially feel her boobs. My heart rate excelled. Did it ever. I sat up some more. I began to reach forward. I was hesitant. Something grabbed at me hand. Initially I pulled away from it but quickly realized it was her hand grabbing mine. She pulled at it and moved it towards her tit. We suddenly heard something weird outside. It had begun to sprinkle. Then it began raining, lightly. I kind of liked that. It made the evening romantic. Then I touched it. I felt her boob. It wasn’t very romantic but the palm of my hand and her boob touched one another. WOW. JESUS CHRIST, I thought. OH MY GOD, I told myself. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING. I breathed a few times as she pressed my hand harder into her tit. “Do you…do you like that?” she asked. Silence as I adjusted to what was going on. “Chuck, do you like feel me?” my daughter asked me. God, do I. Oh I wish I could hold them both. God, I wish I could remove this gown of yours and feel both of them. I’d even love to…to…oh god you have no idea I told myself as my eyes closed. She let go of it. No, don’t…don’t let go. Keep doing that, I told myself. Doesn’t she like it? “I like how it felt” she told me. Sitting and facing her I told her how I loved how her perfume smelled. But for some reason I couldn’t tell her how turned on I was about feeling her tits. I wanted to. They did turn me on. Feeling them, her tits, was extraordinary. Feeling them was heightening. I felt my cock tingle, more. I wanted her to know that too. I wanted to tell her how amplified, how turned on I was getting, but I couldn’t. Not at the moment I couldn’t. “How do you like this? How does it make you feel?” I asked her out of nowhere. Nothing. She was silent as I rubbed them lightly and gently. She sat facing me looking at me, I think although it was too dark to tell if she was actually gazing at my face. She sat breathing and taking it all in. But finally, after a few moments, she spoke. In her quiet voice she told me she liked it, a lot. “What else should I do?” she asked. What else…what else should you do? Put out…give it all up, I thought. Tell me to pull off your clothes and kiss your body all over, everywhere I guess. God that would be…it would be awesome, Melissa. You have no idea. You…have…no…idea…at…all I told myself. She grabbed hold of my hands and pulled them away telling me that was enough. I stopped and didn’t pursue her. She told me maybe another time but that she really did enjoy doing what we did- me feeling her breasts. “I liked that a lot” she said in a quiet voice, “but I’m going to go to bed. Thank you.” She stood and pulled herself together and thanked me again. She left. I didn’t know what she did afterward but I lay in the darkness thinking about her svelte boobs. They really did feel great underneath my fingers. Lying in bed I thought about her. I kept flashing back to the visions of her body in that piece she had on. Her hips, her legs were fabulous looking I kept telling myself. It got quieter and I became lonelier. I liked her being with me. I liked it a lot. Laying on my back I found myself beginning to rub myself. First my chest, then lower around my stomach, and all of a sudden I was rubbing my crotch and specifically my cock of course. I continued. I closed my eyes. I think I smiled some. I pictured her next to me. I pictured her running her hands, her fingernails up and over it. Slowly, softly, and easily she ran her fingernails across my hardening cock. I wished she was in here, doing that, teasing me, and letting her hand and fingers dance across and under… “Chuck…dad?” I swear I could hear. I stopped everything I was doing. I listened. Nothing. Quiet air all around me. I listened some more. Still nothing. Was that Melissa? Did she just call out my name? I swear I heard her say my name. I’m sure of it. Did she just… “Chuck…” Oh my god…she did. It was Melissa saying…calling out my name. I started to stand, slowly, not sure if it was the right thing, but I adjusted my underwear and went and for some reason put on a pajama top. I walked out and down towards her room. I began to look in it. “Melissa” I began “did you just…call out my name?” Silence. “Yes, would you come here…for a minute?” I walked in to her room and over to her bed. “It’s okay, you can sit down” and she patted the bed. I looked at her. I looked at her hard. It was difficult to see her seeing as it was so dark in the house but there was some light flowing into her room from outside. Her voice was quiet and soft. “I did like it, a lot, when you touched me.” She was quiet again. “Would you do it again, please?” She lay back, com completely resting her head on her pillows. Something was telling me I was going to totally love this, but to be careful too. She had to do it again. She reached out and found my hand and planted it on her boob. She and I nestled her hand over and over her tit. “Mmmmmm Chuck…I love how that feels. God do I” she told me. “Come here. Lay next to me. Hold me. Hold me close…and tight. Will you? ” she said. I felt my cock tingle but it didn’t become hard. Reach down and pet it. Reach down and stroke it, continuously. Reach down and inside my underwear and stroke me. Ohhh if only you really knew, I thought. “Do you like being against me like this?” she said. “I like how you feel against me. I like how your body feels against me.” Silence as we held one another. Then she said “How come…how come you’ve never done this…before?” “I don’t know. I didn’t…I haven’t ever seen you like this but when I saw you earlier, when you were looking at yourself in the mirror I wanted…no, I said to myself I had to have you. However, I wanted to be with you and hold you in an intimate way…if you’d have me that is” I told her. “Then show me what it’s like to make love…please…please Chuck.” I rolled her over. Seeing as I couldn’t see her eyes or face too well I ran my fingers in a loving manner down over her nose then her lips. I leaned in. I kissed her lips, lightly. I reached up. I stroked her hair. It felt nice. I stroked it again and then found her cheek. I stroked it. She let me. I held her by the back too. It was soft, slightly spongy, but sexy. “You feel…you really feel sexy to me” I told her. Before I knew it I felt her taking off her gown. I felt my senses heightening. I felt pings and pangs growing inside my thighs. I told her she aroused me. She took my hand and again placed it against her boob. She told me to rub it and also her nipple. I did as she asked. Her nipple felt awesome. I rubbed it more. I heard her mouth a squeal of some kind. I then heard her quietly moan. I leaned in. I placed my mouth against her budding bosom and kissed it. She liked it and told me to do that again. I did, but I didn’t stop. I couldn’t stop. I wanted her, all of her now. “I want you…all of you” I said. “Then make love to all of me” she said. I not only kissed the one boob but I did the same thing to the other boob and before we knew it she was arching up and off the bed. Before I knew it not only was I kissing and making love to her breasts but I was kissing her belly and sides. She pushed in against my mouth as I kissed her upper body. I rolled her over. I kissed her back, her shoulders, and I moved on down just above her butt. “Ooooooohh” she moaned louder. “Ohhh yes…yes” she groaned. “Make love to me more” so I kissed her butt cheeks. God they were incredible feeling and I told her too. Yielding and so supple I probably kissed them more then needed but they felt great. “Oh my god… OH MY GOD YES…YES… KISS MY LEGS, MY BODY…MAKE LOVE TO IT ALL” she said loudly. So I did…I kissed all the way down her legs and back up to her ass. She flipped over and took hold of me and hugged me and told me how she loved what I’d done. I told her she had an exquisite figure. Before I knew it and I didn’t even realize it I was hard and I was hornier then ever so I told her “Will you do me a favor?” She asked what. “Will you…hold my cock?” There was nothing. No movement by her or by me but I waited. And I waited some more. And I waited some… Ohhhhhhh…ooooooohh…for a man, me, to have his cock held again felt great. How her fingers wrapped around my erection and how she held it ever so lightly it felt great. “Ohhhhhhh that feels wonderful Melissa” I told her. “Really…just holding you like that…it feels wonderful?” she said. “Yes” I told her bring her down on top of me. I loved how her tits felt. I loved how her body felt too. “God you are so sexy” I said. “Really?” and she kissed my lips, hard. She kissed me passionately. Before I knew it somehow my underwear were off my body and we were one with nature. Her pussy was not shaved, but it was trimmed. By feeling it and touching her down there I could tell. I felt her clitoris and she jumped it felt so exciting to her. “Melissa, I’m going to ask you something, personal…real personal…but you don’t have to answer it. Do you ever…ever play with yourself?” Silence. I waited. “Yes” she finally said. “Do you like doing it?” I asked. “Yes” she said. “But it probably, even though it’s not the same thing, isn’t as good, right?” “I guess but it does feel good” she told me. “Do you have toys or do you just use your-” “I have a dildo” she said. “Cool” I told her. “If you ever want someone to uhhh assist you on that” and I smiled although she didn’t see it I went on to say “I’ll always help you.” “But what I’d really like is to feel a guy’s cock in me. That’s what I’d like.” Hmmmmmmm, I thought, and would I be that guy? “Can I help in that area?” “You can” she said. “But let’s do this uhhh slowly seeing as it is my uh first time.” “It isn’t…seeing as you’ve used a dildo.” “I love you” she said and then told me to put my dick in her pussy.

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