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Cousin For Cousin

Cousin for Cousin

By stoneypoint - Oct 30, 2008 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 17210 Wandering around the party, he had been looking at each of them. Cutie after cutie, long blondish brown hair, and each one with tight shirts on, they were showing off their blazing hot titties. They were small, but defiant, but to him each was delicious and succulent.
“Too young?” he wondered “nah, not for me; uh uhh never too young for me” he thought. “God I’d like to eat that out, or her or her or wow even her.” Robbie turned and went inside and looked for a bathroom. Once done he ran into one of his aunts who remembered him. They talked as he assessed her good looks too. Maybe a smidgen too old for him, she had a great figure and more.
“You’re looking… good these days. How have ya been Aunt Trudy?”
His question seemed strange to her. She wondered what he was really thinking, but she told him she was doing well, and asked him what he had been doing the last 10 years. She mentioned how well he grew up and he wondered why she’d ask that.
“I’m great, but you look better then I ever expected. How old are you now?”
It was a dumb question. You don’t ask a woman her age especially not after she turns 30 or 35. She caught them. Yep she caught his eyes checking her out, but in turn she was checking him out. He saw her doing it too. He had grown to 6’ 2” and was looking like a nice young man. He told her she seemed like she was in good shape, still wondering how old she was. That was the only thing on his mind be it any girl or woman, but Robbie always checked any chick out. If she had tits, his eyes were on them. He checked her out again. They talked some more. Mindless chatter it worked for him. It worked for her.
“Well I’ll keep an eye out for ya; we can get together later?” he said. She nodded and patted his arm. That was a definite turn on. He put her on his list.
He turned to walk out to get another beer. There was dad as usual talking to another woman. There was mom as usual talking to another man. It must run in the family. Sex on their brains maybe, he didn’t care. He was having his own little private fun. Titties here, titties there, and then of course, Aunt Trudy’s boobs, but hers were more then titties. They were real solid looking mature women’s boobs. They weren’t those ice cream scooper size titties. All of them, the young one’s had who were showing off their newfound ripe sized, coming of age boobies.
But all of a sudden he heard something. He turned to see what the shuffling was. Nobody was around. But he heard squeaking. Tennis shoes he wondered. He looked again. Then he saw them. Top of the stairs, two long legs, and both of them attached to something overwhelming. Or maybe not, but he could not drag his eyes off them.
“Jesus Christ” he exclaimed. Two long and full and shapely legs with small ankles, but powerful ankles attached to sexy calves attached to… “Ohhh shit!” he exclaimed again. “Those thighs” he said to himself. “Immaculate, generous, and long-lasting thighs which were juicy fuckable thighs at that” he told himself.
His jaw was open. His eyes were open wider then when he was scanning his younger looking cousins. But this beauty, this tall attractive, and brazen beauty came waltzing down the stairs dressed in some tennis outfit. Carrying a racquet in her hand, her tennis skirt was mighty short. Too short for words even and then he saw the top. A white sleeveless tennis top, pink accents running through it too, and it was tight against her full figure. It was showing off her athletic curves. Her beauty, it was indescribable. She was his dream of dreams. A woman prettier then almost all the women he had come across.
Sex on the brain, it must run in the family. “Does it cross ‘lines?’” he wondered. He hoped so. She must have been proud of how she looked. She was a diva. She was a goddess. Boobs and body and legs and lips and even her hair and eyes, they all stood out. Especially those thighs and boobs… god did they stand out.
“Shit” he said aloud. Suddenly he felt it, an erection in his pants, and he knew he had to make adjustments to it. “Damn” he said quietly. Too late, she was down the stairs already. Now she saw him! She smiled at him. Her smile was even bigger as if someone took notice.
“Hi!” she said looking at her cousin “I’m Amanda, how are you?” Her eyes were gleaming. His cock felt the tingling. She paid attention to him. She said hi to him. “What’s your name?” his cousin asked. He was dumbfounded by her exquisite beauty, the attention she laid on him, and he was distracted by the boner forming in his pants. She cocked her head. Smile still on her face she asked again. “How are you?”
“Oh, uh I’m fine uhh umm Amanda. I’m good.” He said his name, stuck out his hands, but his eyes were glued to them. Her tits, her outfit, her tits, and he just could not get his eyes off of them. Was she a pixie? She seemed to act like one. Cheery, chirpy, and bouncy she had all those qualities a 16 year old has, but she was not 16 and she was not 18 and she was not even 21. How old she was, he had no idea. But it didn’t matter because she was pretty and she had boobs and if he had it his way those boobs her sports bra was supporting would be in his hands, supported by them in some back bedroom somewhere. She was clueless he thought. “Playing tennis, huh?” he asked. “With whom?” he said.
She said she didn’t know, but she had some offers. He said he played, but he didn’t really. He had only played a few times. He wondered why she was all dressed as if in a competition, and while thinking it she asked of he wanted to play with her.
“God if you only knew” he mused “if you only knew how much I’d like to play with them.” She asked again. He seemed distant like his mind was somewhere else. It was; inside her top actually as it felt them, measured their dimensions, and delighting that he could be the one holding them in his hands, in his mouth, and maybe shoving his boner inside them. The pangs worsened, his boner’s cravings too, and it wanted her tits, her rotund uprights and when, it wasn’t soon enough to him.
They decided to run up the street. They could walk to a local park. It wasn’t far away. He’d enjoy it for sure. Her short tennis skirt, her solid succulent thighs, and that sleeveless tight tennis top… oh shit, he felt he was almost, almost in heaven.
He said it. It slipped out. He wasn’t going to say a word. She is his cousin, but did he care, nope not with an older girl like her. Then he asked her. It was a slip of the tongue again. He wasn’t planning on asking her. First he said she looked great in her outfit then he asked her how old she actually was. But she didn’t mind saying. She loved the attention she was getting. His eyes made her feel nice. His probing questions were cute.
“So how old are you?” she asked. He lied and told her. “24 huh, wow you seem uhh younger then that. You’ll appreciate it when you get older. Uhh at least that’s what I hear.” She giggled.
He laughed with her. He told himself to remember it. Then he asked another probing question. He asked if she was dating currently. She stopped and turned. Usually only guys trying to hit on her would ask those types of questions she thought. Still, she smiled, and said she wasn’t, and asked if he was dating anyone and if he wasn’t, why not because he was a good looking guy.
She turned him on some more. His cock was solid. He couldn’t run from side to side on a tennis court with a long hard thing stuck between his legs. That was going to deter him. Plus watching her solid and curvy body wiggle from one side to the other, and then have to deal with her big boobs bouncing up and down “well fuck man, how the hell am I going to handle all that?” he wondered.
“Are you okay?” she asked. He couldn’t run from side to side. He could hit them back if he reached them, but that fucking cock was rubbing his inner thigh since he tucked it away. “I mean it seems like you’re having some trouble running. Is your leg hurting you?” she asked.
He told her he was having some problem with it, with his angle, but especially his thigh. She said she studied physical therapy and if he wanted she could look at his legs.
“Oh god no, oh god yes… what the hell am I thinking?” He’d love for her to come and put her hands on his legs. He’d love for her to come over, get down on her knees, and look over his legs just so he could stare at them, admire them, and maybe get the words out right to persuade her to… “Nah that’s ridiculous man” he thought.
She asked if he wanted her to look at his legs. It wasn’t a problem. She said she wouldn’t mind it. What a free bird she was. A free spirit in fact he thought. Like not a care in the world and maybe even do it with a relative, a cousin, and one who she called good looking verbatim.
She came over, knelt down, and felt his legs. They were quivering. She wasn’t sure why. She looked up at him. It was hard. It was riveting thunderous pangs all through his body. He pinched it with the muscles in his groin wishing it would go away fro the moment or at least downsize some. He was hot. He was flushed. He felt a need to touch her. Even feel her hair, her shoulders for starters, and see what happens from there. But maybe that was not cool. Maybe he was barking up the wrong tree. She was his cousin, but he had no idea, he didn’t care. She was older, much prettier, and she probably could fuck with great ambition.
“So you don’t date huh? I can’t figure that out?”
She asked him why he’d want to know something like that. She told him it was a strange question coming from a cousin. He said he didn’t know, but felt they hit it off, felt something weird about her, and he apologized saying he wouldn’t bring it up. But she did. She asked him the same question. She asked him why he wasn’t seeing anyone. It didn’t make any sense to her. She continued rubbing his legs, rubbing higher, and even higher.
“Uhhhh don’t do that” he told her. He pushed her hands away from that area. That area was his groin. She had come to close for comfort. She didn’t realize it. He did. He was the one tingling, pounding, and he was the one sporting a boner for his cousin.
She rubbed his legs. She asked questions, but she asked an off the wall question. “You ever have sex?” He looked up like it was a dumb question. She apologized. “I don’t know why I asked that but I suppose I was wondering. I mean you’re what” and then it came to her. “Duh how stupid am I? I mean you are ummm what did you say, how old are you?”
Realizing he was 24 she apologized. With hesitancy she asked what it was like for him. She knew it was a personal thing, a private matter, but she wanted to know and they were cousins but she wanted to know. She wanted to know what it was like, what it had felt like for him, and who cares if he was her cousin. Regardless of cousins were supposed to be like siblings, why couldn’t she ask? She really didn’t know him and he didn’t really know her.
He looked at her. He asked her how many times she’s had sex. Amanda blushed, but she smiled and decided to hold off answering the question. She would have told him, but she wasn’t sure she should. He asked her again. He could feel her boobs. He could feel her boobs swarming around his aching, throbbing erection. It still throbbed and for whatever reasons, it ached to see her tits.
She had no idea, but he hoped she would. He looked at them again, but she had looked away. God they were incredible and they even looked better in that tight sleeveless tennis top she had on.
“Do you know something?” he said. It was a slip of the tongue. It was a momentary mental lapse of some kind. She looked up at him and asked what. “You have awesome boobs… for a cousin that is.”
There was silence between them and neither looked at one another. They heard the wind in the trees. They heard some cars pas by. But most of all they could hear the distant laughter of the party, the reunion a couple blocks away.
She looked down. She looked at her short tennis skirt. Crouched down it had pulled up showing lots more skin then maybe warranted for a cousin. But she looked at her boobs and with out scooting some she couldn’t see her legs. She always liked her boobs. Back a few years ago she used to do stuff on the internet, but she kind of grew out of that. She always loved to play with them a few years back. Still does, but only when she’s really lonely, really bored, and she hasn’t dated in a couple years. She hasn’t had sex in a couple years.
In a humble comeback she said “You think so?”
He looked at her. She didn’t get disgusted with him. He did not smile. He knew he made a mistake or thought he had by saying it. Regardless of all the “ice cream scooper” titties at the party, she was better then his Aunt Trudy although she was a banger too. But connecting with Amanda well that was a coupe in its own right.
“Ummm yeah I do… I really do. I mean if I was a boyfriend ummm I’d tell you that.”
There was a long silence again. Both heard all the same sounds. Finally she said “Thanks… I guess I like them too.”
“I have to tell you something.”
“Another compliment?” she asked. She smiled and laughed.
He said he could offer her a few but he had to tell her something that he lied about. She looked up with a half serious face. She was curious. “I’m only 21.”
“So it isn’t like you’re jail bait, right?” she said.
He laughed, she laughed, and he said he had to tell her one other thing. She asked if he lied about it. “No, I never lied about this, but when I saw you come down those stairs I got turned on. I mean seriously turned on. Like horny, boner turned on” he told her.
She fell back. Fell back on her ass. She couldn’t believe her ears. She didn’t get up and storm away. He didn’t feel embarrassed enough to walk away from her either. They were quiet, but then she asked him something odd. She asked if he ever went skinny dipping. That turned him on. She saw a strange but familiar look in his eyes, his face.
“Are you uhhhh horny again, Robbie?” He wouldn’t admit it, but not saying anything said it all. “Wanna go skinny dipping with me? We keep our distances, okay? And if you wanna you can keep your underwear on? I probably will. Maybe I won’t. I don’t know, but ya wanna? ”
He was ultra horny. He nodded his head, forced a smile, she hopped up, and grabbed hold of his hand. She led him to the secluded pond a few more blocks away. She told him to undress in one area behind some shrubs and she went to another. She slid in as he watched her between branches try to do so without being noticed. She yelled out at him to come in. The water was warm. It felt great.
“Yeah I bet it does on those big tits” he thought.
“Come on fraidy cat” she said again.
She was com completely naked except for her panties. He watched to make sure she wasn’t looking and he and his boner stepped in and crouched below the water line enough so she wasn’t able to see his erection. They walked around, splashed water, and talked about growing up. He became more relaxed around her and his boner finally subsided. He felt the tingling disappear. He felt his excitability dissipate. Was he no longer aroused by her? He didn’t know but he hoped he would be. She was long legged, curvy, and with a great tight but fuller figure for her age.
“Come here” she called out. He did and she said “Wanna touch them?” She looked at her boobs. It all came back to roost. The pangs, the anxiety, the hormones all of it came shuffling back to arouse his loins. His penis was standing at attention instantly.
“Oh god” he moaned as quietly as he could. She heard it and saw the same odd look on his face. She knew. She wanted to feel her cousin’s erection. His breathing was odd. She smiled waiting for him to touch them. He reached in never looking at her once and he touched one then touched the other. “Ohhhhhhh god, oh wow” he said groaning.
“Go on, I don’t mind” she said. She shrugged her shoulders, leaned in slightly, urging him to keep on feeling her larger boobs. “That’s nice” said the free spirited cousin. “I like how nice that is. You are gentle.” Then she teased him and added “Where have you been all my life?” She laughed. He asked what city she was living in. It was too far away fro them to see each other. “You can come down. I know a real neat place we can skinny dip at. Just you, me and our naked bodies… Is that good for you?”
He nodded quickly, smiled, and without warning plowed his head into them rattling her boobs with ferocity against the insides of them. Moaning as he went about doing it both delighted in his antics. For him it was a nice addition to how he was feeling already. To her it was simply the lost and forgotten attention she and her body hadn’t received in a couple years.
“Wanna titty fuck them?” she asked.
“Do I… do I… oh god I’d be in heaven if I could. I’d titty fuck you and I’d fuck your tummy and I’d turn ya over and fuck your butt cheeks and-”
“Whoa… whoa, fuck my butt cheeks as in butt fuck me… uh uhh no way Robbie.”
“No just like titty fucking, Amanda. I’d slip my cock inside the cheeks and… well maybe that wouldn’t work especially since we don’t have uhh Vaseline or something.” She was actually disappointed. She wanted to try that as well as the titty fucking too. He grabbed hold of her hand, led her out of the water, and laid her on the ground and instead of doing her tits and doing her ass cheeks he shuffled down between her legs, spread out her smooth full thighs and dug his tongue and lips into her pussy going at her with a smooth easy touch.
“You’ve done this before” she said at start.
He mumbled that he had as he enjoyed the hairless, warm moisture of her lips and innards. Soft but tight she began he contortions, her hips moving from one side to the next as she felt him inside her wallowing and pleasuring in her vaginal beauty. Like her it was sumptuous. Feeling her lips as he dug deeper inside it, loving the opportunity more and more, but it was better then that as her moans worsened. Her moans were louder and more frequent. Her hips and ass began to rise off the grassy floor and his erection was ready to give out. Could he hold himself? Could he hold it in? He didn’t think he was able to. This was too much; much more then he predicted.
Having sex with a willing, able bodied older cousin, and her moans turned to begging and pleading as she pushed her body into his mouth. “God go in further” she’d cry out. “Further god damn it” she’d beg and he’d try and get even further in her. But he was unable to go further and his fingers were doing their best; she was at the pinnacle as was Robbie.
“Want me to stick it in ya?” he said.
He didn’t hear her say yes but he started to do it anyway. She stopped him before he climbed her and shook her head and he crawled back inside her with his tongue. He swirled it around as rapidly as he could and teased the clit just as ambitiously. She squealed and she humped and suddenly he felt something. Cream came gushing out of her warm layers. He kept stinging her with the ferocious beast as his tongue rambunctiously swirled all over. She praised him and acted as nothing was different then having an old time lover in her bed.
But Robbie was ready and since she climaxed she was gonna feel his load. He climbed over her winding full hips, up near be hearty boobs, and Robbie started stroking it madly for her. She watched and delighted as she saw him expend it and it blew ferociously against her soft vigorous boobs. His cock was humongous, she’d never forget that, and his cum he paid out to her as homage to her beauty was as magnificent as any she ever had.
She swirled all over her tits then against his decreasing boner, and she looked at him and said “You, me… we gotta find a bed Robbie. We gotta find a bed and have some good old fashion sex. You up for that?” she said.
“Hell yes! I can titty fuck ya, fuck your butt cheeks… You down with that?” he asked.
She laughed and told him to bring the lube.

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