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Even In The Best Families

Even In The Best Families

By Peter_Pan - Mar 18, 2008 - From incest_taboo. Incest and Taboo - Views - 28127 In what circumstances should a teenage girl best discover the facts of life? Sex Ed class? The back seat of a Pontiac GTO? Or during one of those late-night mom-daughter chats? For young Shelley, her sexual initiation was to take a far more direct route - in bed with her parents!
But have you ever even thought about DOING anything improper as far as Shelley is concerned Greg?" She was staring at her husband as one might a laboratory specimen. "Be honest with me, I promise I won't hold it against you hun - I'm just interested.
"Jesus Christ, " Greg was thinking, "What father if he was honest had never once looked at his eighteen-year old daughter, if only in a moment of surging hormonal unrest, and wondered what it would be like to shove her face-down on the bed, tug those hot little panties down beneath that damnably clingy little nightdress and bring her fully up to date on sex-ed while she moaned herself stupid like Justin Timberlake in the recording studio.
"Well Trace, " he replied, figuring the jury was gonna return a guilty verdict in any event, "Since you ask, yeah, I guess I have noticed our daughter has kinda grown-up of late. Hard to miss really - well from a male viewpoint." Tracey sat up straight in bed, hugging her knees.
"You're avoiding my question though Greggy. Have you ever gone past the "noticing" stage? I mean..." she paused, looking for the right words, "Has it ever reached the, you know..fantasy stage?
Greg was distinctly uncom comfortable in the witness stand. "Come on Tracey, " he replied, "You're asking me if I have ever thought about having sex with my eighteen- year old daughter?" He sat there staring at his wife. "You know?" he muttered, "All this research you're doing for your Psyche major is messing with your mind Tracey. You're gonna end up wondering if every man fits your lecturer's profile of an urban rapist... if not the local neighborhood pedophile."
"Don't get mad with me hun, " she pouted, suddenly all hurt and vulnerable. "I was just wanting to get a male perspective here... especially from a guy with a young daughter. Doesn't mean I think you're actually gonna try anything with her - God forbid!" He studied his still very attractive wife, barely into her mid thirties. Aggression he had learned early in life, was a handy defense tactic.
"Ok Trace, now you be honest with me. OK?" She slipped effortlessly into her cute- as-a-button look! "Does the thought of me doing stuff to Shelley turn you on at all?" He saw the look of abject horror cross her face at much the same time he heard the sharp intake of breath. He couldn't be sure, but that looked much like a suppressed blush she was battling to come to terms with concurrently.
"How could you ask such a thing Greg?" she responded abruptly.
"I'll take that as a "Yes, " I think, " he smirked, half aware suddenly that the subject matter was causing a stiffening of his nether regions, an actuality which might be construed as counter-productive under the circumstances. Now his wife was visibly blushing. "Shelley's just a young girl Greg, " she muttered, "Our eighteen-year old daughter... let's get real here!"
"Well you started the topic Trace, " he replied, moving across to her and running his hand suggestively up her thigh. "I can't be responsible for what might happen." He had reached the hem of her nightdress and began pushing the soft material upwards. She wasn't breathing all that regularly he noted with keen interest. Idly watching the progress of her hemline as it inched its way north, she became curiously aroused. At the point her panties were exposed, she felt deliciously alert to the possibilities, and making no pretence at closing up her legs, allowed her husband's hand free- passage to its fully indecent destination.
Greg of course was slipping his hand up inside his daughter's panties right that moment. Only the rising tide of his wife's arousal snapped him back to the real world. "Jesus Trace, " he mumbled, "You're really up for it tonight aren't you?" he added, in response to the already accumulated moisture on-site. "Sure you're not thinking about our conversation just now?"
The fact is, Tracey was imagining those very fingers encroaching upon her daughter's virginal and fully- unchartered genitalia. In her mind, she could hear already the delicate gasps as the girl's father relieved her first of her PJ's and subsequently her tight little panties... Never had Tracey been so wet. In no mood now for continued foreplay, all she wanted was his cock as far up her slippery little pussy as she could get it. Greg's needs mirrored his wife's decadent urges and pushing her back on the pillow he was stunned to see her lying there, legs spread to the max, as she held her panties aside for him like a cheap whore. It was a look he could get used to.
Not by any stretch of the imagination could the casual observer have declared this to be a love-making session. Greg simply was raping with impunity, the local slut whose personal needs ran to getting herself fucked insensible on a regular basis. Not exactly a case of intended synchronicity, yet both participants reached their orgasmic plateau at the same moment. It was only seconds past the finishing line that she realized her bra straps either side had been snapped in her husband's frenetic need to disrobe her. Both breasts she noted with not a little satisfaction, bore the marks of intense groping, while her nipples quite evidently, could have supported a four-player tag-team of hoop-la! As they floated jointly into that post-coital haze of shared-contentment in which the principal activity is that concerned with a leveling out of the respiratory process - neither were game to air their suspicions as to their partner's agreeably hands-on participation in what could justifiably be termed. "the union of the month." After all, why run the risk of self-incrimination?
"Goodnight hun, "
Throughout the following day, Greg's mind just wasn't on his job while Tracey found concentrating on household chores, not far off impossible. What both were thinking about however would have embarrassed the most committed of social workers, if not your average Supreme Court Judge.
"Can you help me with my final assignment dad?" Shelley asked of her father after dinner two nights later. "My teacher is soo dumb - he doesn't explain anything to us." Looking at his daughter slumped elbows-first across the table, cradling her cheeks in her hands and pouting rather inelegantly, he was again made so aware of the unutterable appeal of youthful innocence. With her skirt displaying several inches of visible thigh in that posture, and the curve of those breasts more than evident beneath her school blouse, Greg felt the on-set of those now quite familiar stirrings.
"Sure honey, " he replied, and putting down the newspaper he went over and sat beside her at the table.
Half an hour later, having explained the significance of "the Indo-China War” he found himself staring at that blemish-free visage, those cute little wispy brown curls at either temple and that wonderfully smooth ski- ramp as it descended invitingly beneath her top two buttons. She smelt of youth and promise!
"What are you looking at dad?" she asked suddenly but not accusingly. It snapped him out of his reverie.
"Nothing sweetheart, " he replied, "Just thinking how very pretty you are and how much I love you." The soft blush which invaded her cheeks melted his heart.
Some three hours later, standing beneath the hot shower, Shelley watched fascinated as rivulets of steaming water snaked across her naked breasts. Idly, she toyed with a nipple. It felt nice and her mind wandered. She remembered her father staring at her so lovingly while helping with her homework earlier. He was a really good-looking man she had to admit. She had never really thought of him that way before, but there again she had never been playing with her nipples like this either. She gave a little gasp and dropped her hands to her sides. "God, look how erect they are?" she thought to herself. Having dried off, she took longer than usual with her underwear..."What would it be like having dad dress me now?" she pondered momentarily before chiding herself for having such thoughts.
The comfort-inducing heat from the shower must be causing these mind-slips she decided. Looking-in on her parents on the way back to her bedroom she just leaned around the door and uttered a breezy "Night mom, night dad... thanks for all the help!"
"Come and give me kiss sweetheart, " Greg called out to his daughter as he nestled comfortably his side of the huge bed, reading the last chapter of "The Da Vinci Code." Scuttling across the room, she climbed up on the bed and proffered a cheek for her father to kiss her. In the fraction of time it had taken her to cover that short distance, Greg had an eyeful of that curvy body, little of which was hidden by those yummy little PJ's which he noted, had thoughtfully ridden-up at the waist slightly as she navigated the coverlet.
The scent of soap, body lotion and scrubbed young female were almost more than he could stand.
"Gosh dad!" she giggled as he kissed her full on the lips, passing-up the cheek option in favor of the more stimulating facial contact. In that second she almost understood. She was still looking at him, emotions in turmoil, hormones on red-alert when her mother whispered, "Now don't go teasing your father Shelley, he's only a man after all."
Now she really blushed. "He kissed me mom!!" she giggled.
It was too much for Greg. Seizing his daughter around the waist, he pulled her to him. There was he noticed, something less than a degree of measured resistance. This time the kiss was protracted. He could feel his wife's eyes taking in the extraordinary scene. If it was doing to her what it was doing to him, his daughter was in big trouble.
"Dad!!" she mumbled, pulling back from him, eyes now the size of saucers. "You shouldn't be doing that!"
The far side of the bed, Tracey watched her daughter's enforced lip-action, com complete with a sudden hot flush at the point Shelley's clearly defined little rear end was starkly outlined beneath her PJ pants as her father pulled her closer. Slipping marginally lower, the vaguest onset of her cleft became visible. Tracey felt the rapid moisture build-up between her own legs. Pulling her forwards once more, Greg kissed his daughter even harder. Confused yet aroused, the young girl responded, temporarily forgetting her mother's presence behind her.
"I love you sweetheart, " he whispered. "Do you like me kissing you like that?" Embarrassed all to Hell, she just nodded shyly avoiding his eye contact. She started suddenly as her mother reached across and laid a hand on her daughter's shoulder. "It's OK Shelley, " she said, "I know dads aren't supposed to kiss their daughters like that - but it feels good, right?"
The girl turned and glanced towards her mother. "Did Grandpa ever kiss you like that mom?" she asked plaintively. "Oh, yes honey, he did, " she lied, wondering what God-forsaken waters they were all entering here.
Aware now that his wife too was encroaching upon the borders of what might be termed reckless endangerment, he hugged Shelley tighter. Even through his pyjama top he could feel her quite small breasts pressing up against his chest. Whatever problems Darth Vader had to handle when confronted with the Dark Side he decided, were but minor distractions compared to the twin forces of lust and desire that were now imprinting their will on his emotions.
"Hey sweetheart, " he muttered, disengaging his arm from her waist, "Just get yourself com comfortable here - like you used to do when you were a little girl Shelley. He patted the coverlet between himself and Tracey. Confused and aware that the situation was moving far to the right of normal parental affection, the young girl was nevertheless excited - both by her father's kisses and his close proximity.
Something inside her wanted his attention...needed it, at whatever cost. Nestled between them, she lay on her back now almost willing her father to kiss her again. She did not need exert much in the way of telepathy as he leaned over and lightly kissed her soft and undeniably compliant lips. Reaching upwards, she put her arms around his neck. "Oh God Shelley, " he was barely able to vocalize. "You are so beautiful."
He kissed her this time with unrestrained passion and the girl returned her feelings in kind. Watching closely and with one hand beneath the covers yet well inside her panties now gently caressing her clitoral hood, Tracey had never felt such rising need for sexual gratification. Unable to prevent herself, she leaned across, laid her free hand across her daughter's upper chest and very gently cupping her right breast, squeezed the softness beneath. Shelley let out a gasp of utter shock at her mom's forward if not outrageous attentions and for a moment, breaking off from her father's kiss, just stared at the hand molesting her so pleasantly.
"Nooo mom, " she managed to utter softly, but no sooner had the words exited her trembling lips than she saw her father's hand descend to her other breast whereupon he began openly fondling her through the thin pyjama top. "Ohh!" was all she could manage from there-on in, and at the point her father withdrew his hand temporarily, simply to commence undoing her top buttons, she was but whimpering her tepid resistance.
Jointly removing her top, conjuring her slim wrists free of the protective shirt, both parents now stared at her skimpy little bra, across which she was nervously crossing her arms with not inconsiderable coquettish appeal. A blush pervaded both cheeks as Greg laid her gently back on the coverlet, coaxing her arms aside so that they could look upon what nature had so wondrously concocted. As might an archaeologist treat a bone- fragment with revered deliberation, Shelley watched in a state of borderline anxiety as her father slipped his hand slowly inside her left bra-cup. She was unable to prevent a slight gasp from escaping her lips as his fingers closed around the softness it contained, before gently manipulating the increasingly erect nipple.
"Feel her Tracey, " he muttered, much to the shocked ears of the eighteen-year old. "She's the hottest little thing." Following her husband's somewhat self-centered indulgence, Tracey slipped her hand inside her daughter's bra enclosing the blossoming mound. Shelley, for all her trepidation, found herself squirming with unforced pleasure.
The sensations being afforded her young body were in no immediate likelihood of being satisfied and thus she simply lay there, arms at her side, watching herself being fondled.
"Does that feel nice darling?" Tracey asked of her daughter whilst slipping her fingers beneath her shoulder strap. Following his wife's lead, Greg began slipping her other strap down her arm. As her pert little breasts - and in reality even for a girl only just turned eighteen, they were on the small side - slid into view, she gave a little cry of almost childish embarrassment and made to cover her breasts with her hands.
"It’s Ok honey, " said Tracey, "Don't cover-up, let your dad see how pretty you are!" Right that moment however, Greg was more of a mind taking-in just how sexy his young daughter was. Exposed and vulnerable as she undoubtedly appeared to be, Shelley was in fact experiencing many hot flushes and becoming more aware by the moment of the influence that her partial nakedness was having on her father. That her mother seemed keen for her to act in this fashion in front of her dad was something she could not understand or interpret, yet she felt instinctively that it was affording her mom pleasure also. Her instincts were being suppressed and her sense of the acceptable blurred, by this wholly confronting activity.
It was at the point her dad inclined his head and kissed her left nipple that she experienced a wholly new sensation. Pleasure, rippling outwards..across her breasts and down her abdomen. She arched her back slightly as she let out an involuntary cry of pleasure. Holding her wrist, Tracey kissed her daughter the other side. Almost on cue, both parents began to suckle the young girl who simply closed her eyes, breathing with irregularity and making the occasional soft gasping sound. Tracey could feel how wet she was getting, the milky aroma of her daughter's beautiful little mounds and the inbound sensations from sucking gently on that now erect little nipple, was befuddling her logic circuits.
She guessed what condition her husband must be in working the same magic just across the way and she wondered almost distractedly, how long it might be before her daughter discovered what lay beneath - as it were! Greg was indeed approaching critical-mass at that specific point within his pyjama pants and the more he suckled his daughter, the greater the girth of his penile extension. Fully unable to prevent the inevitable, he slid his left hand beneath the waistband of Shelley's PJ pants and inched his way inside her cotton briefs.
With a decisive "Noo dad..not there, " she pulled his hand out, but not before he had felt the wetness on site and the heat being generated. Tracey backed up from her on-going milking technique. "Let your dad touch you honey... he won't hurt you and if you can just relax a bit, you will really enjoy his fingers down there."
"Mom, that's grotty. I can't let dad touch me like that. You wouldn't like it if I let boys at school do that would you?"
"Well Shell, no I guess I wouldn't, " she answered slowly. "But this is different, something just between the three of us and your dad just wants to make you feel good. I love you both sweetheart and your dad would do nothing to hurt you. You know that." She saw her daughter's sudden indecision and unseen by Shelley, indicated the fact by subtle glance, to her husband.
Leaning across he began kissing his daughter once more which brought-on a further series of sighs and not a few hip wriggles of pleasure. Once again he introduced his hand to that dark and shadowy tunnel beneath the abdominal entrance to her pyjama bottoms but keeping this time, topside of her panties. She opened her eyes in wide-eyed disbelief but stayed her hand this time. He felt his way south. Just the sensation of having his hand atop her soft and delicate mound brought his hormones into interactive disharmony.
His erection was straining against his boxers in anticipation of an early release and Shelley's involuntary but discernible spreading of her legs just topped-off his unbearable need. Pushing inwards, he felt the girl's labia separate and here of course wetness reigned supreme. Tracey watched as her "baby" uttered her first groans of sexual need and inclining her face to her daughter's well hardened nipples drew down, feeling as she did a thrill of ecstasy herself at being allowed to nuzzle the sweet breasts that she herself had brought into being.
"Oh dad, that feels soo good, " she uttered, as her father began his rhythmic caressing of her still childlike ingress. She was discovering her hips had a mind of their own, pushing up noticeably towards her father's fully distended fingers whilst the sensation of her mother's lips at her breast concurrently, was causing her nerve endings to send frantic two-way messages between her nipples and clitoris. The latter being an area that at the behest of her father's on-going digital pressure, was now she could feel, very erect and in a state of high arousal.
Waves of pleasure were building up inside her. Nothing had ever felt this good. When therefore Greg suddenly pulled his hand free, she cried out in anguish at the sudden cessation of his touch.
"What is it dad?" she asked, "Why did you stop?" He grinned like the torturer just handed a fully re-stocked brazier.
"Cramp sweetheart, " he teased, "The elastic is cutting off my circulation. C'mon Shell, just turn over for me, get on your hands and knees and let's get those PJ's off."
Giggling, she did as her father asked and fairly wriggled out of her pants as he tugged them off her. Unable to wrest his eyes from her taut breasts clearly visible between her arms as she knelt there, Shelley once again felt the power inherent in the female body, one she now knew her father (and mother) found so much to their liking.
Kneeling between her parents now in just her tight little blue panties, she gasped with renewed embarrassment as her father placed his hand on the curve of her rear cheek and slowly fondled her bottom all the way from her lower spine to her upper thigh. Unable to observe a passive stance and allow her husband all the fun, Tracey placed her hand on Shelley's left ass-cheek and smoothed her way across the young girl's bottom also.
"C'mon Trace, let’s get her properly naked, " Greg enthused, one hand already beneath the elastic of his daughter's panties. Amid the girl's protestations and pleas not to be com completely undressed, they had her briefs halfway down her thighs before she could register any formal complaint. Her cries of, "Nooo mom... please, " went unheralded, and in less time than it took to tug them right down and off her ankles, Greg had his hands back up between his daughter's legs rubbing her moist and inarguably sexy little vulva, with a newfound relish. Kneeling there, com completely naked, her father fingering her basically at will and her mother fondling her breasts with a passion, Shelley found herself com completely given over to the sensations invading her mindset.
At the moment she felt her mom's fingers unite with her father's midst the damp pubic hair, resident at vaginal ground zero she could not suppress a shudder of anticipation. Just whose finger it was, first penetrated her to some depth beneath the hymenal gateway was not immediately obvious, but it caused the girl to spread her legs wider still, awaiting further incursions. It was then just a matter of time.
Both parents availing themselves of their daughter's highly
lubricated and excited state, as one, rubbed her now sopping wet slit its full length, taking the opportunity concurrently to fondle her breasts as they did so. "Ohh ohh, " was Shelley's uncomplicated verbal contribution as her slim body finally took control of matters and drew the teenager into a world of orgasmic bliss that she could never have dreamed about. Even as she cried out in passion and pleasure, they continued fingering her until exhausted she simply collapsed face down on the coverlet, clutching at her pussy as she did so.
Watching her husband now as his hands roamed unchecked across their naked daughter's wriggling bottom, taking delight in every curve and cleft to be found there, she simply had to take care of her own escalating needs. With both hands down her panties and with practised efficiency, she located her g-spot and set in train the familiar ignition sequence. "Allow me darling, " momentarily interrupted the countdown. Eyes wide in surprise she allowed her hand to be pulled away from its committed purpose and putting up no resistance, she found herself being pushed backwards on to the covers.
Armed and dangerous, he had her panties off in seconds and spreading her legs indecently wide, placed the head of his semi-petrified erection at the pearly gates. This was to be no test-run! Just seconds ahead of what promised to be an in-depth tutorial, they were stunned to hear, delivered in almost breathless disbelief. "Are you going to fuck mommy now dad?"
The night was yet young, but that story remains to be told.
(c) Courtesy of the six-part series “Even In the Best Families” which can be found in the recently published Anthology “The Best of Peter Pan” (2007 Lulu Publishing Inc Morrisville NC)

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