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The cops wife

By Anon - Oct 21, 2004 3356 Erotic sex story - "I tell you, Tommy boy, I been waiting for this moment a long time. Every time I had to get off in my hand or some jailhouse punk's mouth, I thought of your wife. I can't wait till she gets home." "Leave her alone, you bastards!" Officer Tom Barkley screamed. He pulled futilely at the handcuffs--his own-- that secured him to the kitchen chair. The effort almost caused him to tip over, and the three other men in his kitchen laughed uproariously as a frantically attempted to right himself.
There were three of them. One was a white guy, an obvious biker type, with long stringy black hair and a scraggly Fu Manchu mustache. Tattoos covered his bare arms and chest. He was enormously fat, his belly drooping over his belt. The other was a stocky Hispanic with what looked like a permanent sneer on his face.
Tom only recognized the biggest and meanest looking one: Marcus Dupree, who Tom had arrested five years ago on a charge of dealing in cocaine. Dupree was a huge black man, almost seven feet tall, with a shaved head and a face badly scarred from jailhouse knife fights. He seemed to exude a menacing power as he stood up and approached Tom. Tom stopped struggling and looked up at the man towering over him.
"Every day you was testifyin' against me, " Dupree said softly, "I saw your sweet little wife in the audience. Was she proud of you, Tommy? Was she proud of you for puttin' that badass nigger away? She shore kissed you like she was proud." He chuckled. "Wonder if she'd be so proud if she knew what you done with my cocaine after you put me in th' joint. You get a good price for it, Tommy?"
"I --I don't know what you're talking about."
"Lying sack o' shit, " Dupree sneered. He almost casually backhanded Tom, rocking the chair legs back. The two other men snickered. Dupree bent down and looked Tom in the face. Tom tried not to flinch at the overpowering stench of alcohol on the man's breath. "You think I don't hear stuff in the joint? I heard you got a couple hundred grand for my product. No wonder you got a nice house like this on a cop's salary."
"I can get you the money, " Tom said, almost pleadingly. "I can pay you back."
"This ain't about money, " Dupree said. "But you are gonna pay me back." He gestured at the other two men. "After conferrin' with my associates, y'see, I decided to change careers. Duke and Tito convinced me that there was more money to be made in pussy than in coke. So I decided to go in the entertainment business."
"You're a pimp, " Tom said contemptuously.
"Not yet, " Dupree said amiably. "But soon."
Suddenly Tom caught his meaning. For a moment, he was too shocked to speak. Then he said, "You're crazy. Amy would never--"
The three men laughed again, nastily. "Oh, I think when we get done wit' dat bitch, she's gonna be real happy to do anything we want her to do, " Dupree said.
At that point, the Hispanic guy spoke up for the first time. "Don' you worry, cabron, " he said. "We got some techniques to make a bitch get industrious."
Dupree leaned down and leered into Tom's face. "Think about it, Tommy-boy. Think about sweet little Amy layin' up in a ten-dollar hotel downtown, taking niggers and spics down her throat, in that tight little pussy -- but that ass is what'll be the big seller, I think. That sweet brown hole gonna be a big moneymaker. But don't worry, Tommy. Maybe we can arrange for her to do you for half-price."
The three men laughed again, and Tom redoubled his efforts to get free. At that moment, there was the rattle of a key in the front lock.
"Amy!" Tom bellowed, "GET--" he was silenced by Marcus' big hand clamped over his mouth. Duke and Tito silently vanished from the kitchen, heading for the front door as Marcus leaned down and whispered in Tom's ear.
"Showtime, " he said.
"Tom?" he heard Amy's voice. "Tom, what's AIEEEEE!" he heard a scream, abruptly cut off, and a crash that sounded like the coat rack in the front entrance being knocked over. There were brief sounds of a struggle, then Tom clearly heard Tito's voice. "No noise, puta, or you're dead."
"Man, " Tom could hear Duke say. "Marcus wasn't lyin'. Look at the tits on this bitch." There was a chuckle, then Amy cried out in pain. Tom leaped against his cuffs, but only succeeded in cutting his wrists on the cruel metal. He heard a sound like cloth ripping, followed by a low moan of despair from his wife.
"What are you bastards doing to her?!" Tom yelled.
Marcus chuckled. "Cut 'em some slack, Tommy-boy. They been in the joint a long time."
"Tom!" Amy called out. "Tom, are you there? Help me, they're -- they're, AAAAH!"
"Oh, does that hurt, puta?" Tom heard Tito's sneering voice say. "Your nipples are sensitive, eh? How about -- this?" Amy squealed in pain.
"Hey, boys, " Marcus called out. "Let the rest of us enjoy the show!"
In a moment, the two men returned. Duke was holding Amy's arms pinned behind her and pushing her in front of him. Her long curly brown hair was disheveled by her struggles, and her big green eyes were wide with pain and fear. Her expensive silk blouse had been torn open and her bra ripped off to expose her 38DD tits.
The position in which Duke held her arms caused her breasts to thrust out even more prominently, and as Tom watched, Tito reached down and gave one of the firm, full mounds a vicious squeeze that left Amy whimpering.
Then the Hispanic man grinned evilly at Tom, turned back to Amy, and bent down to take one of her large nipples between his lips. Amy squirmed to get away, but Duke only laughed at her attempts to escape and held her fast.
Tom tried to turn his head away, but Marcus grabbed his chin and yanked his face back towards the horrifying scene being played out at the kitchen sink. "Keep yo' eyes open, Tommy, " Marcus whispered, "Or I'll cut your eyelids off." He chuckled. "Don't want ya to miss nothin."
Tom gave a sob of anguish and opened his eyes. Tito was still sucking at Amy's breasts, slurping like a baby at its mother's nipple. Duke was whispering something in Amy's ear that caused her to whimper in terror. When the biker saw Tom watching, he extended his wet tongue and gave a long, sensuous lick to her cheek.
Tom looked at Amy. There were tears in her eyes and her voice was a little girl's plea as she said. "Tom? Help me, please, Tom. Don't let them hurt meeeeee--"
Tito released his lip-lock on her breast, stood up, and punched her in the stomach as hard as he could. Only Duke's vice-like hold on her arms kept her from being doubled over by the force of the blow. She gasped for breath, the wind knocked com completely out of her.
"See, bitch?" Marcus said. "He cain't do shit for you. We gonna do anything we want." He jerked his head towards the living room. "Get her in there."
As Duke and Tito dragged the still-struggling girl past him towards the doorway to the kitchen, Marcus turned to Tom. "We gonna just let you listen fo' a while, Tommy- boy. Enjoy the show."
"Tom?" Amy's voice was rising as they dragged her off. "What were they doing!? Help me! Tom? TOM!" Her scream was nearly drowned out by the men's laughter as they hauled her into the living room.
At first Tom felt a shameful relief at not having to watch what the men were doing to his wife. But after a few minutes of hearing the sounds coming form the other room, he realized the true sadism of Marcus' plan. The images put in his head by the sounds were, if anything worse than seeing.
There was the sound of a slap, followed by Amy's cry of pain. A grunted "Get her on her knees." Another cry from Amy, followed by another plea for Tom to help her. The sound of a zipper being pulled down. Amy: "Oh, God --Oh, no, please--" then her pleas were muffled as if something had been shoved into her mouth.
Then comments of the other men left no doubt as to what that something was: "Yeah, man, fuck that mouth, ram it down the bitch's throat!!" and "You like sucking cock, whore?" Frantic gagging sounds from Amy. "C'mon, bitch, suck that dick!!" and then, "My turn, man, let me have a crack at that mouth."
Tom heard a gasp as Amy caught her breath, followed by a sob: "Tom --?" Then another groan as another man (Duke?) shoved his dick into Amy's unwilling mouth. "Hah! Bet your old man ain't got nothin' like that to stick in you, huh, whore?" A sound from Amy. "What's that, slut?" Marcus taunted. "Tommy Boy ain't got nothin' like that for little Amy-slut? Let her answer, Duke."
Then there was an audible pop as Duke pulled out of her mouth. "No, " Amy whispered. "Tom's not as big as you." The men whooped in delight.
Tom felt like screaming. She had always said that size didn't matter that much and that she was satisfied with his four inches. Now she was telling these thugs about his endowment, something that had always been a secret shame of his. He silently cursed Amy as Duke said "Well get back to work on it, bitch!"
Tom thought he heard a change in Amy's grunts and groans around their cocks, as if she was starting to respond. No, he thought. I have to be imagining it. But when he heard Marcus' silky whisper "Thass right, baby, now you getting' into it, " he did scream.
Tom tried to shove the chair towards the open doorway between the kitchen and the living room. He managed to "walk" the chair legs a few feet. Then he overbalanced and tipped over, landing on his side with a crash that knocked the breath out of him. But by craning his neck slightly, he could see what was going on.
Amy was on her knees, stripped to the waist. The shreds of her blouse were twisted into a kind of rope that bound her dainty wrists behind her. Marcus Dupree had one of his big hands wrapped in her thick mane of hair and he was pulling her mouth back and forth up and down the length of his huge prick. Amy's eyes were open and she seemed dazed.
Two men were standing on either side of the bound, kneeling girl, their cocks pulled out of their jeans. Their huge erect cocks occasionally rubbed against Amy's cheeks as they awaited their turns at her mouth. The men were mauling Amy's big tits savagely, occasionally pausing to administer a harsh twist one of the big brown nipples. Each time they did this, Amy let out a sound that might have been a moan of pain -"or of pleasure.
As Tom watched, Dupree pulled out of her mouth. She whimpered. Dupree used his grip on her hair to turn her towards Tito, the Hispanic guy. She obediently opened her mouth and took him in. Duke, the biker, got down on his knees behind her, gripping her large breasts in both hands, pulling and tugging harshly on her nipples. Then he snaked one hand down across her flat belly to cup her brown-furred pubic mound. He began massaging her velvety pussy lips, all the while whispering something in her ear that caused her to sob around the cock in her mouth.
"Hey boys, " Duke crowed as he pulled his lips away from her ear. "This bitch is dripping wet." Tito threw his head back in an exaggerated gesture of pleasure and sighed. theatrically. "Ahhhhhhh...." he said. "Keep doin' that, bro, she likes it. I can tell by the way she sucks."
Tom sobbed as he saw what Tito meant. Amy was no longer passively accepting the cock in her mouth; her lips had tightened around his hardness and she was slowly moving her head back and forth.
"That's right, puta, " he taunted. "Suck it nice an' slow. Take your time, baby, we got all night." She moaned softly. Tito turned and looked at Tom lying helplessly on the floor. "I guess she likes having some real cocks to suck for a change, huh, Tommy-boy?"
The men clapped and jeered as tears ran down Tom's face. Finally, Dupree silenced them with a wave. "Get the cunt in the bedroom, " he ordered. "Tommy and me be in in a minute."
The grinning men yanked her to her feet and marched her towards the bedroom, her head down. Dupree pulled out a gun and put it to Tom's head. "Now, " he said, "we gonna go in and watch us a show. I bet she never had it three ways at once. This gonna be a real treat for her." He used his free hand to unlock Tom's handcuffs.
Tom lay there on the floor for a moment, staring up at Dupree in hatred. Then he heard Amy's scream from the bedroom. "Oh. NOOO, " she squealed. "Oh, GOD, NO. IT'S TOO AAAAAAAAAAAAH!"
"Damn, " Dupree grinned. "Looks like they started without us."
"UNNH! UNNH! UNHNH!" Amy cried, over the sound of squeaking bedsprings. Tom was insane with rage. He turned to rush at Dupree, but stopped when he saw the look in the man's eyes.
"Go ahead, Tommy, " Dupree whispered. "Try it. I'll gut- shoot you and leave you to bleed to death on the floor. And then I'll go in and fuck your wife anyway." Tom stopped, cursing himself for being a coward. Dupree gestured with the gun. "C'mon, " he said. "We missin' the show." In a daze, Tom turned and walked into the bedroom where the other two men were raping his wife.
What he saw, however, could no longer be called rape. Oh, sure, Tito was kneeling on the bed, holding Amy's hands pinned over her head. She was lying crosswise across the mattress. Duke was between her legs, his pants pulled down around his knees. He was fucking in and out of Amy's cunt with harsh, brutal strokes. His hands were mauling and squeezing Amy's big tits.
Amy looked like she was loving it, Tom realized numbly. Oh god, she's loving it. There was no denying it. Amy's slim legs were wrapped tightly around Duke's broad back and her lush hips were pumping, rising to meet his thrusts. What was unmistakable, however, was the glazed look of pure lust in her green eyes and the soft moans of pleasure that spilled from her slack lips.
Tom had never seen his sweet, demure wife look so wanton, so sexually alive. He felt his cock rising to its full four inches. Dupree laughed as he saw the slight bulge in Tom's pants.
"I think Tommy-boy's enjoyin' the show, " he laughed. He took the cuffs out of his pocket. "Kneel on the floor at the foot of the bed, " he ordered, gesturing with the gun. Tom complied, never taking his eyes off the spectacle of his wife being fucked by the enormous biker. Dupree cuffed one wrist to the brass bedrail at the foot of the bed.
"I'll leave one hand free so you can jack off, " he smirked. Tom gritted his teeth in shame, but he couldn't stop his free hand from going to his crotch, massaging his cock through his pants as he watched. Amy was squirming with sexual bliss, her head whipping from side to side in a frenzy of lust. Tom could hear the wet sounds of her aroused pussy as Duke fucked in and out of her. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.
"Shit man, " Dupree jeered. "That what you got? No wonder this little cunt is so hot. She hungry for some real cock." Tears spilled down Tom's cheeks, but he began rapidly jacking his cock, never taking his eyes off the obscene spectacle before him.
"He likes watching his wife get fucked, I think, " Tito said. "You like it, too, don't you, puta?" Tito said.
"Yes, " Amy whimpered. "Oh God, your thing is so big..."
Duke raised his hand from her breast and slapped her across the face. "My what, whore?" he grated harshly.
"Your...your p-penis.."
He slapped her again. "Say it, cunt, " he demanded. "Say it right like the whore you are."
"Please, " she begged, "Please don't make me say it."
Grinning sadistically, Duke pulled his cock almost com completely out of her, leaving only the head stretching her cunt lips wide. His thick cock glistened with her flowing cunt-juices.
She looked up at him, her eyes wild with frustration. "Please, " she begged again. "Please don't stop."
"Beg for it, " Duke ordered. "Beg for me to fuck you with my big cock."
Tears spilled down her face and she shook her head frantically. "I can't, " she sobbed. "I can't say that..."
"Then I guess you don't want this, " he taunted, giving a few short thrusts that slipped only an inch or so into her sopping wet cunt.
"I do want it, I do, please, oh god, I can't stand it, I need it so bad..." She looked up at him. "All right, " she sobbed, tears of shame spilling down her cheeks. "If you want me to beg, I'll beg. Please. Please f-f-fuck me with your big c-cock. Your big hard cock. In my cunt. Fuck me with your big hard cock in my cunt. Make me cum with your big hard cock in my cunt..." the words spilled out of her in a torrent, as if they had been pent up for years, waiting only for this moment to release them.
She screamed in pleasure as Duke shoved himself back in her hard and began pounded her pussy again. She was so wet that the slurping sounds of his cock going in and out filled the room. She continued to urge him on with the filthy words she had never used in bed with her husband.
"Yes, oh god, fuck me, fuck your whore, make my pussy cum with your big hard cock, oh, yes, fuck me, hard, hard like that, I need to be fucked so bad, make me, make, me, I'm going to, oh god, I'm, I'm, gonna, c-c-c- I'm CUMMING! CUMMING! GOD! YES! YES! CUMMING SO GOOD ON YOUR BIG HARD COCK!"
Tom groaned and came as well, spurting a load of semen into his rapidly pumping hand. Duke gave Amy no quarter. He pounded her mercilessly as if he meant to drive her through the bed into the floor.
"Oh, GOD, " Amy cried out. -~I'm going to cum AGAIIIIIIIIN!" She climaxed again, writhing and groaning as Duke's big cock took her to places she had never even dreamed of before.
With a deep grunt, Duke began climaxing as well. His fat buttocks jounced and quivered obscenely as he slammed down into Tom's orgasming wife. When he was done, she lay still, moaning softly as his remaining thrusts shook her limp body.
"Move over, brother, " Dupree rumbled. "Lemme get some of that."
"She's a fine piece of tail, " Duke said with a smirk. Dupree dropped his pants and knelt between Amy's spread thighs. She screamed softly when he thrust himself inside her and her hips began moving again.
"Oh, God, " she groaned. "It's so good..."
"Come on, slut, " Dupree said. "Work it. Move that ass. I know you want Daddy Marcus to make you cum again."
"Oh, yeah, " she grunted, moving her hips more strongly. "Make me cum again..."
"You ever cum like that with your husband?" Dupree grunted.
She shook her head. "I never... oh, god that's good, hard like that... I never came with my husband... fuck me, Daddy, please, make me cum like he never does..."
"Shut up, " Tom said in an agonized voice, but his pleas were drowned out by their hoots of derisive laughter.
"I know it hurts to hear that, maroon, Tito grinned at him. "Let me put something in her mouth so she won't say those things no more." He released her arms and dropped his own pants. As his cock sprang free, he and Dupree shoved Amy across the bed so that her head was hanging backwards off the edge, her long curly brown hair reaching the floor. She opened her mouth eagerly and began sucking as Tito slid his big cock into her mouth.
Tom's prick sprang to another erection as the two men fucked her from either end. She writhed and squirmed between them, cupping her own big tits in her hands and massaging them roughly. She groaned and sucked eagerly at the cock in her mouth. Within moments she was obviously climaxing again, her moans turning to muffled screams as her hips worked frantically.
Her orgasmic cries around his cock and the feel of her lips working eagerly around his cock off Tito's long- delayed orgasm and he grunted with pleasure as he pumped his cum into her mouth. She tried to swallow, but gagged as his spunk overflowed her mouth. It ran down her upturned face in sticky white trails as Tito pulled his softening cock from her lips. She raised her head and looked wild-eyed at the big man fucking her.
"God, Daddy, " she whispered. "You're even bigger than the other one... fuck me, Daddy, " she begged. "Fuck your slut hard... make your slut come."
"Whose slut?" he grunted.
Your slut, Daddy, all yours, " she promised. "Your slut, your whore, your fuck-toy... anything Daddy, anything you want...anything, just make me cum again... yes... like that... hard, I love it hard, like a slut, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK MEEEEEEE!"
She threw her head back and screamed with another orgasm. She rebounded from this one more quickly and began fucking him back vigorously. "Oh, God, Daddy, " she whimpered, her voice hoarse from screaming, "you make it last so long...I don't know how much more I can take..."
"As long as I want it, bitch, " he snarled.
"Yes, Daddy, " she said submissively. "Anytime, as long as you want it..." Suddenly, she cried out in frustration as he pulled out of her. "Turn over, " he ordered. "Up on your knees. I'm going to fuck that ass. I bet Tommy-Boy ain't never done that."
"No, " she moaned as she complied, raising her ass in the air. "He's never done that. So please Daddy, let me get something to lube myself with. You're so big, I'm afraid you'll split me."
"Okay, baby, " Dupree said in a parody of tenderness. "You been so good, I'll let you lube up. Duke, " he said, turning to the big biker. "Take Tommy in the bathroom. Let him bring something to lube his wife's ass with."
Duke grinned as he took the handcuff key and unlocked the cuffs. He yanked Tom to his feet and half-dragged him into the bathroom. "Be quick, " he said. "Marcus ain't gonna wait long."
Tom heard his wife groan with pleasure. He looked in the bathroom mirror where the bedroom behind him was reflected. Dupree had penetrated Amy from behind and was fucking her doggy-style. She was pushing her hips back against him, moaning as he fucked her.
Tom turned back to the medicine chest. He quickly located a jar of Vaseline. "Here, " he said in a broken whisper. He tried to hand it to Duke.
"Uh-uh, " Duke said. "Marcus said for you to bring it."
Every time Tom thought there was no way they could humiliate him further, they found a way. He shuffled back into the bedroom like a sleepwalker, over to the bed where his wife was climaxing noisily again on another man's cock.
"What you waitin' for, Tommy?" Dupree demanded, "grease her up!"
"Yeah, Tom, " he heard Amy's voice saying. He turned his head. She was looking up at him. Her sweat- soaked hair fell across her face and she lazily brushed it back. "You have to lube me, baby, " she said. "This is a real man, with a real cock. He's going to tear my ass open if I'm not lubricated. You don't want me to be hurt, do you?"
Yes, he thought. "No, " he said.
Her sluttish smile was cruel. "So be a good little boy and lube me up, will you?"
Tom took the cap of the Vaseline and coated his fingers with it. Dupree slackened his pace, moving his cock in and out of Amy slowly as Tom brought his fingers to his wife's asshole. He felt the tight rosebud contract with each thrust of the big man's cock. Gritting his teeth, Tom thrust a finger inside, too angry to be gentle..
"Unhh." Amy grunted. "Oh, yeah, baby, that's nice." Tom thrust another rough finger in, sawing them in and out harshly. "Yeeaunh, unh, unh, " Amy groaned with each thrust. She squirmed her buttocks back against his plunging fingers. Tom had always been gentle, afraid of hurting his sweet wife. But it appeared, rough treatment was what she had needed and wanted all along. He had found out too late.
"That's good, Tommy, " Dupree said finally. "Step back now."
"Thank you, honey, " Amy whispered. "Thank you, for lubing me up so a real man could fuck me in the ass." Duke cuffed Tom back to the foot of the bed. Amy gasped as Dupree placed his cock at the entrance of her ass. He pushed forward, spreading her lubricated asshole with the blunt head of his prick.
"AaaaaaaAAAAAGH, " she cried out as he buried more of himself. "Slow, Daddy, please go sloOOOOOOAAAAHH!" she screamed as he penetrated her further.
Tom looked on wide-eyed, his hand once again moving on his cock. Dupree had only half of his cock buried in Amy's greased asshole and she was sobbing in agony. There was no way she could... he thrust forward again brutally and her ass absorbed his cock to the hilt as if swallowing.
"AIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!" Amy screamed. She dropped her head to the bed. "Please Daddy, " she panted, "please I can't it's to biAAAAAGGH!"
He began fucking in and out of her with slow hard strokes. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back against him causing her to cry out again and again. After a few hard strokes, however, she began to quiet. Her cries of anguish turned to soft whimpers, then to gasps and moans of slowly building arousal.
"Mmmmmmmhh... MMmmmh...oh....God..." Her buttocks were moving in slow circles as Dupree picked up the pace.
"Like it, cunt?" Dupree said.
"Yes..." she sobbed. "I like it! I like it! Fuck my ass harder, Daddy, please..."
"Told you, " Dupree said to his associates. "This ass gonna be my biggest moneymaker."
"Yeah, man, " Duke agreed. "I got a party scheduled next week with the Lobos, " he added, naming a local motorcycle club. "I think Amy's tight little ass is gonna be the main attraction."
"We'll see how tight it is after a night with the Lobos, " Tito laughed. Dupree grabbed Amy's hair and pulled her head up. "You hear that, baby?" he said. "Daddy Marcus is gonna turn your ass out for gangbangs. Maybe we make that your specialty until you work off the money your hubby stole from me."
"Yes, " Amy said, totally broken. "Anything. I'll fuck them all, take them in my ass, squeeze their cum out with my asshole..." her obscene recitation was cut off by Duke, who shoved his cock back into her mouth. In moments she was screaming around his dick as she came again.
They continued to fuck her for almost three hours, taking turns and swapping back and forth between Amy's mouth, cunt and ass. She writhed and groaned and climaxed repeatedly as they penetrated her again and again. Finally, they were satiated and she collapsed across the bed. The three men got up and pulled their pants on, laughing as they went into the kitchen.
Tom couldn't take his eyes off Amy. The sweet innocent young girl he had married was gone. Her hair and face were covered with drops of cum. More rivulets of male jism leaked from her cunt and asshole. She turned her head to look at her husband, kneeling by the foot of the bed in a pool of his own cum. He had jacked his cock to at least four orgasms as he watched his wife repeatedly violated and sodomized.
"Bitch, " Dupree called out from the kitchen, "get in here and fix us somethin' to eat."
Without a word, and without looking at her husband, Amy got up and put on a robe. She paused at the door to look at him before leaving the room. She left without saying anything. Tom, exhausted and miserable, leaned his head against the bedstead and slept.
He awoke some time later. The room was dark. He could hear the mean laughing and joking in the next room. It sounded like they were playing cards. Tom sensed someone else near him and turned his head. Amy was kneeling a few feet away, just out of his reach. She was naked.
"I can't believe you, " he said, his voice choked with emotion. "I can't believe what you did for them."
She looked at him with contempt. "And what did you do to stop them, Tom?" she said bitterly. "What did you do to protect me? And I found out, it was you stealing from Dupree that's the cause of this. He would have left us alone. But now... now..." tears spilled down her face, "now I'm his whore. He's going to sell my pussy and my... my ass until he's satisfied he's got his money back."
"Didn't look to me like it took much force, " Tom sneered. "Looks like you liked it."
"No, " she hissed at him. "I didn't like it. I loved it. I came like I've never come before. And If you'd been half a man, I wouldn't have needed it so bad." She stood up, her large breasts jiggling with the motion. "You know what I'm going to do now, Tom?" she said looking coldly at him.
"Yes Tom, I'm going to go back in there. And I'm going to get on my knees for them. I'm going to suck each of their cocks, nice and slow, deep into my mouth until they hit the back of my throat. And then I'm going to ask them.... no, I'm going to beg them to fuck me. In here. In front of you. One at a time, two at a time, all three, whatever they want, I'll do."
She smiled cruelly at him and continued, "And you can jack off while you watch. Assuming you can get it up again. And when they're satisfied again, I'm going to leave with them. But I'll be back, Tom, " she said. "When they're done with me tonight, I'll be back. And I'll tell you about every cock I've sucked and fucked. For money. His money that you stole."
There were fresh tears on her face. "Was it worth it, Tommy?" she said with a trace of bitterness. "Was it worth the money?"
Tom just shook his head, tears running down his face as she went back out to the kitchen.

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