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Feet Fete Feat

Feet Fete Feat

By Geoffroy de Troit - Oct 11, 2009 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 4503 On the Terran Colony of the G-4 planet, Third Quadrant, Codex 1335. Translated from original text in Earth year 3009. Subject and content not officially approved by Imperium Board of Censors. Caution is advised!
Tod-D deliberately worked as a colonist shoe salesman because he had always been so fond of other Terran settlers’ feet. He loved their human heels, arches, ankles, and especially their toes. The beauty, sizes, shapes, colors, and the feels of all of the various kinds of Earthling feet always got him hot and hard. He really enjoyed the G-4 planet’‘s springtime when others would go outdoors barefoot. All summer long the Colony’‘s beaches and parks were filled with barefoot humanoids. But in the planetary autumn they would unfortunately wear socks and shoes again. He would have to wait an entire winter, and they were always too long. So Tod-D decided to make up for all the lost winter time, and spend as much of his warmer weather time as possible outdoors. He was watching the bare feet go by one day when a gorgeous blond Terran female named Deb-E wiggled over to say hi. She was wearing tight short white pants and a halter top. Her arms, legs, shoulders, back, and especially feet were naked. She had bright polish on her toe nails, and they were also well manicured. Her ankles, arches, and heels were perfect. Tod-D didn’t really notice the rest of her. He got so excited by this perfect female that he forgot to check out her breasts, butt, and pubic place. Deb-E said she liked to get to know him better, but he scarcely looked up above her beautiful bare knees. She thought that he might be a little shy, and she appreciated him being one of those few males who didn’t stare at her human TAP = Tits, Ass, and Pussy as she wiggled, bounced, and gyrated up and down deliberately to always succeed in attracting attention to herself. She told Tod-D, “I’m going to the Colony private club to swim and sunbathe, and you’re invited to join me if you like. That is if you have nothing else to do on such a nice day as this.” He thought about it for a second and realized that he could check out even more bare feet in and around the Colony club pool. So he said that he go with her. They went in her shuttle craft to the exclusive club out in the Primal woods. It turned out to be a nudist club. Everyone was naked, and Deb-E immediately got out and stripped off all of her clothes. “Ooh! That feels so much better! Come on, Tod-D, and join me, ” Deb-E said. Tod-D hesitated, and then peeled off his clothes. He was very self conscious as he wandered into the camp grounds behind her. The place was filled with naked people, and especially with dozens of perfect girls. They had spectacular bodies, with solid suntanned breasts, bottoms, legs, hips, and pubic mounds. Some of them even shaved their pubic hair off to get a much more suntanned puss area. But Tod-D scarcely noticed their bodies at all. He began to examine all of their suntanned feet. The place was filled with naked feet! Tod-D realized that he was in the perfect place. The girls came over to him and rubbed suntan lotion on his body, and especially on his ass cheeks, to keep him from getting sunburned. He hung around at the pool, watching the lovely ladies swim and rest, with their feet in all directions. They were relaxed and not at all self conscious about their bodies. They enjoyed being women and having the men there look at their tits and asses uncovered and uncompromised. All of the males loved it, except for Tod-D. He never stared at their boobs or pubics or butt cracks so lustfully as the other guys did. He just kept looking down at their feet. The human girls at the pool thought he was just shy, and they came to see him to talk to him. They gave him suntan lotion and asked him to rub it on their bodies. Tod-D applied it to some of them, rubbing their backs, shoulders, arms, legs, and behinds. They’d then roll over and he’d do their chests and mammaries. Their nipples would get erect as they’d get aroused at his oily hands rubbing all over them. But they noticed that he didn’t get a hard cocker erection like the other guys all did, even when he fondled their cunnies. The women at the pool decided that Tod-D was different. He wasn’t gay, but he wasn’t aggressive like the other men around there. So they decided that they’d have to all come on to him instead. Usually the human females would ask a guy to rub her down, and then spread her legs open and smile at him invitingly. This would usually get his dicker nice and hard, and they’d be flattered that the man found them so attractive and desirable. But Tod-D had a limp schlong, and they were worried that he didn’t find them sexy and worth sexing. Deb-E told the other girls, “Let’s see if we can make him want to screw us, too.” And they all agreed that they would try. After Tod-D applied lotion on last lady, he rested for awhile. They were all oily and lovely, and their nipples were sticking out and their pussies were moist and ready for a good sexing. They were turned on and ready to go, but Tod-D was not. He had, however, deliberately avoided rubbing their feet. This was his first visit to the club, and he didn’t want it to be his last. He didn’t want to make a fool of himself by getting a huge hard on so soon after arriving. And he knew that if he touched and massaged their feet his cocker would stick right out to its full maximum extent. “Don’t you want to sex any of us, Tod-D?” Deb-E asked him. She was pouting, and the other girls were all staring at his crotch to see if and when his penile protrusion would extend to its natural limit. “Well, yes, I do. But not right away, ” was all he could stammer back at them.
They giggled, and began rubbing oil all over him again. “Let’s see if we can get his dicker hard!” said Deb-E.
The beautiful nude females took turns kissing his mouth, sucking on his manhood shaft, and even tonguing the crack between his butt cheeks. Yet nothing seemed to work. His cocker remained limp and unable to penetrate any of their vaginal or anal holes. “What’s wrong, Tod-D?” Deb-E asked. “Don’t you like any of us?” “I like all of you, ” he replied, “but I need more time.” Tod-D could see that the other guys were starting to get it on with the near perfect females who had wiggled and bounced their way. One cute Terran brunette was giving head to the lifeguard. A luscious blond was starting to go down on a big muscular re-cloned male who always stayed in the shade. A very lovely redhead had just started to lick and suck on the man tool of the Colony club director, and his wife was deep throating the lawn caretaker. Deb-E’s husband was there, too. He was getting a blowjob from a girl who was just visiting for a few hours. She was a starship flight attendant, and was only able to spend half a day at the camp, so she had to get her mouthful of manliness right away. Tod-D realized that he should have a female mouth and tongue on his male meat too. But he also realized that he needed to get involved with their feet to get his pusser pricker up to the task. Soon the guys were all hard and the females with them began the next phase. Some of the ladies rode the dicks cowgirl style, and some of the studs pounded the pussies like proper missionaries. Soon the whole pool area was filled with moaning and groaning couples, copulating and fornicating everywhere. The women by Tod-D were beginning to get bored and frustrated with him. Their slits and clits needed attending too as well, and they were beginning to think that they were not going to get any carnal satisfaction from his still limp pecker. Finally Tod-D said, “Let me rub you lovely ladies down again.” And they gave him more lotion to apply to them. He stuck his hands in two females’ vulvas at the same time. “Go for it, Tod-D!” Deb-E exclaimed. She was beginning to be impressed with him again, and hoped that she would not be disappointed about having brought him there. She figured that his penis had to be one that would get real big and hard. She’d told the other women all about it, and they’d all come over to check it out. Then Tod-D stuck his hands in their vaginal lips, and he found that they were really getting moist and juicy there. He gave two more of them the same between the legs treatment, and then he went to Deb- E. “May I please massage your lovely feet, Deb-E?” he begged her. “Why, of course you can!” she was pleasantly surprised to answer. Tod-D began to rub her left foot of arch, heel, ankle, and then the toes. He had his fingers right in between those beautiful polish covered and manicured toenails. And Tod-D got the biggest and hardest erection he had ever experienced! The other women were amazed at its size. Most of the other men got up to 15 or 16 centimeters. But here was Tod-D with over twenty! “Wow, Tod-D! That’s some pecker you’ve got!” exclaimed Deb-E. “Its certainly bigger than my husband’s schlong!” said one of the other women. “When your husbands sexed me last night theirs were only 150 and 170 millimeters, but this one’s a real whopper!” said a third woman there. “Wow! Thanks for bringing him with you, Deb-E!” said the fourth female. “I want to try his dicker first! So please wait your turns.” Deb-E told them all. She always believed in asserting herself, and that way she always got the first and best choices of the available dicking meat for sex sessions. Tod-D finished with her left foot and moved on to the other one. He stayed as hard as solid Andromedan steel, and Deb-E took hold of it and stroked it up and down. She loved the way a man’s hard masculinity could be hand jacked so easily. Her puss was overflowing with hot pulsations, and she ached for his ramrod to plunge into her carnal canal. But Tod-D continued to rub her ankle, heel, arch, and toes, until he was finished with that one to. “May I please suck on your toes?” he asked her. “Well, yes you can. But I’d rather you suck on my lab and clit.” “I really need to do this first, ” he told her. She decided to let him, and Tod-D took her toes, one at a time, well into his mouth. He licked and sucked each toe, and especially all the way down in between each one. He did the left foot first, and then the right one. His cocker was just about ready to explode. He had never been so aroused in his life. Here was a group of gorgeous and totally sexual Terran girls, and naked ones at that, offering themselves to him. Deb-E was letting him enjoy the part of her that he wanted the most, her feet. The other were watching him suck away. Tod-D was afraid that they would think him too weird and move away to go get laid by the other womens’ husbands. But they all said to him, “Suck on our toes, too, Tod-D.” And he was overjoyed! “Other guys are tit men, ass men, or puss men, ” he told them. “But I’m a foot man. Always have been, and always will be.” The women then realized that the other men were volunteer specialists at nibbling on their nipples, or licking their labias, or even sometimes inserting their tongues into the womens’ anals. Here in Tod-D was a man who would do their feet and especially their toes. So they all held out their feet for him to fondle, massage, and go down on. But Deb-E also had her needs. “I still want all of your big cocker!” she cried out. And she grabbed it again and began to suck on it. Tod-D had his hands all over two other womens’ feet, when Deb-E began licking his balls. She then got almost all of his dicker in her mouth and throat opening, when he began to moan and groan deeply. “I’m going to cum!” he exclaimed. “That’s the whole idea, ” one of the other women said. And Tod-D began to spurt his load. His hard dicky quivered and pulsated, while Deb-E eagerly licked and lapped every drop of it. Her mouth was soon filled with his entire jazz wadd, and she could taste the salty almond flavored sperm filled semen gift he had just given her. She let it linger on her tongue for awhile, and the she swallowed it all down in one big gulp. Deb-E then smiled at him and licked her lips. “Thanks, Tod-D. That was delicious!” Deb-E said. “My pleasure, ” he replied. And he began rubbing and massaging the feet of the two other females there with him. After awhile all of their feet were oiled and rubbed, and he began sucking on all of their toes. They rammed their feet all at his face and he was overwhelmed with the ecstacy of so many toes all at once. But his mouth and tongue were ready, willing, and able, and he sucked and sucked and sucked on them all. Soon Tod-D got hard again. “We each want a turn on his tool!” the other women said. Tod-D’s mancock stayed big and hard, and the females attacked it with their drooling and hungry mouths. They each licked up and down the shaft, tongued both of his hanging balls, and nibbled on the meatus tip of his dickhead. Tod-D enjoyed the suck fest from the horny harlots around him, but he especially loved all the feat of female feet they gave him. Whenever he would cum into one of their waiting mouths, they would each swallow his entire load in one gulp. But with so many delicious toes to mouth himself, Tod-D would quickly got his hard on back up to full size again. The naked nice and nasty nudist nymphs each got a good taste of his almond flavored cum wadds. “Wow Tod-D! You sure can keep your prick up a long time!” Deb-E exclaimed. “My husband’s cocky can only cum once, and he’s all done for the day, ” another of the sucking women said. “My husband’s schlong cums twice a day, but only once in me, ” pouted another one. “My husband stopped sexing me years ago. He still sticks his porker in other pussies all the time, and especially here. So I’ll ride other mens’ meat instead!” explained a third. “Let’s impale ourselves on Tod-D’s thruster!” cried a fourth one. And so they did. The human females got Tod-D on his back with his huge peter aimed straight up at the sky. They kept him fully charged by rubbing their well oiled feet all over his body. They each then took turns squatting down on his dickmeat, burying it into their hot wet pussy holes. Tod-D liked the feel of the various vags, and he could see that their bountiful tanned breasts bounced up and down as they rode his manhood cowgirl style. But the feet rubbing all over him, and their toes pushing into him was what really got him off. Tod-D would shoot a wadd of his jism up against each one’s cervix all the way at the end of their vaginal orifices. Then she would get off herself by the idea of his massive meat cumming in her cunny. It would then be the next woman’s turn to sex him. After more feet massages, and more toes in his mouth, another female would take his spent dick in her mouth and suck him hard again. Then she too would mount him, and ride him to orgasm. After several hours of this, all of the other nudist camp visitors had stopped sucking and sexing each other. They were all gathered round the super cocked Tod-D and his harem of harlots. No one had ever seen anything quite like this before. All of the other women began to ache to try his penis power themselves. This guy was really a super stud! At the end of the day Deb-E and Tod-D got dressed, and they left for home. “I hope you had a good time, because the ladies sure did, ” said Deb-E. “We’re invited back for another carnal couples copulation fest next weekend. The other chicks really want you to explore their bodies too.” Tod-D merely shrugged his shoulders and said, “I hope they have nice feet.” “Don’t jack off or anything, Tod-D. Save up your sperm spurts for all the wanting wives at the camp”, Deb-E advised him. “O.K., maybe I will”, was all Tod-D said back. But he kept his cummer cumless til then, just as he had sort of promised to do, anyways. When the next weekend came, Deb-E got Tod-D and took him to the nudist camp again. This time the place was packed with people, and especially beautiful naked young women. They all wanted to watch Tod-D in action, and many more of the females wanted to try him on and in. “I’m still first again, ” Deb-E asserted herself. And she let Tod-D suck on her toes while she sucked on his magnificent manhood. The other women were in awe of his more than 200 millimeters of stud servicing slit slider. Deb-E got on and rode his ramrod, moaning loudly when she body blushed during her intense climax. Then the other women lined up to ride, one by one, the wild whacker. But the ladies who knew Tod-D best made sure that he stayed stimulated by toe and foot caresses. A half dozen women at a time would be rubbing their naked and well oiled feet up and down his body. Tod-D would grab, suck, lick, kiss, caress, and massage their arches, heels, ankles, toes, and soles. Each human female foot was a gorgeous work of art in itself. Each toe oh so delicate and beautiful. Each one an experience in itself. About every fourth or fifth female who mounted him found herself to be the one that he spurted his spunk into. They would moan with the extra sensation of his hot wadd filling their carnals full. They would move off from him and stand up with their legs wide apart. The cum rounds would slowly trickle back out and drip down out of their vulva slits. The other women would be envious, and all of the men would be most impressed. Soon all of the others were so turned on by Tod-D’s toe show, that they all began sucking and sexing each other again. Husbands whose wives stopped putting out for them got their ends wet in many other wanton womens’ vags. Many wives whose husbands had stopped sexing them got their cunnies filled by many of the available stud meat in the camp that day. The entire place was filled by naked and copulating bodies, and their loud moans and groans of orgiastic orgasms. Thanks to Tod-D, and to Deb-E for bringing him there in the first place, everyone had the best time ever. It was lots of fun in the sun that day! Tod-D had his erection sucked and sexed, eventually, by just about every nude human female there. They absolutely loved the taste, size, and feel of his enormous man meat in their mouths and pussies. He, in turn, got to lick and suck on almost all of their feet and toes. He would begin with the little toe, then move along and up to the big toe. Tod-D always licked well into the spaces between each toe, fully fondling, caressing, and massaging the heels, arches, ankles, soles, and tops of each pair. The variety of sizes, shapes, and toenail polish colors was very appealing to him. Each earth woman was unique in her own individual way. Their husbands usually didn’t care about the women being with Tod-D, or they got off watching their wives suck and sex another man’s big hard cocker. Most of the nudists were also sexual swingers, as they were so often on their home planet of Earth. And here, just as there, they really knew how to enjoy and appreciate sexual experiences. They understood how great it could be to sex and get sexed by multiple partners, all at the same time. Tod-D understood how much he loved being a foot man, and about how beautiful and sexy any woman’s feet could be. But, as the day went on, even he had to run out of steam, and he did. The women found that his pricker was losing much of its power to perform. The ones who had only had it once in their mouths or cunny holes were a little disappointed. They all wanted it in them again and again. Tod-D wanted to be able to let them mouth and pussy it again, because this allowed him ample access to their feet and toes. The females all noticed how much Tod-D enjoyed playing with their feet, and doing such things as intertwining his fingers between their toes. They realized how much he loved being given foot massages, especially when a number of them would rub him with their feet at the same time. Deb-E said, “Let’s try to jack him off using our feet!” And Tod-D said, “Yeah! O.K. Go for it!” The naked Earth girls all began, one at a time, rubbing their toes and feet on Tod-D’s balls and spent dick. A few even rubbed their toes into his ass crack. Soon Tod-D began moaning and breathing harder. He had never before had so many nude and wonderful women playing with his genitals with their feet. He had liked hand jobs. but these were his first foot jobs. For him, it was definitely the way to go. Tod- D’s schlong was soon extended and once again revived for action. The women wanted Tod-D to suck, lick, and nibble on their breast nipples. Some of them squirted out a little bit of creamy milky juice, and Tod-D enjoyed the taste. But he really wanted their feet and toes, and they didn’t disappoint him. His peter was once again up and away, and the women once again each got a turn on riding it. Finally all of the many females there had several or more turns on his wadd squirter. And most of them had at least one of his cums spewed into a mouth or cunter. Not many did ass sexing, except when some of the other men stuck their manhoods in a few of the females’ rectums. But Tod-D was not an assmaster type. He was the foot fellow. By the time Deb-E took Tod-D home that evening, he was thoroughly and com completely drained of every single one of his sperms. His balls were so emptied that they were hallow. He was totally exhausted, and he collapsed in bed just as soon as he got there. Deb-E went home and waited to call Tod-D until a few days (daze) later. He was still tired, but he really had a good time at the nudist club. Tod-D admitted that he’d temporarily lost his desires to go out and look at womens’ bare feet for awhile. But he was sure that he would do so again. Deb-E asked him, “Well, why don’t you let me come over and you can work on just my feet?” Tod-D replied, “Well, O.K., if you want to.” “I want to! I really need to!” exclaimed Deb-E. And she was there soon after. She came in and did an immediate strip for Tod-D. “You’ve already seen me naked more than once, ” she reminded him. She undressed him, and they went to his bed for their personal massage and foot specialist workout. Deb-E let Tod-D suck and lick her feet and toes to his heart’s satisfaction. But then she also began to play with his feet. Tod-D had never had anyone else touch his own two feet before, and this was also a totally new experience for him. “Relax, Tod-D, and lay back. And let me go at it for you, ” she said. Tod-D felt her tongue licking his feet and it tickled. He laughed, but soon got used to it and found that he enjoyed it too. She began sucking on each of his toes, and licking all the way down in between them all. Tod-D’s dick got really stiff and pointed straight upwards. Deb-E saw that it was fully erect and she got very, very excited. “Wow! You’re really big again! You’ve always had a big one, Tod-D! We all really loved your cocker inside us!” she told him. And Deb-E grabbed it with both her hands and slid it all the way into her wet juicy hot snatch. Her luscious labia lips gripped the shaft as his cocker was worked in to the deep depths. She placed her feet to his head and rubbed his face with them. She reached around behind her humping hips and arse and grabbed his feet as hard as she could. Tod-D groaned loudly and climaxed with a tremendous ferocity. His dick shot the biggest wadd of screw juice ever up against her pulsating cervical nub. Her vagina was filled with his penile milkings, and she had her own orgasm with her entire body blushing as she quivered and spasmed.
“Thank you, Tod-D. That was perfect”, she told him. And Deb-E kissed him, and plastered her tits and body up against him. “Please let me spend the night with you, Tod-D”, Deb-E begged. “You can sex me anytime you want to, and do whatever you want to any of my tootsies. I just want to be with you”, she told him. He said, “Yeah! O.K. Move in if you want to.” And Deb-E said, “I want to, and I will!” She spent the night sleeping with him. Tod-D had never had a female of any planet of origin all night long before. He found that he really like waking up to a warm and beautifully naked lady in his bed. She worked on his dicker with both her feet, especially getting the shaft in between both her big toes and the middle toes. Tod-D shot load after load of cum wadd all over her feet. And Deb-E would always wipe it up with her fingers, and then lick it up with her wet tongue. She would smile at him, and he realized what a remarkable piece of presence she really was. Deb-E went home and got all of her things. She moved in with him the very next day, and offered him, as she’d promised, any and every part of her perfect body. He began to learn to enjoy more and more getting a blow job, or cumming in her cunny with her tits bouncing wildly. He even began to like working his cocker all the way into her tight anal, and firing a round of spermatazoa all the way deep into her bowels. Tod-D never really became an anal man, but he began to enjoy being something of a vaginal man. He never stopped being a foot man, and he was very fortunate indeed to have such a caring and understanding Terran woman as Deb-E because of this. She said, “We can still go to the nudist camp sometimes to have fun with the others. I want you to enjoy all the other chicks’ feet. But I want you to screw me every night too, and you can have my feet any time you want.” Tod-D realized what an excellent deal he had here with this human girl. She was a rare find, and a real prize. The other men at the nudist camp all wanted to sex her, and sometimes she’d let one or two of them give her a good lay. But she stayed mainly with her man, Tod-D, and helped to coordinate the other women for him. She wanted to please and satisfy her male companion and roommate, and Tod-D was glad that she was with him. Fondling and sucking dozens of nude females’ feet, while getting blow jobs and entrance into cunny after cunny, was excellent. He had once just looked at bare feet and only fantasized about them. Now, thanks to this delightful Deb-E, he was able to experience them all directly as well. Deb-E was creative and experimental. She’d get her pussy all hot and moist by rubbing her fingers into her vulva slit and cunny clit. Then she would straddle his foot and get his big toe buried up into her twat hole. Tod-D would always immediately get and stay as hard as ever. His penile projection would be at fully erect attention, and his woman would work on his toes and feet with her hot pussy lips. She would leave a trail of carnal juice all over both of his feet, and then she would lick all of it up and off. Then Deb-E would suck on his tool, and then put all of it into her tingling twat. Tod-D always came. His balls were kept permanently drained by this horny nympho. Deb-E never failed to please and satisfy him. The world certainly needed more women like her! Deb-E learned how to really please Tod-D. She would give him constant foot massages by rubbing her own feet all over his. This always turned him totally on, and he always got a massive hard on. She would then let him suck on her ten toes, while she deep throated his wanger. Tod-D’s elongated shaft would be taken in all the way into Deb-E’s hungry mouth, and the head would always tickle her tonsils up and down. “You’re my Long Schlong Ding Dong man, Tod-D”, Deb-E would tell him. Tod-D liked to get his wonder weapon hummed on more and more. Then he began to really like having his penile sword buried in her vaginal sheath as she mounted him. Finally he began to like getting his super schlong embedded into the groove of her ass. Deb-E would shake her boobies and booty all around in front of his face to really get him going. Then she would rub her feet all over him, especially on his ready to burst prick. Sooner or later Tod-D would always cum, and shoot his big burst of jazz wadd in some part of her.
“I really love it when you explode in me, Tod-D. Its like a real volcano erupting! Nice and hot, just the way I like it”, Deb-E would tell him. They decided to stay together and help each other to get ahead in their lives. Deb-E got a job as a nude lap dancer at the colonial mens’ club. Her body was gorgeous, and she always got big tips for her big tits. She’d give the patrons excellent head for even bigger tips, and sometimes even sex one or two of the nicer ones for some serious cash. She’d always come home with bundles of credits, and they lived well. Tod-D went to the Colonial Academy and became a podiatrist. He learned to take care of colonists’ feet, and he was an excellent foot man. He’d always pay extra attention to the females’ foot problems, and they certainly appreciated that. Tod-D and Deb-E moved into a really nice dwelling unit in the prime Sector One, and got brand new expensive shuttles. They entertained friends with nude pool and hot tub parties, and visited the nudist area frequently for the sex swapping there. Deb-E never got tired of other men admiring and enjoying her beautiful body. Tod-D never got tired of enjoying all kinds of womens’ feet. She especially loved it when Tod-D enjoyed her body, and he especially loved enjoying her feet. Deb-E learned to lick and suck Tod-D’s toes, and sometimes she’d do it so well that he’d cum with his dicker spurting his sperm juices right up into the air. Deb-E met a man at the Colony club who decided to use her perfect body in amateur holograms he made. He got her and Tod-D to perform for his camera crew, and they all made large amounts of money marketing and selling the holographics. The man would direct them to suck and sex in various positions, and then Deb-E would have Tod-D do her feet and toes while she did his. Tod-D would always fire a mass of cum spunk on her tits, face, ass, cunny, or anywhere else. The director would have the camera guys focus in for closeups of his cocker spewing forth its jism. Everyone would be really pleased with the show, and the holograms became top sellers. And especially, for some odd reason, in the Orion system. Deb-E’s nipples would always get erect and her puss place nice and moist, whenever she’d dance naked for the males at the colonial club. She loved their hands caressing her lovely body, and she’d always go home to Tod-D really turned on and needing to be sexed. He’d always oblige her, in return for the enjoyment of her feet. He’d been handling feet all day, and he’d be really aroused too. So the two of them would really go at it each night, sucking, sexing, and cumming for all they were worth. When they would go to the nudist club orgies, the air would be filled with the gasps of pleasure made by the human women as they climaxed. The men would continue to fill the females with their gobs of goo as they came. Tod-D and Deb-E were always right in the middle of any and all the action, with Tod-D concentrating on his foot man specials. They would party hardy with the film crew after making each adult amateur holograph. The guys would all be turned on by Deb-E’s erotic performances, and she’d let them all get their rocks off in her mouth, puss, or rear canal after wards.
Tod-D found that life was filled with fantastic sexual experiences. He had Deb-E to fulfill all of his dreams and desires. He never again just looked at girls’ feet and then went home to solo sex his dicker, all by himself. Now he had access to an ample sample of wanting and willing Terran women, who all supplied him with enough sex to constantly keep his balls emptied. But Tod-D never lost or gave up his desire to experience all the feet he could handle. Deb-E always understood and assisted him with this, and the two of them always got along perfectly. If each and every other fellow could find the right woman, the universe would be a much better place. Tod-D found Deb-E, and/or Deb-E found him. Whichever way you look at it, it was quite a feat using their feet. A podiatrist’s dream come true! And one quite excellent for any android, anytime, anywhere, throughout the entire Galaxy

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