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By StoneyPoint - Nov 21, 2010 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 37895 They thought he was acting like a child or a real good looking teenager for that matter. He was standing there, ogling almost all of them. Looking at women, young and old alike and as he watched them he’d find a way to get down on his knees, trying somehow to look up their skirts, if they had one on.
They were right of course. He was doing that but at the same time what they didn’t know was he was also, somehow, getting engagements and dates in one way or another with many of them. Some were around his age but most appeared to be much older. Their thoughts were that regardless of his actions he was young and healthy, but he was the most handsome young man they’d seen in a long while. He was well built and his personality made up for it all most thought. That’s how it all began for them.
“So you… do carpentry?” one after another would ask him throughout the afternoon. “Really… But you’re not working right now at all?” He’d look them right in the eyes and smile. He’d say no in his soft toned expression. That did it for them. “Well to be honest” one went on to tell him… “I actually have a couple projects you could do at my place.” She gazed back into his gentle eyes. “I guess…I could have you come over and” and she found her heart fluttering as she said it “and do some of them at my house. I mean… That’s if you’re interested of course.”
It almost seemed as if they were standing in line for him as he “left” and came back. He brought out his “book.” He wrote down their name and their phone number as well. He’d speak with them and write down other notes. He’d stand there and even write down what they looked like. They didn’t know it and it was fine with him. He loved the older women. He enjoyed their company a lot. He thought the older ones would appreciate him and his personality too.
“I’ll call you?” he’d say in the kind and almost alluring tone of voice.
They’d smile as their eyes simultaneously checked him out. One would say “Of course” or “Yes” or “Come over whenever.” Another was telling him “Great, we’ll work something out soon, right?”
The first one…the oldest one…was for him…magnificent. Medium shoulder length hair, she was as mature as any woman might be. Her smile and her eyes were killer features, he thought, and for this 25 year old out of work carpenter...he was ready. Many men felt the same way about her too. She wasn’t the aggressor like he expected her to be but she was in fine, fine shape. With her big enough boobs and those mature womanly curves, she easily got him over to her home to “work” on it.
She smelled nice as heck as well as she was dressed to the “nines” that morning. In a casual top and skirt, her eyes glowed. Her lips impressed him too but the question on his mind was…what was it she really wanted? Passion, sex, kissing….ohhh and down inside those thighs? Did she want me to undress her and take hold of her? Did she need me to kiss her thick and sexy lips too? She had to be well over 35, maybe even 40 he thought, but he wasn’t sure. He tried to dispel what many men thought of her as he evaluated it all.
“Well Mrs. Hampton…you sure look…nice today?” he tried to say in a confident voice.
“Jarrod” she replied “that’s a nice thing to say.”
She wore her smile so well he wanted to stop everything he was doing and turn and look her in the eyes. He wanted to “stare” her down telling her he'd do anything to be with her. He wanted to walk up to her and take her hand and lead her somewhere private. He wanted to gaze into her eyes as one hand slowly reached beneath her dress and felt those silky thighs of hers. He wanted to caress the insides of them when she least expected it too. He was ready. He was sure she was. Why else would she invite him over? Was he too close to her? No, he wasn’t too close. Then it happened. He noticed it almost immediately. Her eyes seemed to float about him as she ogled his manly features as if to tell him “Go on, do it. Feel the insides of my thighs. Feel me all over down there... Do it Jarrod. I need this badly honey.”
So he did it. He reached down to her skirt’s bottom and lifted it up. She jumped back. “JARROD…WHAT…WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” she abruptly said. She had no idea he’d do that.
None whatsoever but he had and when she abruptly said what she had, he pulled away, quickly. He didn’t want any misinterpretation but he caused it. She asked him why he did what he had. He didn’t answer. She asked again but knew she wanted it to happen. She just didn’t tell him. They looked at one another. She could still feel his hand inside her thighs.
Ohhh, do that again Jarrod she told herself. Do it again. It felt so…so good. I want that to happen again. I so want it to happen, don't you? Do me like that again, honey. I just wasn’t expecting it to happen like that. Ohhh and kiss me too...kiss me first. Then slip that hand of yours inside my thighs.Yes dear... I’m in shape. My legs...they are…tight and strong and firm. Yes, they should be silky and soft for you, she'd told herself... So do it…just do it... Kiss my lips…ohhh god yes honey…do it...but kiss me on my lips first. Then do your thing. That’s all she was thinking as she looked him in his eyes.
Kiss my lips baby...kiss them hard.
He didn’t. He was too inexperienced for that. “Jarrod… Stop” she told him, passion filling her body all over… “Please stop, will you?” She looked at him. He looked stupid standing in front of her wanting what he wanted. “I want you. I do. I want you badly, but what I want, first and foremost, is a soft passion filled kiss on my lips. Every woman, every girl does. Once I have that…then we’ll see…okay sweetheart?”
He understood, kind of, and with that he looked into the older attractive woman’s eyes and did it flawlessly. He took hold of her body, perfectly. He brought himself closer to her body and with his natural abilities he kissed her mightily on her lips. She was impressed as hell. HE COULD KISS. He could really kiss too. Wow, she thought. This man…he surely knew how to kiss a woman and he kissed her hard. He didn’t let up. His tongue slowly found its way into her mouth and it waggled inside feverishly.
Her body weakened as it did. She wanted him more and more, but he continued to kiss her mouth, her lips. His tongue naturally went wild as she let him do his thing. His hands held her closely and intimately. Placed against her back, she felt one, then two of them pulling at her soft shapely ass as the front of her body instantly pushed against the front of his. His cock, buried beneath his jeans, was hard, and with that he knew he needed it all out of her. He pushed harder. She felt the need and with the way he was passionately kissing her lips, she pushed against his body hard too.
They stopped. She looked into his eyes. She smiled. Then she spoke. “Now…that is how you get a woman…interested in you…if there’s anything going to happen between them.”
And with that she smiled some more as she looked into his eyes. Before he knew it her top rolled off the top of her head. Before he knew it, he was staring at her gorgeous and sexy bra. Before he knew it, her body seemed to be moving in his direction. Before he knew it, her hands took hold of his... And before he knew it, his hands were all over her boobs.
“Now…feel me. Touch this…and feel it” she said as her eyes closed.
He looked into her face and saw her closed eyes. He felt her bra covered boobs. He rubbed and caressed and teased her upper body and especially her bosoms. He leaned in although she didn’t expect it and he kissed her cleavage, but before she knew it he was removing the straps of her bra off her shoulders and sliding her bra off her shoulders. She wasn’t stopping him so he went all the way. It lie beneath her boobs. They were…so full, he told himself. His cock raged on. He wanted his jeans undone and off his body. He wanted at least a hand on it and stroking it. He so wanted her warm and tender hand doing something to his body.
“I want you” he told her.
“And we’ll get there…honey” she replied.
With that he leaned in and kissed her breasts. He kissed them and he kissed hard, all over. She loved how his lips felt on them and pushed herself into his mouth forcing him to kiss them endlessly it seemed. He heard her breathing more rapidly while kissing them all over. Finally, he took hold of her and gradually they lay down on the carpeted floor. He kissed not only her breasts but her lips again as well as around her neck and shoulders.
This guy is good, she thought. God is he ever, she told herself as he kissed her upper body. He looked at her as if trying to get a read on her telling him that he was doing it all correctly. It seemed he was seeing as she had a smile on her and wasn’t moving. Her arms and hands were against his body pulling him towards hers.
“Do…you know…how…horny I am?” he asked.
“Yes…I can feel it” she appeared to say warmly.
“Do you want me to take off my pants then?”
“Not yet…just keep kissing me” she replied.
So that was what he did. He kept kissing the woman, passionately, but he tired of it shortly after that. He wanted to get off. He wanted to be naked. He wanted to do it all. He wanted to finger her, eat her out, and eventually get his enraged cock inside her and fuck her until “death” did him over or something like that. As he kissed her he pushed himself against her body even harder as he tried letting her know how horny he really was. She knew but she loved how the young man kissed her so well.
“Mmmmm… ooohh” he’d hear her mutter off and on as her body seemed to squiggle left and right into his. As he went back down on her boobs and kissed and sucked them too she uttered and made him feel as though there wasn’t anything better in the world. “Ohhh Jarrod…Jarrod…feel my…crotch baby… Oh feel me down…below honey” and as quickly as she said it his hand was inching its way inside her thighs. “Oh…oh god, yes baby yes.”
Before she realized it, she was pushing her skirt down off her body. Whatever or however he was doing what he had done, she loved how it felt and his fingers were a melting pot of sorts. Inside her underwear and feeling the warm and wet layers of her pussy, she found she loved how he felt her cunt and clitoris.
“Go down on me…eat me…finger and eat me up baby” she told him so he did.
He fingered her madly. He fingered her deeply. She pushed herself into his fingers as his face, and mouth, went at her pussy. Mmmmm, she tasted good he thought. He kept at it eating it, tasting it, and fingering it too as her pelvis pushed back at his mouth endlessly.
“ARE…YOU READY… I WANT IT…I WANT YOU… FUCK ME…GO IN ME” she screamed so he ripped off his jeans and went at her, quickly. OH… FUCK…YES FUCK” she let out. “FUCK ME MORE…HARDER…OHHHHHH DON’T STOP” she let out, but he did stop and he lay on top of her looking down at her.
“You’re sexy…did you know that?” he said with a smile.
She looked at him. “Thank you…and so are you, Jarrod.” Her body needed more. She stared at him hungrily. Finally she said it. “Fuck me some more like you did… Make me cum again. I soooo want another orgasm honey… Please…oh please” she pleaded.
She stroked it, lovingly, and made him hard, again. Once he was hard, he plied himself atop her and he banged her, hard. He loved banging her like that. Her legs, they went wild coursing around and then atop his shoulders. Her hold on his frame got tighter. She pawed at him as he assisted in squeezing out another orgasm… All due to him…all due to his love of sex with this woman and others as well. He came and she came too. He lay over her and smelled her beauty, looking her in the eyes as he breathed hard on each other. She pulled him closer and began kissing his lips softly again.
“Wow…what was I going to have you do today?” she asked serendipitously.
“Uhhh…I think I did it…for you, didn’t I?” Jarrod asked with a smile.
“Oh, uh that was…mmmmm” and she smiled “part of it, but I did have some other things too…but they can wait, but this…what we did…ooohh now we have to do this again. That’s for sure sweetheart. Name a time…and place… I’ll be ready. Will you?” she said.
He leaned in, nodded, and he kissed her on her lips. “Whoa…you bet your sexy body I will be” he replied. Within 15 minutes afterward they were at it again.

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